Life is Crazy!

Your Toddler Doesn't Care That You're on Your Period, and Here's Why You Shouldn't Either

Of all the character traits that don’t serve me well as a parent, my reluctance to take myself less seriously is probably the worst....more

Tips for Mom Who Billed Kid for Missing Birthday Party

First, I just want to say: Who does that?Secondly, how dumb can you be? Kids have no money. At least go after someone rich....more
Funny! Thanks for sharing!more

Stuttering at Starbucks

(image: might keep me skinny. Read on....more

I Laugh, You Laugh, We All Laugh

Once, when I was a teenager, there was this woman who had just gotten a two-scoop ice cream cone from one of the ice cream shops in the mall. As she was walking away from the counter and started to take that first scrumptious lick, the two scoops flopped right out of her cone onto the floor....more
maggie74 It's amazing how the little ones do that. As long as they're not hurt, that's all that ...more

This May Be TMI...

When I began my quest to share my life, my experiences and my thoughts through this blog, I made a promise to myself and my readers that honesty and ‘realness’ would always be my top priority. I believe people relate to real life, they can smell falseness as easily as they could a burst sewage pipe....more

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means To.. My Teen!

I am always trying not to embarrass my kids.  Really, I am.  I remember all-too-well that everything my parents did when I was in high school made me cringe.  Why is it, then, that it's seems like it's a game to find me at my most embarrassing moments, and FILM them? Here is a picture my oldest son took of us at the Garth Brooks concert. He's 26 and he respects his mama, as he should.  ;)   :...more

Ode to the toilet roll

  ODE TO THE TOILET ROLLA cylinder left on a cold tile floorA mate has rolled behind the door.Where once was joy at its silky fullness...more

It Started With The Apatosaurus, And Quickly Got Out Of Hand

 It all started with this.The mounted Apatosaurus head, which is awesome beyond words....more