The Evolution of Mom Underwear |MomCave LIVE on 6/11 with The Dairy Fairy

A teeny, tiny green thong. These are the underwear that led to two babies….A several layer mesh contraption inside a pair of Depends. These are the underwear I left the hospital in…...more

When Kids Make Up Games: The No Pants Game

If you have kids, you know they have fun making up their own games all the time. No one really understands the rules, but if they kids are having fun, it usually doesn't matter. You know your kid will probably "win" at whatever this game is, because they've rigged their game that way. Today, my boys were playing as I was folding laundry, and I learned a fun lesson about when kids make up games. Mainly, if you don't want to know, don't ask....more

What My Husband Will NOT Receive for Father's Day

 I have a theory that Mother’s Day is in May because school is still in session then. Dads have the luxury of letting teachers do the creative heavy lifting and then they can grab some flowers and call it good....more


THE STATUS OF ALL THINGS by Liz Fenton and Lisa SteinkeI received an e-ARC from NetGalley and Atria Books |Simon & Schuster in exchange for an honest review....more

An (Unintentional) Taste for Irony…

1, 241 days. Otherwise known as 3 years, 4 months and 22 days.Or, how long it has been since I started this blogging adventure....more

I’m a Liar Liar Pants On Fire.

I’ve talked about POF truth in advertising. I’ve discussed profiles – what to say and not say, what to do and not do. Throughout, I’ve continuously advocated honesty - emotional, pictorial and otherwise. And I’ve also mentioned, more than once, that I am, in fact, a LLPOF – hahaha POF! - because I no longer give my correct age until the very end of the third act....more
DatewithLucy  37---very nice!more

The Toddler Alphabet

An A-Z of The Toddler's favourite, funniest and most misunderstood words.A is for 'Armpit'By which The Toddler means 'open it'. Present opening on The Toddler's second birthday had so many armpits it needed deodorant: 'Daddy, armpit! Armpit, daddy! Daddy, help - armpit!'B is for 'Back soon!'...more

'Come On, Guys': The Ten Funniest Things The Toddler Said Last Week

In what may become a new feature (if The Toddler continues to be funny this week), Silly Mummy presents ten of the funniest things The Toddler said last week (and a word from The Baby).So, without further ado, Silly Mummy gives you The Toddler:1. On The Baby, plans ofThe Toddler is watching The Baby crawl out of the room: 'The Baby busy. The Baby go shops.' (Oh good: we need milk.) The Baby returns to the room seconds later. The Toddler announces: 'The Baby not go shops. Baby want tea cup.' (No milk, then. Good luck with that tea, The Baby.)...more

How My Kids View Their Mama

     I tend not to jump on the Mommy bandwagon for things.... but for every thing there is a season. And it's my turn to jump. There is a Facebook post that's gone viral that has you ask your child/children questions about you as their Mom while you record their answers. Naturally, these answers are chocked full of adorableness and grossly inaccurate information. So it only made sense that I interviewed my own children (the ones that can talk, that is), because they are both adorable and grossly inaccurate on most days as it is....more