My Daughter's 10 Commandments for Parents

1.    Don’t be afraid to leave me for mommy/daddy time. Yes, I may cry but it’s only because I love you and that’s a good thing, right? We’ll see each other soon. 2.    I may be small but my feelings matter. I am still a human after all, albeit a small one. Please consider my feelings when you speak to me. Your words have the ability to hurt, help, or inspire me. Choose wisely. 3.    Did you know there are only 940 Saturdays from the day I was born till the day I leave for college?...more

I Admit It: 5 Ways I've Become "That Mom"

One day last week as Chickie played with her toys and basically managed to turn our living room into a war zone (But seriously, how do they know to bring out every. single. toy. they own??), I watched with great curiosity and anxiety as I thought to myself, “Hmmm. Wonder how I’m going to get her to clean up this mess…”  Here lately, obediently listening to mommy and daddy and doing as instructed hasn’t been high on Chickie’s to do list. It’s no surprise, really. A lot of it has to do with her age....more

What Moms Really Want for Christmas

Sure, we love the little trinkets and thoughtful gifts that are given to us every year for Christmas but if I had my choice between receiving another infinity scarf or choosing from one of the “gifts” below {Maybe you too if you’re being honest?}, I have to confess that I just may very well want one or all of these… 1 | A Full, Long-Term, Uninterrupted Night’s Sleep. I haven’t had extended, uninterrupted sleep since Chickie was around 9 months old. She is now three and a half. Sure, we get a night here or there but nothing consistent....more

Fa, La, La, La, La: Whose Child is that? (The Christmas Play Story)

Ahh Christmas.  The season of wonder.  Of beauty.  Of hope. Of joy. Nothing gets me into the Christmas spirit more than the special services held at our church in December. The season of Advent, the period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus, is a holy time in the church and truly sets the tone for Christmas Day. ...more

My New Boyfriend

I have a new boyfriend.  He’s a little young, 6 years…but ‘technically’ that’s 42 in people years.He was recommended from a friend.  Which is the best kind.  I had met him through her — we clicked instantly....more

The Intruder: How I Handled a Disgusting Cockroach in my Apartment Last Night

You guys.  I have to tell you about my night.  It is currently 10:42pm and I am sitting at my kitchen table; the exact spot I was sitting in at approximately 9:30pm when I first saw it.I’ll start from the beginning....more

Are You A Gift Card Carrying Mom This Year?

On the second night of Chanukah, I gave my daughter a very pretty Vera Bradley wallet. Inside the wallet, I put an iTunes gift card. She shrieked with joy at – you guessed it – the $20 gift card....more

No Room at the In(door parking garage)

There’s nothing that zaps the Christmas spirit right out of you quite like trying to find a parking spot at the mall in December. I turn from Santa to Scrooge in a matter of minutes.Let me recount a recent experience looking for a spot at the mall two weeks before Christmas, with a little help from the songs that I can’t get out of my head this time of year....more

Can You Guess What Happened at the Campground?

Every summer, my extended family goes on a great drunk-out I mean camp-out. Maybe it's my chronic aches and pains, or maybe it's because I'm the type of responsible drinker who can't let myself get wasted while caring for small children around fires and rivers, but I never have much fun, and my participation is sporadic. Also, the big selling point of shared meals and rotating kitchen duties doesn't appeal, because we're vegetarians and my extended family is exactly the opposite.It's all more work than fun, and I'm a big spoil-sport....more
amyreese Oh no! I hope you didn't have to drive far!! That reminds me of another story. Let's ...more