Don't skimp on the showers...

While my friends add their "thankful" posts to Facebook daily in November, I am choosing to do something different. Complain. Sure, I can choose thankfulness; I've played "The Glad Game" along with the best of them. But that was last week....more
Arnebya Hi! No, you're not nasty. A number of women do just go home after working out.. My ...more

Is Your Vagina Lazy?

Is your vagina lazy?I know that, as a wife, mother and a semi-contributing member of society, my vagina’s productivity is something I worry about.  As a blogger, this is a question that often plagues me as I plan my day around yelling at my computer and pretending that I am not watching porn.  Especially now that I am over 40, and the primary function as a reproductive conduit is a non-issue – I know I could be finding a more practical daily use for my vagina than, say, shooting ping-pong balls at the cat....more

My "Pan" Movie Review~ Spoiler Alert!

I’ve loved the story of Peter Pan since my youth; more the sentiment of the story, really. I visualize Peter as the free spirit in all of us, deep, deep down in some people, just saying. Only certain movies persuade me to visit the movie theater; especially in this day and age, this is one of them. The trailer for “Pan” pulled me in; more importantly the music in the trailer magnetized me. I didn’t really know what to expect, other than it was the prequel to Peter Pan’s life. I’m happy to report I was pleasantly surprised with the movie and the direction it took....more

8 Things I'm Thankful for This Thanksgiving

I'm not going with "a roof over my head" this year, because I'm thinking that's obvious and almost everyone's favorite thing to say when awkwardly put on the spot at the Thanksgiving table. Especially since the person before you just said that. I also don't think it's fair to leave out other things that are also really important in day-to-day life that no one even thinks to be grateful for.Eight odd things I'm truly thankful for?...more
I'm grateful for reading glasses.  And mammograms.  And apps that remind me to get the damn ...more

Kids growing up too fast

Children have always been curious about adult roles. When I was young, my sister and I often played a game called “Grown Up.”We would dress in our mother’s clothes, say the rosary, and use words like “disappointed.”We poured tea and pretended to be more mature than any other six and seven year-old in the neighborhood.Children still play grown up today, but without the benefit of pretending....more

Last Minute Holiday Gifts | SLACKER MOM’s Guide to Holiday Gifts

Slacker Mom Saves Your Ass… Again.Ah, holy hell. It’s holiday gift giving time. As if having to roast overstuffed bloated birds while squabbling children run underfoot wasn’t enough, we’re also expected to find and select personalized holiday gifts for family members far and near.Well Slacker Mom’s Guide is back, ready to save your ass with last minute holiday gifts that are easy, cheap, and appear thoughtful....more

Hello, My Name Is....

Hello. My name has been Thoughtless. Selfish. Cheater. Liar. Petty Thief. Shameless. Hussy.Also, Mom. Daughter. Wife. Friend. Listener. Volunteer. Helper.Asshat.Today, it would be Self-Indulgent....more
I dated and supported a sociopath and allowed him to hurt me and everyone around me because I ...more

Tis Not Yet The Season?

It is Monday, November 16th, and our neighbors two doors down have decked the halls. Well, honestly I don't know for sure if their halls have been decked, as I haven't been inside, but the outside of their house indubitably has been. As of this afternoon, more than a week before Thanksgiving, their eaves and their fences are lined with sparkly bluish-white LEDs. Not the most attractive of lights, in my opinion, as LEDs don't give off the warm glow of incandescents and tend to look a bit dreary and cold, but still much prettier than the rest of this dark and lifeless neighborhood....more
Houseful Of Nicholes, I hadn't even thought of that! Good point!more

My very first blog! Wtf even is a blog?

Okay, I've always wanted to start a blog, for the last few weeks. I'm really not sure what a blog entails, but I know I'm way to wordy in my FB posts. I've often felt uncomfortable  (that last word alone, was way too long)  with my long winded diatribes. I feel like I have a lot to say, about pretty much nothing. But if you're wiling to listen, I will ramble on and on about nothing! You in?...more

11 Reasons Why November Is My Toddler's Favorite Month

When asked about their favorite time of year, most people get misty-eyed remembering summer BBQs, warm evening concerts in the park, sunbathing, and staying up late. Sounds idyllic, right?Unless you’re a toddler....more