Hobnobbing with celebrities and goggling what hobnobbing means.

So you guys know how I like to hang out at only the most exclusive clubs in New York that are known for their mystery, intrigue, and discretion, right? Wait, that doesn’t sound like me at all? You are correct. However, that was totally me last night because I was rubbing shoulders with the exclusive A-listers who haunt this club nightly. I mean, that’s just how I roll and quit looking at me like that, guys, it could totally happen. But ok, to be fair, I didn’t actually rub shoulders with celebrities....more

Living Life with a Two Year Old


Are You A Waver?

      I'm not asking anything difficult, Waver is not a new phrase for anything nor does it refer to some beach sport you're unaware of.  Are you one of people who wave when you pass others?...more

A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self

Dear 16 Year Old Me,First of all, STOP CALLING YOURSELF FAT! You won't possibly believe this, but one day you'll wish you were this 'fat' again. You are young and beautiful...enjoy the hell out of it! Sorry to tell you this, but your days of being able to eat whatever you want and still be a skinny little bitch are numbered. And I know people keep calling you Jessie Spano. It's true, there is a slight resemblance (mostly it's the hair and the height...not the feminist attitude or the boyfriend with the mullet.)...more

The Evolution of Glitter

I had a Dr. Pepper today. For about 10 seconds I was 12 again, crinkling bags of Cheetos, drinking cans of the 23 flavors and eyeing a package of Skittles on standby. The afternoons I spent watching The Mother wrangle pre-teens into aprons and the concept of color theory were where I developed an affinity for vending machines and Einstein bagels. Also glitter, magic markers, and hitting my brother in the balls for fun. I feel bad about that one now. ...more

Thirty May Look Good On Me

My thirties may look good on me.  Did I really just type that?  Shhhh...don't tell anyone.You see, I was not looking forward to turning thirty, in fact that is an understatement. I was TERRIFIED of turning thirty.  I felt that it was a dirty word.  How could I be turning thirty already?  Where had my twenties gone?  Wait, I am not ready to leave them behind.  I was really holding on tight....more
@Karen Ballum That is what I am discovering. :-)more

Unintentional Normalcy

I love newly-minted college art students. The archetype of a college art class never fails to fulfill the mold in its entirety, with the bulk of its form being made up of those gut-wrenchingly endearing weirdos. Those on a never-ending race to be the weirdest of the weird. The ones that started weird in High School and take it as an opportunity to capitalize on their weirdness, with the idea that whomsoever wears their cat ears or their black eyeliner the hardest becomes the actualization of that mentality. And in turn, art itself. ...more

One Sentence Challenge: How Did You Get Engaged?

So last week I stumbled onto something fun when I asked my Facebook followers to tell me in just one sentence the story of how they got engaged.I love the wide range of responses to the question. Especially because some were super sweet and others were just randomly hilarious.Here are some* of my favorites:Michelle – Husband picked me up for a Valentine’s date and handed me the ring in the car… in front of my college apartment.Kimberly – He came to my classroom with a sarcophagus....more
Yay Joules!!more