Oh, My Knee!

My best friend and I have been working out together for 11 years. We met at our local community center while we were both pregnant with our second children. We've been fast and furious friends since...Soul Sistas. Since my BFF and I have reached our "Blossoming Middle Years," we tend to notice aches and pains while working out. My BFF's pain-in-her-arse at the moment is her shoulder and mine is my knee. You might ask, "How did such a nice woman hurt her knee?" Well, let me tell you......more

Not A Girlie Girl

I have never been or considered a "girlie girl.  Pantyhose is itchy.  Thongs: My ass has to be comfortable.  Rarely do I shave anything.  Bikinis show too much of my body.  That's only for Jake to see.  High heels feel like walking on stilts.  My hair is natural.  A perm feels like the hair on corpses and hair dye on an older woman can make her look hard and fake.  Hands are used for creating jewelry, so my nails are short and unpolished.  The bottom of my feet need to be hard because I walk barefoot outside....more
 @Judaye @ Let Me Tell The Story. Never! :-)more

My Weekend Warriors

Busy weekend in the Kraken House! Spring sports are in full swing and the wounds are happening. My oldest daughter rowed 10,000 meters in a fund raiser for her crew team and she has the blisters to prove it! ...more
 @Kraken He is nine, right? Fun age!more

I Need a Seeing Eye Dog for the Blind Drunk...or a Goat Cart

Finding myself left without a designated driver for this Friday night, I looked for an alternative. So, I set out to find a giant tricycle, preferably wooden, to carry me through the downtown bar circuit and home. ...more

Midlife and Tattoos (2): My New Ink

Caution - Adult words are used here with great abandon - as in LOTS of them. Getting a tattoo is not all that dissimilar to childbirth.1. It hurts like all bloody hell fire.2. You lay there exposed, sometimes nekkid (although I wasn't, nekkid that is).3. There are periods when it hurts less and then there are surges of pain where an expletive or two might accidentally run away with your tongue....more
 @pegylu I'm already talking about another...but it WILL be a long time from now. I need to ...more

Taking Money Out of the Should-I-Have-A-Baby Equation

I had a chat with my friend Jen recently about the cost of raising kids, and something she said has been stuck in my mind ever since. I told her that money was probably the #1 or #2 reason we might not have kids (depending on where you rank a lack of desire to actually have them). She seemed surprised by this, and suggested that I take money out of the equation entirely and focus solely on deciding whether or not we want kids first....more

The "S-word" Is Not a Preschool Word (Even if Daddy Says It)

We attempt to watch what we say around them and make sure to mute the TV when they toddle into the living room after hours to ask for "just one more good night kiss." Yesterday while driving home from work/school/daycare, I was attempting to foster a sense of family time by asking my five-year-old diva how her day went. She proceeded to dish about how another little girl had said "the S-word" at preschool. My six-year-old responded, "You mean the word that dad always says? "Bull s-word?"...more
No green light here. Growing up we weren't allowed to say " geeze or gosh" even because it was ...more

You Are What You Wear

“Have you read my blog?” I asked my husband, Marc, on Saturday morning right before we left the house to go shopping with friends from out of town that were staying with us. “No.” He replied, as a matter of fact. ...more

Snippet from the Pulpit: Boobs!

I was scheduled to lead the worship service this morning at church, so I dressed up: conservative black dress pants, heels, a royal blue sweater* with a built-in white shirt with french cuffs. Front-of-the-church attire, or so I thought. The service was unusual because I not only spoke from behind the pulpit, but also at a microphone on a stand directly in front of the congregation. ...more