50. How Not to Make it the New 75

50. How Not to Make it the New 75...more

Another Slimmer Story

Tank Slimmer: Wrinkles Due to Tight Fit and Acrobatic Removal...more

Zoe vs. My Smartphone

Remember those logic problems from high school math? If A is smarter than B, and B is smarter than C, then A is way smarter than C? Now substitute Zoe for A, my phone for B, and me for C. Zoe was born smarter than me. She finds screens on my phone I didn't know were there. By the time she was two she was able to call people on my contact list. In order to hang up on them....more

Zoe vs. the Civilized Meal

My father was fond of the old phrase, "Children should be seen and not heard." Around dinnertime, when my sister and I were young, he'd take it out and shake the dust off it if either of us was acting silly. He was kidding, mostly. He quoted the W. C. Fields version just as often: "Children shouldn't be seen or heard from ...more

How to clean like a rockstar

Hire a cleaning service and pay the bill. Ok,ok that was bad I wish I could do that. Seriously, I don't know anything about cleaning like a rock star, unless it involves singing to loud music and using my broom as a microphone.  I guess my advice would be don't try to save money by getting a cheap vacuum cleaner. I have one that cleans multiple surfaces including carpet, tile and hardword. I have learned that the more expensive ones work better and last longer.  I bet rockstars have expensive vacuum cleaners as well. ...more

Am I Sexy or High Maintenance?

Go for drinks? Grab coffee? How does a Mormon casually date?

So, one major reason I started this blog is because I figured it would give me some structure as I try to be a normal, real-life person post-graduation. For some reason, writing helps me think through things. Yes, I could attempt journaling or talking to a shrink, but instead posting these thoughts for the entire world to see seems more cathartic and possibly productive....more

Life's Full of Little Mysteries

I sometimes ponder life's little mysteries as I go about my daily tasks.  Today, I started wondering if anyone knows all - or any - of the answers to my questions.  Then I remembered that I have a blog! I can ask my readers and they may provide some insight.  I'm hoping someone can help me solve these mysteries....more

Frozen here, Frozen there, Frozen everywhere!

Hello again,   I just want to say that the Disney movie Frozen has taken over my life!  Now I know what you are thinking, it has taken over every mom's life.  Maybe, but the funniest thing happened a couple of days ago that gave me a tiny insy winsy panic attack... My sister had asked my daughter Isabella to borrow her Frozen dvd to lend out to her friend.  Of course Bella being the doll she is says, "OKAY!!!"  Slowly but surely I think of my daughters Frozen DVD locked up in a dungeon surround by marshmallow monsters....more

Time for a Catholic Giggle

On Pinterset, I help pin on Catholic Fun for CatholicMom and on Catholic Memes for Catholic Feast. Here are a few jokes to make you smile and maybe even laugh a good belly laugh....more