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Hey Man, Don't Judge

By now you may have picked up on the fact that, in my head, I hear certain things in particular voices. I think I am a fairly auditory person. I can hear the words to a song three times and know all of it’s lyrics well enough that I can sing along with perfect mimicry of intonation and flourish… but only if the music is playing at the same time. Otherwise I hear bits and pieces. When I read something, I can hear the author or character’s voice if I have heard it three or more times before. Jokes, movie lines, and other such tidbits are all things that I hear in certain voices....more

What Living Away From America Taught Me About America

 Paris, France So the...more

The Dollar Store-America's Deification of 'cheap'

I wonder what American homes will look like in 10 years. Just about every purchased object in existence has built in obsolescence. Our electronics, homes, infrastructure, clothing and personal items are built shoddily, produced for quick profit....more

The new TAMMY movie reminds me why I have never liked my name

There are things from my childhood that just seem to have stuck with me, like an affinity for Top 40 music or how excited I get every time I see a bride.Likewise, there are things, as a woman of a certain age, that I feel I just need to accept, like being called Ma’am instead of Miss or the way certain body parts begin to embrace gravity.But as I approach my 51st birthday, I am faced with one of those things that has stuck with me from childhood but is also something that I still just can’t accept....more

Those Doors to the Past

Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission...more

The 5 W's and the H of a Selfie

"Oh my god. I'm at a concert with all of my girlfriends and we look awesome. This definitely means we need to take a selfie."Selfies are everywhere. The Chainsmokers even wrote a song about selfies.And yes, I like to take them just as much as the next person.I was taking selfies back when, in order to see the final image, we had to drop the disposable camera or roll of film off at our local drugstore to have the film developed....more

Little Girls Are The Best... Until They Learn How To Talk!

Girls... I feel sorry for those who have more than one! @sassypiehole | You've been warned! #Parenting #Humor **Click image to read on**...more

While On The Train: To Approach Or Not To Approach, That Is The Question

My friend Joe and I were discussing train flirting the other day. He had seen a really pretty girl on his way to work, and didn’t know if it was appropriate to say something to her....more