I Forgot about Amy Poehler | VEDA Day Three

Today's prompt was, "Who's your favorite comedian?"...more

Getting Your "Self" Back: Step #6: Pails, Shovels and Buckets

Everyone you know has a bucket list. My husband wants to play at Pebble Beach Golf Course in California. He has been dreaming about it for years. He is finally doing it this year! I want to live in the South of France.  Guess what?  That bucket item is probably not happening.  A friend of mine has a list of ten amazing cities around the world that she absolutely wants to visit before she leaves this earth. She fastidiously peruses her list each month to see if anything is miraculously checked off.  It isn't yet. Maybe some day....more

There's no place like home

Did you check out that adult toy website or did you stop by and take a good look around? Find what you need? Saw what you like?  Get what you didn’t expect? Good!I was driven home in a limo filled with flowers. It is a good thing I don’t have any hang ups about flowers, but am I being a bit cattie when I want to say … “Enough Already with the Flowers!”I don’t know how he found me, but I’m glad he did.  Who knew what I had to do or even explain when it came down to that situation at the hotel....more

Dancing in the Chorus Line

There was a little girl whowanted to be a dancer, a gypsy dancer on Broadway....more

The AT&T Guy | VEDA Day Two

The #SSSVEDA prompt for today is: What's your favorite commercial?...more

Craigslist Chuckles: Strange And Hilarious Listings (Wyoming Edition)

This is the fourth in a Friday series from Pecked To Death By Chickens, where I pick a city and share with you some of their strangest (and sometimes hilarious) Craigslist.com postings.  I figure the content is endless, so why not!  You may be saying 'Wyoming isn't a city'.  You are correct, apparently in some cases, lists are for a region rather than a city, or, in the case of Wyoming, one list will suffice for the whole state.  I figured it must be good....more

Treadmill. Generator. Zombies. And then it occurred to me. Maybe it's just me.

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei’s personal blog, Moxie-Dude.com I don’t know what goes on in your house but one of the most common expressions in mine is:You are NOT allowed to blog about this.I hate that expression....more

MicroBlogging in 25 Words or Less: Hint Humor #2

 Hint Humor #2by Deb RobertsonSpring: Birds and flowers...and hay fever!      ...more

Comic Drama: Shopping with Teenage Girls

Her older sister  rolled her eyes and sputtered,” Do you want to know what kind of dress she wanted me to buy?!”It was and still is an educational experience for one of my adult daughters to shop with a younger sister. After a particular stressful shopping trip, they would stumble through the door, complaining about their hard to please sibling. Typically,they’d roll their eyes and sputter,...more