Funny Business: A Comedy Writer's Dream

I love when something is really funny and makes me lol or laugh out loud. Like when I'm watching Modern Family...what a trip that show is. And not to toot my own horn, but my recent parody videos on YouTube of Flo from Progressive, Kim Kardashian, and others have me laughing a lot. (Which surprises me, because I am my own worst critic). Jimmy Fallon just gives that look into the camera and I die; what is it about him that just reeks of funniness?? Physical comedy always gets laughs too like Amy Poehler in Baby Mama or Melissa McCarthy in various shows....more

Shark by Tara: The Lavender Scent of a Sharknado in the Sky (2014) {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}

Actress Tara Reid of Sharknado I & II movie franchise fame has released a perfume as incongruous as the sight - and original concept - of a tornado of sharks falling from the open heavens. It's called simply Shark by Tara......more

Ruminations of a 'shut-in'

Last Friday, I paid another visit to my orthopedic surgeon to determine how much longer my leg will remain in a fiberglass cast monstrosity. The X-ray conveyed calcification in my femur, a great sign. The doctor proceeded to take off the cast with the hope of placing my leg in a soft cast for 6 weeks. He bent it and muttered "Hmm, no good, too 'rubbery.' I need to recast it and you will need to wear it for 3 more weeks." My heart sank, and all the energy was sucked out of the air. Toughen up 'Pretty Cripple', you will get through this, I thought....more
Karen Ballum Hi Karen, I think that chicken ad is from the 60s & 70s on this hilarious FB group. ...more

My Adventures in Bra Fitting

What would do with them when you're done???I suppose it is possible that there are women out there who walk into the lingerie section of a store and easily find a bra. Or several bras....more

You Say Tomato, Nail Polish Manufacturers Say Cha-Ching Cherry

They say nothing in life is black and white. Now let me translate that into nail polish speak:  Nothing in life is Queen of the Road and Funny Bunny.  Huh? Makes absolutely no sense to us common folk, but apparently if you market nail polish, it makes perfect sense.  I think the brass at OPI are just yanking our chain and we’re playing right into their hands…and nails....more

This Is What It's REALLY Like To Have An Only Child!

No Sleep For The Cheery:

Time For a Smile

Christian Humour? Yup, hilarious, biblical, denominational and personal jibes all served with a  smile. Self deprecatory humour with the ability to laugh at ourselves is healthy and great for overblown egos. This week it is biblical humour with snickers at Noah's plight....more

The Plate Spinner Weekly Prep Checklist

It's Sunday. What you do today determines exactly where you and your family's week will fall on the crazy scale. No pressure. Read on......more

You're Should-ing All Over Yourself

A few months ago I read the book "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz.  It's a great book, that talks about the "agreements" that we all make with ourselves, and how they shape our lives.  Things like, "I'm good at this", "I'm bad at that", "I could never do that", "I need this a certain way to be happy", etc.  These agreements can be found in everything, from how we feel and think about ourselves, to how we show up in the world, to how we expect the world to be....more