Smoking Can Cause Complications During Menopause

If you’re smoking while you’re going through menopause, you may want to put down that cigarette. Almost every day, there are studies being released about what can happen to you if you smoke and are dealing with perimenopause or menopause....more

The other side of the bucket list

I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this, but the problem with accomplishing a huge lifelong dream is that on the other side of that accomplishment is the realization that, for the time being, you no longer have a huge lifelong dream pulling you forward. It seems like the worst kind of first world problem to cry that all your dreams have come true and now you have to go through the process of creating new ones. Who could possibly feel sorry for that kind of lament?...more

Approaching 30: Confessions of An Easter Baby

I was born on Easter Sunday 30 years ago, when my mother was 30 years old.  As I am rapidly approaching 30, I reflect on new life and the true meaning of Easter....more

Thrown-Off by Throwback: Memories and Migration

I treasure the past.  I'm the kind of person who likes reminiscing, looking at older pictures, and reading through my old journals.  I value memories and do what I can to preserve as much as possible.  I love documenting important events or conversations....more

Midlife Cabernet: Please Don't Pee on the Seat

That yell heard yesterday in the Minneapolis Airport was me in the women's bathroom. In a hurry to visit the restroom before changing planes, I dashed into the first open stall, quickly arranged the paper halo around the seat, and then unwittingly sat in the residue of a squatter - those intrepid women who think they can avoid germs by hovering over the toilet and doing their business without sitting down. This physical act required thigh muscles of a wrestler and accurate aim seen only in "The Hunger Games."...more
That is why I (almost) always grab a handful of paper, wipe the seat then do the rest of the ...more

My Diary Screaming Out Loud

I'm naked in front of the crowd...It's not even a bad dream, I'm doing this to myself.  I'm interesting, let me tell you why.  I won't write in a diary, because I'm afraid someone will find it and read it.  Yeah, me.  I'm not actually telling you about my real demons.  That shit I save for my therapist.  ...more

Who am I?

While writing the About Me section to my blog, Marilyn's Treats I started looking at other blogs to see what they shared. I have always been someone to bring a new aspect to what I jump into so I thought this article would be better.When I was a young child I loved to roller skate, play jump rope and ride my bike. I was also comfortable just walking up and down the sidewalk using my imagination to become a glamorous movie star, or a researcher that found the cure to cancer. Well you get the picture. I was known as the free spirit down the street....more

If Men could Menstruate

I have something to say to all the men out there:  I can be sexist too but I'm a work in progress.  Just be a work in progress you don't need to be perfect.  Like today, I was trying to post something on a website run by women for women and for the life of me it would not work, I thought to myself, well, no wonder women are doing the tech work for this.  ...more

What Happened to "That Guy" from Your Past?

He was that guy. In the history of guys, he was the guy every girl has known. Some girls even marry that guy, but not many. By the time that guy gets ready to settle down, he’s no longer that guy. He’s mellower, older, a little tired. ...more
Wonderful writingmore

Old Age

I am getting old and I think so are you. I went out and did the yard yesterday. Yes the kids help but I still worked on it. I bent over, lean back and pulled something out of joint.  Back in the day I could do the whole yard by myself as the kids jumped in  the leaves, played with the dog and pushed each other in the wagon.  Now I can only think of myself trying but I know I will pay for it later (NOW).  I didn't work out....more