Old Age

I am getting old and I think so are you. I went out and did the yard yesterday. Yes the kids help but I still worked on it. I bent over, lean back and pulled something out of joint.  Back in the day I could do the whole yard by myself as the kids jumped in  the leaves, played with the dog and pushed each other in the wagon.  Now I can only think of myself trying but I know I will pay for it later (NOW).  I didn't work out....more

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Well, I’m back at home. I’ve come to the conclusion that life is meant to be filled with fun and laughter even if the laughter doesn’t come until a few days later. (ie crawling on the floor, hiding out in a bedroom)...more


My high school class celebrated its thirtieth reunion last week. I didn't go to the festivities at the school, but I attended a cocktail party at a private home, and I was delighted to see all my classmates. I went to an all-girls' independent school in Manhattan, so the gathering was exclusively female. There were forty-one of us in the graduating class, but we include in our reunions anyone who was a part of the class at any point, and that encompasses about fifty women in all. ...more

The Power to Live Your Best Life Now

As children we were often asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Based on our dreams or what we had seen other adults do or be, we responded with zest and zeal about what we wanted to do or be. We were emphatic about becoming, a doctor, a lawyer, a chef, a mechanic, an entrepreneur. As life evolved for each of us, our dreams changed, the path of life changed and we became who we are today…or have we?...more

2007 Poem of Thanksgiving

I'm a journalist in both senses of the word - I write for magazines and newspapers but I also write everyday in a journal. I have them going back decades. Each morning, coffee cup in hand, I write in my journal and then read RBC Ministeries 'Our Daily Bread' devotional.  Weekends or when there is time or reason, I write more.  Last year there were three 2013 volumes....more

The Economics of Midlife Mothering - Part I

Cyma Shapiro, 56, a writer and executive director of the art gallery show NURTURE: Stories of New Midlife Mothers, and the writer/creator of MotheringintheMiddle.com. NURTURE features a collection of 25 (out of 60) stories told through words and photos, of women from across the country who chose motherhood over 40....more

How to Get a Grip on Menopausal Depression

Celebrities and friends were shocked when L’Wren Scott, glamorous model-turned-designer girlfriend of Mick Jagger, committed suicide in her upscale New York apartment....more

Spinning in the Dark

I feel like a caged bird that needs to fly. If I didn't have a third-grade daughter, I would be gone. I would travel. I would be living my own "Eat, Pray, Love." I need to rediscover myself, figure out what I truly want in this new life of mine. But I feel like I can't do it here. In my same home. My same city. I feel suffocated by sameness.Even if I did pull my daughter out of school, I can't fly away with her. She likes the comfort of our cage: her home, her school, her friends, her visits with her dad....more

Not All Older Women Want to Be Cougars

I was on the F train, going from Brooklyn to a friend’s solo performance on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Usually I’d be reading, but I carried a clutch purse too small for a book or magazine. ...more
Wonderful and funny! Signed, another 50ish year old....:)more

Come alone

I can honesty tell you that at the ripe age of____ it is time to start it all over again. I’ve worked full time for over sixteen years, built a house from the ground up, and raised two kids. I’ve lost the job, house is getting filled with stuff I can’t fine when I need it and the baby is going off to college in four months....more