Sex. Three little letters that can make you feel such a range of emotions all at the same time. If you are in a committed relationship, sex is a safe happy and hopefully awe-inspiring word. But what if your lover is, well, just your lover or a friend? And you want more? Is sex with them happy, sad, a little resentful? If it's the last one, then we might want to add another three letters to the word. Sexemy. Friend, Enemy = Frenemy. You get the idea....more

Dear Self,

Sometimes you just have to sit down a write a letter to yourself to remind yourself of just how imporant you really are. Dear Self, on Self Employed Writer  Bringing my table to yours, one plate at a time.http://yumeating.comEveryday Living with Chrys

Spa Day!

Yes, I know, I gave you two endings. I just wanted to know which one you like or are they just the same? It’s been a rough few weeks, and it is time to pick up my spirit. You see Mr. Hollywood took back the car, leaving me with nothing but my brother’s old piece of a car to sell toys out of.Now I’m off to the spa. See what happened was…Nikki, a dear old friend from out of town, blew in and insisted that we head off for a day at the spa. I told her everything about Mr. Hollywood, how we met, the trip to California and how he threatens me with a lawsuit if I said anything....more

5 Best Places To Travel In Your 30s

They say that life begins in your 30s. Gone is the awkward uncertainty of your 20s. Your 30s are a time for you to revel in confidence and embrace adventure – grown-up-style.In honor of what will hopefully be one of the best decades of your life (and a million times better than your 20’s), here are five places you should absolutely visit in your flirty thirties....more

Here's Why We Call It "The Power of the Post".

Sooo…I’m  here to report that both Nicolee and I have been affected by what she has coined: “the power of the post”. BAM!Fyi, Nicolee is my bestie in P.R. and she and my stalwart homestay student/ friend Nozomu proof my posts for clarity and continuity, education and entertainment. They are, together, my first reader. I would be lost without their wisdom and perception of my words and my intent....more

This Is Not My Body

These aren’t my hips, breasts, calves, skin, or hair. The curves swallowing me whole, the sagging, the structure, and the shape, don’t belong only to me. They don’t tell my story....more
Love this...thanks for writing it!more

Lifelong Marriage: Not for the Faint of Heart

The other day I was talking to my Aunt Joan and she mentioned that she and Uncle Jack will be married 60 years in December.  "I think we're going to last," she said.  She was only 16 when they married and conventional wisdom wouldn't have given them much of a chance.  Her Aunt Bert gave her sheets for a wedding gift, saying, "If you don't last I want these back!"  But they did last, with two happily married sons and five grandkids, a family business (Aunt Joan still answers the phone), and a "family compound" on their land "out in the country" as we used to refer to thei...more
Married And Naked Thank you--I'm glad you like it.  Those words have gotten us through a lot.more

Hot Fun in the Summertime? Not When You're Having a Hot Flash!

Ah, summertime. Long, sunny days. Outdoor cookouts. Lounging by the pool.Say what??? Make that: Long, sweaty days. Internal cook-offs. Lunging for the pool.Summer can be a difficult if you're in the midst of perimenopause or menopause....more

Wing to Wing, Oar to Oar

Twenty-five years ago today, which would have been a Thursday night, John and friends were having a bachelor party (and the less said about that the better!) while my friends and I celebrated more sedately at the family home of one of my bridesmaids.  We were married two days later, on August 12, 1989, which means that we are marking our silver anniversary this week....more