Could You Hurry Up And Get Your Crap Out Of Here?

Hey, since you've decided you no longer want to be married, and you're destined for better things, would you mind getting your s**t out of the house?I've been tripping on this stuff for over two decades and I'm ready to be done. Don't you have somewhere else to store all this junk?...more

Going Gray Is Natural! (Until It Happens To You.)

Hair turning gray is natural. Until it happens to you. In her early fifties, when my mother first saw silver sprouting at her temples, she dyed her hair a shade she called "Diane Sawyer Blonde." ...more
It is possible to reverse early stage greying by regular use of a micronutrient rich oil for ...more

Dear Diary: A Few Hours Later

Dear Diary:...more

Ageing Gratefully

Have you heard of the term ‘ageism’?  It’s new to me.  Let me rephrase that: The term is new to me the definition is not: “Stereotyping and discriminating against individuals or groups on the basis of their age.” Thank you, Wikipedia. We’ve all experienced the definition of ageism in some form or fashion in our youth because society felt we were too young, inexperienced or expected certain behavior from us as youth....more
Good for you! I've never been much of a follower of fashion so the "doing my own thing" bit ...more

First Communion, Nostalgia, and How Time Really Does Fly

Facebook newsfeeds teem with Prom photos this time of year, and--if you are Catholic--with First Communion pictures.  Both are rites of passage that many of us can relate to and which engender nostalgia (or PTSD, depending on what your Prom experience was)....more

Five Reasons to Stop Whining about your Age

My friend is moaning and groaning about turning 50. I finally got tired of her complaints and told her to pull up her control-top, big-girl panties, eat cookies, and get over it. When she continued to bemoan the fact that her gumption had no function, I asked if she would prefer to drop dead at age 49. She slumped away under a self-imposed cloud of doom....more

A New Vlog Post ~ April 23, 2015

Hello Bloggers,Moving is exhausting.  It's been a couple of months long ordeal for my family, and it seems like we've done a steady amount of unpacking since end of March.  So, if you add in the packing we did in March, it's been a heck of a busy, exhausting, and stressful 8 weeks.  But we're slowly settling in and experiencing  much needed relaxation and comfort as days here go on.   Enjoy today's YouTube channel vlog THIS IS FIFTY WITH LIL, starring me....more

Dear Diary: Thirty-Three Years Later

Dear Diary:Me again. Hey, so I visited one of your predecessors a few weeks back, and, boy, did that totally bitchin’ trip back to the early 1980s reaffirm my love for Rush’s lead singer Geddy Lee; since then, my Spotify’s been cranking “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice” ’til a thin trickle of blood dribbles from my ear and down my freckled cheek....more

Six Promises to Myself as I Turn 40

40 is a big year for everyone, for me. This year I get to hit this milestone…HARD. I feel it in my whole being, a change, a sense of renewed interest in a life I've handed in for children who are getting older. This is my year and with that in my mind, I have made myself six promises.  1. You will not run a marathon. If you feel the need to, you will quickly divert your attention to a less stressful activity such as drinking a glass of wine or watching a movie....more

How Can You Ask Me That?

Journey with me for a sec .Knelt down, you tighten your shoelaces. The early morning wind carries faint traces of the sun’s warmth over your arms. You tuck that loose strand of hair back into your ponytail, take a deep breath, and rise to your feet.The bleachers stand before you. Tall. Glistening in the sunlight. Ready to be tackled.Ear buds in, game face on, you rock on the balls of you feet, inhale, and go for it! One stair. Two. You lift your knees, steady your breaths. The higher you climb, the greater the burn, but you keep pushing....more