Makeup and Me: Never Leave Home Without Lipstick

When I was barely 13, I started wearing makeup, lots of makeup. As if overnight, I went from a girl who won ribbons at school for handball, made a cardboard castle for my guinea pig and played hide-and-seek with the neighborhood kids to a sultry teenager, the neighborhood Lolita. ...more
Loved this, and I can't agree more with the title. I never ever ever go anywhere without ...more

Leadership Lessons: Daring + Caring = Sharing

My new book, the one I am writing as you read this, is about women becoming more daring, men more caring and together all of us moresharing. It is the new way for men and women to relate and work together, at home, in the office, everywhere!Do you want to be part of the pioneering group to make the world a better place? Do you want to help redesign the crazy, frantic pace that seems to be the norm and is making stress go over the top? Do you want more time to create and sing, paint, swim, dance and laugh out loud?...more

A Glimpse of My Empty Nest

Chateau, My Home


I Want to Scream at a Corpse

I Want to Scream at a Corpse ...more

Tip the Groupies Taking Off Their Clothes.

In an interesting aside re: how I recovered from my major BMX fender bender, I have to advocate music as a primary tool…not just for maudlin recrimination and a sobbing, sopping self but also as an incredible mood elevator on the rocky road to healing....more

The Father's Day Gift That Keeps on Giving: A Well-Cared-For YOU!

You may feel like you're going through perimenopause or menopause all alone, but if you're married, your husband probably feels like he's going through it with you! Every night you toss, turn and throw off the bed covers, is probably an eye opener for him....more

You Only Live Once - #YOLO

You Only Live Once - #YOLOLife is a beautiful magnificent thing, even to a jellyfish.  ~Charles ChaplinFirst I want to say, I was instructed by one Ms. Nicole Piper to NOT write a blog entry about her birthday party.  When will she learn, telling me to do something won't make it happen.  Here goes......more

THERE'S ALWAYS A SILVER LINING SOMEWHERE: how paying it forward works even when your coffee spills & your car crashes

 So something rather wonderful happened the other day. I had spent the morning running hither and yon to meetings and the grocery store and the pharmacy and the dry cleaners and the post office – all the tasks we regular folks with no budget for personal assistants must tackle after being out of town for two weeks – when I found myself yawning....more
Isn't writing awesome??? Just by writing about your horrible, rotten, no good day... you were ...more

Will You Still Love Me When I Have Chin Hair?

Silence. Uncomfortable sideways glances around the table. Finally, Emma broke through with the epic question, “You have chin hair?” “Of course I have chin hair! It’s one of the fun things that happens to us as we age,” I said with not a little bit of sarcasm. A small part of me was dancing inside that I eradicated it well enough for her not to have noticed, but I was determined not to let the real issue go. “Seriously, no one is going to offer?” Meanwhile, a look of horror slooooowly crosses over Emma’s face. She asked, slightly panicked, “Am I going to have chin hair when I get older?!?!?” ...more
I have said the same thing! I made a friend promise me that she would pluck my chin hair if I ...more