What is the Loneliness of the Long Term Dater.

Girlies, there’s just no way to say this easily so I’m just going to blurt it out: I’M STILL ONLINE.I’ll spare you the actual date I’m writing this; just be aware my blog is chronological and I’m only at the very beginning of my trials and tribulations in writing but in life did I mention I’M STILL ONLINE??...more
kateobrie900 OMG Kate, you just made my day! Your reply could be a post. Hil. Ar. Ious.  Thanks ...more

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: Seeking Clarity

Did you know that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month?...more

Changes needed

I feel like I have a lot on my mind and not enough people to listen that would hold back the urge to comment. Sometimes you just want to talk and have someone listen- no judging, no comment, no imposing of personal opinions but just LISTEN!I am writing this not to get opinions, because we know women WILL comment.(lol) But I am doing this to just share. Call it my diary and so your personal opinions about me do not matter. I am a lady over 30 now and what your opinion is doesn't get to phase me or take a chip off who I am. ...more

It All Comes Full Circle: From Writing to a Gash and an EKG and Back to Writing Again - Part II

Part IAs I completed the change-of-major form, I still hadn't answered the question of what I want to be when I grow up. I was still far-removed from pursuing writing as a career; I was unaware of a “writing” major, and the thought to write magazine and newspaper articles never dawned on me.* And although I could still envision myself at a white desk with sharpened pencils and protractors drafting blueprints, architecture as a career no longer seemed so glamorous. It was suddenly laborious. And dangerous with those weapons and all. ...more

It All Comes Full Circle: From Writing to a Gash and an EKG and Back to Writing Again - Part I

I never thought to seriously pursue writing as a career before last year. Never mind I wrote many short stories as a child. Never mind I took AP English in high school, delighting in my creative writing assignments. Mere childhood hobbies, right? And never mind I always read anything that captured my attention, which is still the case, by the way. ...more

Eat or Be Eaten

Midlife Cabernet: Old Advice for New Parents

 My children grew up to become happy, productive adults without an arrest record or implanted horns and they still talk to me, so I’m qualified to offer some advice to new parents of healthy children. Here are a few easy suggestions that are all legal:Your children should:...more

Drama on the High Seas!

Isla de la Plata, Ecuador, known as "the poor man's Galapagos".Here I am, in Ecuador, on a volunteer dive trip, and it is drama a...more

Gypsy Heart (POEM)

Gypsy Heart within my breast beats too loud makes me deaf "Forget the daily obligations, responsibilities of the now!" Wanderlust cries out to me "Explore the world! Seek new life!" experiences lost in earlier days grow more distance as the years roll on will I ever be free to just be me not a hat wearer or tear crier just a woman seeking finding being===============================================...more

Sometimes we can do the IMPOSSIBLE, even in 4 inch heels

Recently, I visited this amazing patisserie, where there were pair after pair of these spectacularly gorgeous shoes made of sugar and chocolate on display in a case...right next to little cakes that looked like Chanel handbags! The shoes were not only beautiful but were stilettos, a heel I haven't dared wear in ages. Certainly not since I broke my ankle a few years ago....more
Deb, I just HAD to write and thank you for your words. They reminded me of the SECOND reason I ...more