Money... Ever have trouble asking your family members for help in paying for dad's care? You aren't alone. Lots of caregivers, especially women that we serve told us that asking siblings to contribute to care is on of the most difficult things they do. One even said it was worse than cleaning adult diapers; now that has to be pretty bad! ...more

Dear Market Development People, From A Boomer Consumer

I hate my hands. I am right handed, and early degenerative arthritis has taken it's toll on my fingers already. I wish gloves were in style. But wearing gloves and typing in 95 degree heat is just wrong anyway. These hands can't do simple things any more. Along with the eyesight, they are failing me. I can't open water bottles any longer.  I'm so embarrassed by them. I am ashamed to ask for help. I don't want to give into this disease that has caused me 2 knee replacements and spinal fusion, and I won't, but these hands... they don't work right anymore....more


Well, had the classic middle age life experience this morning: up to tap a kidney at 3:30am-so much for sleep.On the flip side, I got the girls out for their morning walk and met up with my buddy Kathy.Kathy fostered my Zush when she was 6 months old for the SPCA. It’s funny, because 12 years later, I give her the ok to go, and she’ll run to Kathy-she remembers her! Kath has two new dogs of their own, Henry and Chunks.The four of them had a good walk together, and it was good to see my buddy....more

He's Not Done Yet: A Conversation With An Old Man

Emphysema.  That's what it sounds like.  Guttural and painful and ocean-deep and eroded by the tide.  He coughs and it sounds like dying and the cracks in his face speak of nearly a hundred years and he won't let me carry the chair for him even though he shuffles so slowly and I'm sure, if I held my ear against his chest, I would hear the sounds of waves slapping the shore and seagulls squawking hoarse. ...more

Amoke Awele Kuba: A Retiring Mind

Amoke KubatI first met Amoke Awele Kubat at the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference in Asheville several years ago where she lead a heartfelt and aut...more

No Safety Net; No Harness

Giving Spinsters A Bad Name

Last week I was on a crowded flight to New Orleans.  A woman boarded with her young son who was, I'm guessing, between 6 - 10 years old.  The airline was unable to give them seats together so Mom was seated in around row 5 and Son was seated in, say, row 9.The mother politely asked the woman seated next to her son if she would mind trading seats with her so mother and son could sit together.  The Mean Lady seated next to the woman's son said "No", and refused to move....more
I hear what you're saying.  But who knows, maybe the women had unloaded lots of stuff and didn't ...more

Aging Out of Motherhood

A few years back, I was setting up an appointment with a therapist for my husband and me. We'd hit that place where we needed someone to mediate our conversations. We weren't doing it well on our own.Over the phone the shrink had asked me some basic questions in preparation for our visit. One answer caused him to mumble a huh, as in oh my. He was responding to my age and the age of my son, my youngest child. At the time I was 50 and Ford was seven....more

No New Friends

A long time ago, when I worked as a reporter for People magazine I had a co-worker, Leah, who used to say that her Rolodex was full. For those of you who don’t remember life before Smart Phones, a Rolodex is where we used to keep our contacts. What Leah meant was that she was at her maximum friend capacity and wasn’t interested in expansion. I took her comment as a joke, but she wasn’t joking. ...more