Indulging in Childish Enthusiasm Regarding Turning 40

I used to use my birthday to gauge how loved I was by the world.  Would my father remember to send something on time this year? (Sadly, no.)Would anyone at school remember? (Some, but never enough.)...more

Today is a good day.

Today is a good day.  It has only just begun, with the perfect cup of coffee, some blog reading, and a quick pedicure! The pedicure was of the pre-hiking type. I learned a few years ago that hiking mountains with long toe nails meant coming home with fewer toenails! Today is a hiking day.  After I run my standard errands, I will come home grab the husband and head to the Smoky Mountain National Forest for a long walk/hike. I am thankful that I live a mere 10 minutes from my favorite trailhead. I never tire of walking along the trail, surrounded by creek sounds and silence....more

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Migraines

It’s the middle of the day and you’re on your back with the blinds closed, a wet washcloth over your eyes, and a nauseated feeling in the pit of your stomach. What’s that got to do with perimenopause? In a word: hormones....more

A wasted day of emotion

I wasn’t in good shape today. My Zosia girl is 12 years old, and the heat and humidity at Undisclosed was getting to her. The internet, being a curse and blessing, had me looking up symptoms on-line and I, quite frankly was losing it. I had no motivation to do anything today but to be by her side. It is amazing how conscious you can be of loss, or impending loss,as I felt when my parents were leaving me.I know Zush now tends to have issues like she had today: doesn’t make things any easier for me though. ...more

From Lynn: "Winter's Bone", being 50+, and Finding My Original Nature Again

LynnRecently I read a book called Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell....more

Eleven Years Later

Tomorrow is our eleventh wedding anniversary. ELEVEN! Hard to believe, although so much has happened in our lives, it has allhappened, so it seems, in the blink of an eye. ...more

Wahoo Wednesday!

I've seen a few bloggers do this on a regular basis so I thought I'd give it a shot.  Here goes...What is my Wahoo Wednesday?  I have a week off school starting now!!  All of my classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays.  With Monday being Labor Day, I don't have to be back at school until Wednesday morning!That gives me an entire week to get all my homework done!  Wahoo!!!Love,Jerri...more

Parenting the Adult Child-- Where's the How-To Book?

She put her hands on her hips and gave me that “parent smile.” You know the one, kind of smug and slightly condescending. With an exaggerated sigh she said, “You can’t micro-manage your kids.”...more

Yes, People, I Am Still Single

One of the things I like about getting older is that many of the things that used to bother me when I was younger, no longer do.  One of those things that no longer bothers me is being asked --often in an incredulous tone-- why I'm still single.  And its a good thing because it happened, again,  just the other day....more
Eleanore, your post had me laughing from the moment I read the title. I'm divorced and I may ...more

One Week Down!

One week down in the fall semester!!  So far I've managed to keep up with all my work and I've only cried once from exhaustion!  I'm counting this week as a win!Now that I know graduation is within reach, I seem to be putting even more pressure on myself.  I've noticed that I'm actually getting obsessive about my note-taking, organization, etc.  I've also had a friend comment that I need to relax a bit and ease up.  After she told me that, I did stop and take a look at myself...and she's right....more