Thank You 2013!

Thank you 2013!You have given me a year of sadness, uncertainty, deceit, and anger; a year of being overworked and exhausted; a year of near misses and close calls. This was a year that to some would be a relief and to others a disaster....more

Have toys and travel

I was packed and ready to go. We had discussed that I spend one week in the beautiful state of California. Inside my bag I placed two dresses, three blouses, two pairs of slacks and a pair of jeans. I could only hope that if a picture was taken and placed in the tabloids, it wouldn’t say that I had on mom jeans.See what happened was….I was more than ready....more

Find Your Purpose in 2014 – Craft Your Encore Career

Forget your 2014 retirement age. Let’s talk about your 2014 encore career age—and it’s now....more

Midlife Cabernet: My Mother's Keeper

I understand completely, Elaine. When my mother finally died, it was such a relief -- and then I ...more

Crosspost: Imagination Apps as a Tool for Change

Feeling Stuck? Turn AroundWhen I am trying to change my perspective or behavior in a specific way, having a visual representation that I can upload to my mind is a big help. Think of it as a kind of imagination app—an image or scene that supports and guides us through new, uncomfortable territory....more

Some people...

st get on your last nerve. You tolerate them because they are part of the family.You know the kind of guy who just knows everything about everything and will let you know it.It is always the loudest voice in the room.Yesterday he crossed the line with my Zush. Zush is getting older,sweet as can be, and this goober says to her,in front of me and Jim, “get lost-go play in the traffic.”I firmly told him that he is never to say that to my old girl again, and of course, ” I was just joking” was the reply....more
Sometimes you have to edge people out of your life, even if you are related to them. Sounds like ...more

Merry Christmas!

Remembering all who have gone before.Savoring those who are in my life now.Hopeful for tomorrow and beyond.Merry Christmas!...more

Who Knew I Was A Club Sandwich?

A recap...

The birthday weekend was good! Outside of Jim having to talk to our builder, we were laid back, had a lot of fun,hS few beers….life is good. I tried to blog from Undisclosed, but Word Press has upped their sign on for security… HUH? You mean I have to write the number down? …. After a day and a half of trying to backtrack,… I’m ba-a-a-a-ack! ...more

Let's go

Sorry I left many of you in the middle of a story. I just came back from a wonderful time. See what happened was..After he kissed my ankle, he kissed my calf.  The softness of his lips on my smoothly shaven leg made me want to giggle like a school girl, but I didn’t.“You taste like chocolate coconut pie.”“Pie!” I said.  I can understand the coconut, since I oil my body all over in coconut oil. “Did you say chocolate because of my skin?”...more