Good hygiene raises Alzheimer's risk?!

I had to go back and read the title because I thought I had misread it: "Better hygiene linked to higher Alzheimer's risk." See for yourself!:

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A Retiring Mind II

Amoke KubatMove over James T. Kirk, a retiring mind left to its own, totally uninterrupted and undiminished possession, goes beyond the final frontier....more

Life with 72

I live next door to my father. Why, might you ask, did I ever make such a rash decision? Well, it didn't seem like such a big deal back when he was 59 and my mother was alive.  My mom kept his outsize ego and over the top demands in line. He has always been the kind of man who sucks the air right of the room when he walks in.  But there seemed to be more air back when my mom was here to wrangle him into shape.  ...more

Work In Progress: The Heart Doesn't Wrinkle ... New Love in Old Age

I finally achieved a happy marriage late in life--my third. I was 71 and Sam was 81. We dated for four years and were married for only two. Life with Sam felt like a bit of heaven on earth, until one day his eye began to bulge and it turned out that he had a fast-acting, rare, and fatal cancer. For those last three terrible weeks, I sat at his bedside in the hospital while he fought to stay alive, and I was holding his hand when he died in June, 2011....more

I wish I was a writer

I wish I was a writer?  What kind of writer?  No idea.I wish I could take all my jackassery on this blog and in my crazy head and write a book of crazy-assery.I’m not sure if you can fathom the depth of the crap in my head.  The stuff that pops in and I think “I need to blog that” or “damnation, that’s funny, I need to write that”.  Seriously…I keep a list on my phone of possible ideas....more
Karen Ballum I just saw your comment...SORRY I think it's being able to put together a true ...more

The Introduction

i never thought i would be doing this but it seems to be a good way to sort out all the bizarre thoughts i have had going through my mind over the last year.  i just turned 50 so i am sure that has something to do with it - and perhaps some hormones too.  i will tell you a few things about me first....more
wow i actually got a comment or two - i really appreciate them - it is always nice to know that ...more

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To My High School Reunion

A funny thing happened on the way to my high school reunion: I forgot to give a damn about all the stuff that was important in high school.There's a definite beauty in going back home for your (gulp!) thirtieth reunion. You see, the last one I went to was my tenth reunion, and the vibe is just completely different. First of all there were a lot more of us, and there was also a feeling of  "Oh, look how good I'm doing, and how are you?"  and "I can't believe ------ had the nerve to say hello" pervading the whole event....more

What is Labor Day, Anyways?

SADHVI & BELLOWe had some friends over yesterday, and I had to find out if anyone knew what Labor Day was for?...more

Do You Remember Your First Day of School?

Do you remember your very first day of school?  I recall having mixed feelings about starting Kindergarten in 1960.  Here's my story.Situated in the center of our small town, the old brick building had creaky wooden floors, wide staircases and high, very high ceilings that loomed large above the heads of the elementary-age children.  I’d been inside the school before, walking through the main door alongside my mother and then waiting on a rickety folding chair in the empty hallway while she attended parent-teacher conferences for my older sisters....more