Midlife Cabernet: Posing for Pumpkin



 February has always been one of the roughest months of the year for me. While I enjoy the cooler temperatures and a romantic Valentine's Day celebration, February is also the month of my oldest sister's birthday. My brain acknowledged Cherie's absence years ago, but my heart never caught up....more

Peeling Back the Layers

When I was young, I was fascinated by the Matryoshka dolls or the Russian nesting doll sets. I enjoyed discovering one the little wooden figure inside another. According to tradition the outer layer of the set is a woman and the smallest, innermost doll is the baby....more

Letter To Myself

Dear Suzi,...more

Gray on Gray

Dawn Quyle Landau,  Tales From the MotherlandLittle boots, sit by the door… waiting for children who have grown up....more

My life sucks…according to Facebook

I received a text from my friend “Sue” the other day. She was upset that a mutual friend of ours was, “Kelly”, was wine tasting very near to where Sue lived, and did not call her to let her know. How did she find this out?...more

Capturing My Grandparents

Fateful Move

Actually, I was happy to move out of that apartment. I had my mother move in the last six months of my lease, to help with the loss of my salary. We were both miserable. My mother is generally a miserable sort, and with me having what she perceived to be “a great life” – she only became more miserable.  But, in general, that apartment cost so much money.  Years later I discovered that my electric bill was handled by a third party because of some spam email that I had received and clicked onto....more


Romeo had been getting in touch with me, randomly, via skype since we met in one of Professor Dingleberry’s online courses a year earlier. I had never met him in person, but tried to be friendly about his chatting.  I had taken the Winter semester off, and went to The Picnic From Hell, (wherein I was treated to some kind of tranquilizer and passed out for five hours) excited to be going back to class that Fall....more