20 Fashion Trends I'd Love to See Die in 2014

20 Fashion Trends I’d Love to see Die in 2014...more

50. How Not to Make it the New 75

50. How Not to Make it the New 75...more

Another Slimmer Story

Tank Slimmer: Wrinkles Due to Tight Fit and Acrobatic Removal...more

Whatcha Waiting For?

A while back I visited my son and daughter-in-law at their apartment, and was absolutely charmed by the beautiful chalk drawing that she had drawn on their dining room wall:  It reads “If We Wait Until We Are Ready, We’ll Be Waiting Forever…” I was charmed, that is, until I sat and thought about it some more… ...more
Thank you for reminding me of that. My husband and I got married last month, and while the most ...more

Holding On . . . While Letting Go

Holding on and letting go. Two completely different concepts, right? But right now I find myself trying to balance them both.I have two boys, teenagers at this point. One just finished his freshman year in college. The other just graduated  high school. I’m not sure how this all happened, I just know that old cliché “time flies” is a cliché for a reason.My boys are a little more than a year apart in age. So when my older son was born, I had a year alone with him. He was a baby and it was time I treasured....more
Suzanne Fluhr I know most families fight to sit down to dinner together and we did (and do) ...more

Am I Sexy or High Maintenance?


I read somewhere recently that not travelling is like being given a book and only reading some of its pages.I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently.My husband and I share a love of travel (and food of course) and recently we’ve become very hungry for the contents of the rest of our book. I guess since we are slowly emerging from the having two-young-babies- haze, we can slowly see beyond nappies and, up to a certain extent, think again about us, our pre-baby dreams and about the future....more

Eat Pray Love

These are some of the random thoughts I have when I try to meditate…You can’t unsay what you didn’t say.  ...more

The Curse Of The Blob

I was just innocently typing away on my computer yesterday when I made the mistake of looking down. Darn it! There it was.  A big blob sitting right below my breasts. Yes, folks.  A muffin top.  MY muffin top.  ...more