Reclaiming Ourselves at Midlife

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February... Made

February was good, yes?...more

I Saw a Black Car Today

I saw a black car today.I take it you need more of a visual.It was totally black.Not in a good way.Not “blacked out.” Regardless of how you feel about that, rest assured that is not what this was.Let’s put it this way; say there was this car owner who said, “Hey! I need my car washed.”...more

Fifty Strands of Grey


The Other Day...

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Worthy of Hatred

I always say wisdom comes with age and its too bad that we can't be younger when we finally "get it".  I always talk about the word hate and what is worthy of that word.  People who say mean things and do mean things are not worthy of the word hate.  What is worthy is a sick child and hating the fact that he/she may not get better....more

My Journey Back to Cycling

Last year I started my journey back to cycling, the sport that consumed most of my free time during the 1990’s.  Since my doctor forbade me from all things high-impact (which basically covered about 80% of my pre-surgery workout routine) after my 2013 knee surgery, I had to find alternative work out routines for this middle-aged body....more

5 Steps for Dealing With a Midlife Crisis

For the last six months, I’ve been in the throes of a major midlife crisis, but in the last month, the fog of depression and self-deprecation has started to lift. It’s still a battle, but at least I don’t wake up every day feeling like my life has ended now that I’ve hit my mid-forties. When I do feel myself slipping backwards though, I follow these steps:...more


Brenda Coffee@1010ParkPlacehttp://www.1010parkplace.comThe first time I had sex, I got pregnant. People say you always remember your first time, but I remember nothing. I do remember the day I had an abortion....more