The Hard Edge of Doubt

When I think about the man who attacked me that summer morning, I think about the way he looked beneath the bus stop canopy, where I'd seen him just moments before he crossed the street and pulled a knife on me. He was big; he took up most of the bench he was sitting on. He was wringing his hands and shaking his head as though he were arguing with himself, and every once in a while, he'd stand up, wipe his hands on his shorts, and then sit back down....more

Conquering Gros Piton - Overcoming Tears and Fears

“Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.” (Ed Viesturs)We had reached the top of Gros Piton.  Despite my aching muscles and throbbing knees it was only my sheer determination that willed me to the top of that rocky mass.  Exhausted but exhilarated, I perched myself on the top rocks.  I didn't have the energy to climb down to the outlook that offered a breathtaking view of the ocean....more

Yo, Dude...I’m Not Dutch.

I had a weird experience times two guys just recently and I feel like I wanna share it with y’all because that’s how I roll. #obvs Now, you know I’m over 50 years old so not only does that mean I’m right next to almost fucking ancient but it also signifies that I come from a more traditional dating era. For example, just using that word is very Jane Austen of me though let’s face it, I’m actually Bridget Jones all the fucking way. ...more

Menopause Infographic - Brain Fog

You’re in the middle of a conversation with a colleague, and lose your thought halfway through a sentence. You call your children by the dog’s name. (If you name your dog after your first born, you might save yourself some embarrassment!). Your desk is plastered with sticky note reminders....more

Twelve Days of Summer with My Twelve-Year-Old: DAY FIVE

On the fifth day of Summer(mas), my middle schooler gave to me: five bike bell dings———–-------My husband stood in the lobby of the YMCA, trying to get members to sign up as volunteers for a community-outreach event....more

Sadness Watch 2015

Trust me, this is gonna have a good ending. Stick with me. I'm 50. I'm a daughter. I'm a sister. I'm a wife. I'm a mother. These things are good.  Except when things are not-so-good. My last What's Happening Twitter update was: ...more

Post No. 8: Having That Dreaded Colonoscopy

(Photo taken at the University of North Alabama in Florence, Alabama)Did you enjoy the daisies?  I hope so, because I'm going to talk about something serious…Colonoscopies!    I know you are so excited!...more

Twelve Days of Summer with My Twelve-Year-Old: DAY FOUR

On the fourth day of Summer(mas), my middle schooler gave to me: four flaming worksheets containing words—————————I will not bitch about teachers....more

Twelve Days of Summer with My Twelve-Year-Old: DAY ONE

On the first day of Summermas, my middle schooler gave to me: help at the library.-----------------------------------...more

How to Tell an Enchanting Story

“Please tell me a made-up story, Tutu,” my wee granddaughter begs as I close her picture book and tuck her into bed. I mentally scramble for an image and suddenly a little old lady pops into my imagination....more