5 Keys to a Successful Marriage

As of today, my husband and I have been married for 25 years. When people hear how long we’ve been married, I get one of two possible responses:“Congratulations! We’re coming up on (fill in a number of years).”“Wow! How do you do it?”This post is directed at the second group, who wonder how we’ve stayed together so long....more

Premonitions and the One I Would Do Over.

I’ve stated many a time I believe in sacred contracts – who, when and how long – and I stand by that. That means I also don’t spend much time looking back or wishing things worked out differently because I believe they work out exactly as they were supposed to. I may not be particularly fucking HAPPY about it. But....more

A First I Never Wanted

Yesterday was a first for me.  But it was a first I dreaded and, naively, never wanted.  Yesterday was my first Mother's Day without my mom. I did not anticipate how hard this would hit me.  Thinking about Mother's Day, the predominant thought running through my mind was that I didn't have a mom.  While this is a common status for women of my age group, this was my first Mother's Day without her.   Admittedly, I probably did not handle the day in the best way possible....more

On Mother's Day

 This might be our last Mother's Day.My mother is dying, ...more

In Praise of Oldness

Gaea Yudron Sage's Play Growing older with the emphasis on growing! www.sagesplay.orgIN PRAISE OF OLDNESSSince I returned to Oregon from Mexico in early March, I have plunged back into the creative development of Sage's Play, and in the process of that, I have naturally found myself immersed in contemplating and considering our culture's perspective on oldness, aging and elders....more

Becoming Part of the Tribe

What's a Little Turbulence

I quickly realized I'd fastened my seat belt a little too tightly. I pushed up my sleeves and wrestled to loosen the strap. Man, it was hot in there....more

We'd Talk About the Little Things - #MothersDay

I carry around in my head a fantastical conversation where my mom somehow rips the time space continuum and moves heaven and earth and death itself to chat with me, if only for a little while.We don’t have much time, Baby Girl. What’s going on? Talk to mom. She grins.I’ve just been thinking about standing next to you in church during the responsive reading every Sunday.Okay, Babygirl, Mom’s listening…...more
So, so beautiful, Rochelle. I'm sorry you were missing your momma this weekend, as I'm sure you ...more

What Will Others Think?

From UnPickled Blog:I recently changed my hair colour from (monthly-salon-visit) blonde to (do-it-myself) red. The change was mostly motivated by convenience, and perhaps Julianne Moore played a role, too. When I had an actual hair colour of my own it was strawberry blonde, so neither one feels to foreign to me....more

Happily in the Middle

I was having a tough time. Last month was a hard one as a parent, because my child was hurting and I couldn't fix it. It left me exhausted and emotionally raw.While in that fragile state, I read two completely unrelated books that combined to hit me hard.The first was The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. It has a cheerful blue and yellow cover that asserts that O, The Oprah Magazine called it "funny and irresistibly exuberant." It looked and sounded like the light, mindless distraction I needed....more