I'm Coming Out

Saturday, April 20, 2013about 4pm on a really good dayHi, this is me.  ...more

You are not alone

As a caregiver, do you ever sit and wonder if you are the only person going through a family who all may want to help, or maybe not to help too?...more

Sadhvi Sez: Being in Love with Nature


Just When You Need a Friend

Picture me as a middle aged  female corporate type in the middle seat, back of the plane experiencing turbulence on a Corporate America Airlines flight to job loss.I have a few close gal pals who are also corporate types but who have been lucky enough not to have been on the same flight. In the past having these gals in my life has been welcome. When things were good, we were good.And now, out of self protection, I am  cutting off contact with what I thought for years was my best support network....more

Savvy Gal Strategies In an Uncertain World

My company is going through rough times. We are selling off business and restructuring (i.e. laying off people). We are exploring strategic options, and are likely to be sold. I am over 50, I was laid off in January 2009 in the worst of the Recession. If I lose my job again, it will be very very difficult to get another job. All around I hear stories of peers who are over 50 and have lost their jobs and who, despite their qualifications, are facing prolonged unmployment. I do not want to be one of them.Fear awakens me several times a night....more

The Trouble With Labels

Have you ever gotten so wrapped up in a book, you find yourself completely transported into the mind of the main character, where all of their thoughts become your thoughts and their feelings your feelings?...more

Watch Robert Henry talk about new book 'Age Re-Defined'

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all stay young and fit forever?  Organic Liaison seminar Guest Fitness Instructor Robert Henry, author of "Age Redefined," joins dietitian Deborah Klein to explain his "fitness continuum" concept and offer valuable workout tips. Learn why "Incline it baby!" is his motto—plus, how to get an extra edge with your interval training....more

How Technology is Transforming Caregiving

Caregiving Corner:With more people living longer, effective caregiving requires new thinking about how we care for those we love.  Boston-based Making Care Easier (MCE) is dedicated to helping caregiving communities get the answers and solutions they need to ensure quality care for their parents, friends, and neighbors. ...more


I’m a woman in midlife, and I make no bones about it.  I’m fine with it.  Admittedly, after my divorce, I went through the “I need to look younger” phase, where I wore only tight skinny jeans and form fitting tank tops.  Then one day I looked at my 26 year old daughter wearing the same outfit and had what I like to call my Christopher Columbus moment: “Honey, that ship has sailed.”  Now, I color my hair, get a shot of botox now and then, exercise, and do the best I can with what I have.  I feel good about myself, and then, something ...more

Life Happens in the Meantime...

Have you ever been asked the question--who are you? A seemingly innocuous question, yet it packs the strength of a 1000 kicks to the gut. Who Am I? I am a wife, a mother, a sister, friend or businessperson. But that isn't good enough. Those are all really just labels and do they really get to the heart of who you are? I have been trying to answer this question since my 18th birthday. As children, we don't really feel the need to label ourselves. Then we start getting older and the question of future plans get thrown our way....more