Is Reading Children's Literature the Fountain of Youth?

Today the morning radio DJs gave an on-air quiz to determine whether you’ve hit middle age. Based on this highly scientific survey, I learned that I am not quite there yet, which is exactly what I keep telling my husband. One of the questions stood out, however. It was “are you increasingly nostalgic?” Well, I’ve been nostalgic since I was born—seriously my 5-year-old self probably pined for the days when I was a younger and more carefree toddler. ...more
Laurend1985 I couldn't agree more. I feel like a kid again reading my daughter books that I loved!more

Online Dating: Do's, Don'ts, and Maybes

Getting "back out there" is never easy.  Many of us marrieds become so thankful we don't have to be immersed in the dating scene.  It's one thing when you're 20 and the world is wide open to you, but it's a completely different ballgame when you're 40-something, have children, jobs, lives, and any suitable dating candidate has to fit into to all that, not the other way around.  Whatever your previous dating or marital experiences, chances are you're a bit jaded at this point....more

A beautiful day, or, how to elope with your fiance and your children

We did an ‘elope on the beach’ package, which was perfect for our little family.  My daughters and I were already up bright and early when the hair and make up artist came to the house, and the girls were so excited to see my curls, they wanted to do something with their hair, too (which was the sneaky, goal, lol).  DD1 decided to have curls, and DD2 opted for two little french braids.  Then, two hours later, we all loaded up into the limo, which the girls adored and couldn’t help climbing all over, and rode through the stormy rain (rain!...more

Time To Reach For The Book Of Questions

Years ago, someone gifted me with a copy of The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D., and I used to pull it out at dinner parties and backyard barbeques after most of the rowdiness had died down and everyone was in that "gathered round the table and drinking thoughtfully" kind of mood....more

What I Want is the Perfect Man...and World Peace.

But before you meet “the one”, girlies, you must ask yourself this deceptively simple question: What do I want? BMX totally knew what he was looking for. He had his profile hidden and his search parameters set for a certain age range and ethnicity; he told me I was EXACTLY his type (until I wasn’t ) But for me back then, I just went through my inbox mail, cherry picking the most attractive choices. Random Ramona strikes again....more

Kids Home and Hormones Out of Whack. It's the Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer!

Just as your children can't wait to be out of school for the summer, you can't imagine how you're going to cope. Don't get me wrong. We all love our kids, right?...more

When does age matter?

Every student in high school anticipates senior year - upper class perks, prom, class celebrations, graduation ceremony, turning 18, classified as an adult with the honor of voting.Every student in college anticipates senior year - the last undergraduate semester brings the last prep for mid-terms and the last cram session for finals, the excitement of who will be the guest speaker at the ceremony, graduation, turning 21, classified as an adult with the respect of the first alcoholic beverage....more

Verified: I am a total wackjob

It’s kind of hard to talk about this but on some level I feel I should.  What I am about to tell you may change the way you think about me, but I hope it doesn’t.  I hope that it changes the way that you think about mental illness. Many of you know I have had health problems for the past two and a half years....more
I think you're incredibly brave to continue going to therapy, for facing the actual diagnosis, ...more

Family Traditions: 30 30-Somethings

You can't get more embarrasing than the fact that my father called me a "Heifer, "Fart Blossom" and "Short, Fat Fanny" as a child. But despite this, I came out a fairly well-adjusted, optimistic female. Read why on: Family Traditions | 30 30-Somethings post on Awkward Laughter....more

Sometimes Superman Wears Sweats

I love living in Southern California, but just as Eden had snakes, so the Southland is home to two nasty creatures whose acquaintance I could easily have gone an entire lifetime without making, thank you very much. ...more