Wing to Wing, Oar to Oar

Twenty-five years ago today, which would have been a Thursday night, John and friends were having a bachelor party (and the less said about that the better!) while my friends and I celebrated more sedately at the family home of one of my bridesmaids.  We were married two days later, on August 12, 1989, which means that we are marking our silver anniversary this week....more

Living the Frugal Life. Not So Much

Living the Frugal Life. Not So Much...more

28 Best Momisms About Beauty

My mother was a MILF. Of course, she didn’t know it at the time. It was, after all, in the 1960s, and MILFs were 40+ years down the road. When I was in my teens, she would have been referred to as “hot,” or “a fox.” Suffice it to say, she was stunning and all my teenage boyfriends loved her....more

Advice from My Italian Bodyworker

Terri Crosby So I showed up for my massage appointment with Giuseppe, he took one look at me and said with a twinkle, "How are you?"I replied, "I'm fine."...more


Before and After.  Certain times and events in our lives are so huge, so pivotal, that they define the fabric of our personal story.  Those things that leave such a mark on us that we begin thinking of our lives in terms of before this, and after this.  Most of us have a few of these before and after events.  For me they are: May 14, 1979, the death of my father; March 21, 1995, the birth of my daughter; September 19, 2001, the birth of my son and Spring 2013, entry into the rabbit hole....more

Midlife Cabernet: Learning from the World's Great Chefs

x  ...more
Denise ElaineAmbrose Thanks, Denise. I finally discovered how to right click on the photo and ...more

Turning 30

Turning 30 in 2 years I'm starting to feel a little old. I'm watching my nieces and nephews grow up going to college and having kids of there own. My daughter will be turning 7 and my son is 8 months.  I think its a good idea for me to make a list of things I want to accomplish before i turn 30. I know for sure I need to take my career to the next level I love taking care of the elderly so i think its time i get my CNA certification. someone once said "your as old as you feel"....more

The Move Is On

A brief note, the posts for a while will not be my normal food or saving money type of posts.  I stated in my last post things have been crazy for the last year. I don't think it is fair to expect you, the readers of this blog, for me to just pick up like nothing happened.  I think you deserve an explanation and to be completely honest, I need to get this stuff off of my chest.  Please bare with me and things will get back to normal. ...more

When Should You Send a Text vs. a "Sext"?

Here's a newsflash for those of us who first dated in the last century: decoding texts or emails in this digital dating age can be brutal.Make no mistake, because of online dating, you are intimately connected to your gadgets. You think it was bad way back in the day to wait at home for a call? Now you carry the damn instrument of your fate everywhere with you to maybe not get an email or text either. You have added opportunities to obsess over “did he/ didn’t he?” and “will he/ won’t he?” Sigh. An electronic maelstrom of self-doubt and dating angst. Good times....more
Adelewishnot Isn't it sooo weird to "know/ not know" someone?? It's just a whole new world o' ...more

My husband is not my soul mate

Several years ago, a friend of mine was going through a rough patch in her marriage and asked me if I believed in soul mates and if so, did I consider my husband to be my soul mate.At the time I was married about five years and gave her what I thought was a truly enlightened answer. I told her that I didn’t believe that we have one soul mate in our lives. I believe that we have many soul mates. And yes, I believe that my husband is one of my soul mates.Well, that was almost 15 years, one child, and at least four or five jobs ago....more
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