Fateful Move

Actually, I was happy to move out of that apartment. I had my mother move in the last six months of my lease, to help with the loss of my salary. We were both miserable. My mother is generally a miserable sort, and with me having what she perceived to be “a great life” – she only became more miserable.  But, in general, that apartment cost so much money.  Years later I discovered that my electric bill was handled by a third party because of some spam email that I had received and clicked onto....more


Romeo had been getting in touch with me, randomly, via skype since we met in one of Professor Dingleberry’s online courses a year earlier. I had never met him in person, but tried to be friendly about his chatting.  I had taken the Winter semester off, and went to The Picnic From Hell, (wherein I was treated to some kind of tranquilizer and passed out for five hours) excited to be going back to class that Fall....more


Well Valentine’s Day has come and gone, giving me an eye opening experience that as a women it has brought tears to my eyes.See what happened was…Waking up to find myself alone was not fun nor was it something I really wanted to experience.  Needless to say I said a fond farewell to my friends after replacing the items I used during that one night of FP fun, and yes I did wave my freak flag high and he captured it again and again.  He did leave me a car and a fabulous driver who also walked out of the store with a large bag of her own. ...more

You Might Be Menopausal If….

    Google symptoms of menopause and you'll probably find my face underneath the list of traits that define a woman on the brink of menopausal insanity. That crazy lady with the wild eyes and the tufts of hair in her hands as she yanks it from her scalp? That's me. I've been menopausal for YEARS. Yes, you heard right. Menopause set up camp in my uterus four years ago and hasn't vacated the premises since the first heat wave from hell arrived in the form of a scorching hot flash....more

Plastic Surgery: Would You?

Plastic surgery is prevalent in our society today like never before.  When I was a teen and younger adult, it was barely even heard of and certainly not talked about.  Nobody got nose jobs in our small town and I'm not sure anyone knew boob jobs existed yet.  No one whitened their teeth or knew how.  We loved our big 80s hair, for sure, and fashion was a big thing as was makeup, but that was somewhat the extent of it as far as beauty products and treatments were concerned....more

My Nighttime Accessories: 3 Reasons I Feel Sorry For My Husband After 9PM

Before about 9pm at night, I'm acceptably together with my look.  I shower every morning, put on trace amounts of make up, organize my hair (notice I didn't say style), and put on a casual but not frumpy outfit and earrings.  Can you really ask much more from a mom of 2 small kids?  I don't think so.  Like midnight for Cinderella, around 9-10pm it all goes downhill for me, and though he would never admit it, my husband also has to witness the transformation and is probably increasingly horrified as I add new 'accessories'....more

Opting to Stay Single? You Could Be In The Majority of Women

As little girls, we dressed up in white dresses and held make-believe weddings. We dreamed of a future on Prince Charming's arm every Valentine's Day, and assumed happily-ever-afters included marriage....more

Ninja Cat

The next morning I woke up thinking that New Year’s Eve debacle was just a bad dream, and then I tried to stand. Nope.I opened my laptop as I lay on the couch, waiting for everyone to get up.  Facebook has been a shitstorm lately, I thought. The posts were divisive and taunting.  No doubt because of another election coming up, but certainly, the caustic and threatening postings seemed to be, I couldn’t be sure, but “personalized” somehow....more

A Winter Storm, Oh No!

. ...more