Life as a Quilt

My cutting table is full of fabric rectangles of many colors. Surprisingly, these shades of green, purple, and yellow in plaid, checkers, herringbone designs go well together. I am somewhat relieved, as scrappy quilts disorient me with their multitude of colors and textures. This quilt will be another example of the “Turning Twenty” pattern. Life was wild when I was twenty…  Is it how it got its moniker? As I thoughtfully lay out each piece on my design wall, I see how quilts resemble our lives....more

Return to reality

It's been a while. I wanted to make this blog about my league and the personalities and drama therein, but I seem to have been sidetracked by life. I am sure there's lots going on but I have been so immersed in my own internal drama that I sort of gave it all a miss. Only the drama that directly affected me seemed to catch my attention. and I used to know everything in my league. Burn out? Probably a bit....more

Skeletor is no match for our inner warriors

I was carded last night at dinner, not by a 22-year-old dude but by a 38-year-old female. Normally, a compliment like that would have me flying high for a week. But this morning Skeletor appeared in the mirror again.Yes, fellow children of the 80s, I do mean He-Man’s nemesis: sunken in cheeks, dark circles under the eyes, pale as a corpse. (Flashback for all you fans right here)...more

How I Got Here

I guess it's natural for me to think about my birth during my birth month.  I just turned 45.  Yes, I'm now halfway through my forties.  I'm staring down the barrel of 50.  Somehow 45 has been harder than 30 and 40 combined.  (Don't do the math there because it doesn't add up.)  So yeah, I have been reflective. ...more

Changing Caregiving - Be a Part of What's To Come

At Making Care Easier (MCE) our goal is to improve the way families care for their loved ones.  This is no small mission, but a critical one.  We’re taking another big step forward this week as we welcome Mary Jane Favazza as our new CEO.  Mary Jane brings with her a wealth of experience including more than 15 years in the healthcare IT space.  Most importantly, she brings with her a passion for improving the living of those caring for elderly adults....more
I find your company interesting.  It was difficult for my parents' 5 daughters to maintain ...more

The Things I'm Looking Forward to in Middle-Age

When reading about middle-age, it can get dreary.  I'm a little worried, actually I'm terrified, and possibly scarred for the rest of my middle-aged life, after what I've been exposed to.  I'm not yet into the stages of menopause, but I think I'll start taking Xanax in preparation for it.  I've never taken any kind of (legal) mood-altering medication but I recently found out it's quite popular with the women in my workplace.  I'm totally the Xanax outsider.  Luckily, I'm middle-aged so I don't mind being an outsider, anymore.  ...more

Letters To My Grandmother

Every Monday morning after I have gotten my step-son up and ready for school, I sit down at our breakfast bar and get out my nice stationery and pen.I begin to write....more

Mid-Week Doldrums

This & ThatHo-Hum, it's Wednesday.  I think the reason they call it "Hump Day" is because it is so hard getting up to finish the day.  Then the rest of the week is full steam ahead!  Didn't get much accomplished today, unless you consider cruising the internet and watching a Lifetime Movie productive!  ha haIn The News...more

Mothers, Role Models of Middle-Age

As you may or may not know, I am a newbie to the middle-aged portion of my life.  Maybe I am not such a newbie to middle-age depending on your definition (see my post When Does 'Middle-Age' Truly Begin?).  Anyhow, it feels to me like I have recently begun a new phase of my life.  I have been thinking about my own mother a lot and how she modelled a middle-aged life to me.  Here are some of the things she taught me about being middle-aged. ...more

Talking to Strangers