Part 2 Reuniting With My Sister

Ariana is Still Growing...more

Reuniting With My Big Sister

Ariana is Still GrowingPart 1 - Why I Had To GoOnce in a while a heart warming story about a person who cares for their adult disabled sibling gets printed in a local paper or makes rounds on the internet. These stories tug at heart strings, make you misty, and proud to call yourself part of the human race.  But when I read these stories, instead of feeling inspired I feel guilt, because I'm not one of them. My older sister is mentally retarded, and I haven't been there for her....more

Tips for Attending Your High School Reunion, or OMG! Its been 30 years!

Ariana is Still Growing...more

Break seal in case of Emergency

How many times have you been in the situation where an emergency occurred while you were out? If you had a flat tire, there was a spare in the truck.  Needed a jump? Jumper cables are at the ready, in the trunk. So tell me why you don’t have an emergency kit in your trunk for sex? I know what you are thinking. “Girl, I got an extra pair of panties in the glove compartment.”That is miner, everyday emergency. You know, wet your pants after laughing too hard, started your period, or your panties are riding up your butt....more

Peanut Gifts

Barbara BradySan Francisco, April 1999....more

You Need To Know 'All' To Recognize It

You Need to Know 'All' To Recognize It Ever since I read this essay sometime last week, I don't think I've really stopped thinking about the concept of 'having it all'.  ...more
Denise  Thank you Denise.  I agree with you that each of us needs to define what 'all' means to ...more

Hall Pass

I hope you understood what the heck I was typing during my last blog.  I was half sleep and the only thing on my mind was “GET IT POSTED!!!”The code word “Hall Pass” came from the thought of being back in high school, sneaking off during class to be with the one you were in lust with.  I would have stated love, but we all know that most of the time it was just lust.  ...more

Midlife Crisis Minivan Momma

Where've I been?Well, there was the Woven Tale Press to get out; catching catchless cats for flea blaths and flea-bombing at Gramma’s house; Target back-to-school shopping; fleas to bomb at my own house caught by Pup from Gramma’s house.All tales of their own. Which I haven't had time for due to excessive daily vacuuming....more

What I've Learned in the Last 60 Years

The candles are lit, and as I take a deep breath to blow them out, I realize: Inside this 60-year-old body lives a joyous 40-year old that I let run free as often as I can....more

In Awe of Sleep