Bad Week for the BPD in Me - The Pot Calls The Kettle Black

It's pretty common knowledge on the internetzz that I have BPD or borderline personality disorder.  Check out wikipedia if you need more information.   Tragically, the name makes me sound a lot more wacked out than I really am.  And even though BPD is a serious and major mental health problem, it should be more accurately identified at Emotional Intensity Disorder, in my opinion....more

The Enlightened Poppy

Oriental Poppy StandI wait and watch every spring to see where the poppies will appear.  No, not the Oriental Poppies (pictured) ...more

"Somewhere In Between: Why I'm Jealous Of Both My Mother And My Daughter."

No way, do I wish I was 22 again, and I am absolutely not ready to be 71 quite yet.  However, there are definitely things about both my mother's and my daughter's lives right now that I most assuredly envy....more

Dear Uterus:

Hey Uterus,...more

Do We Ever Rid Ourselves of Childhood Insecurities?

Old fears are hard habits to break. This morning I had to interview a researcher by phone for an article I’m writing. I’ve actually interviewed her before in person and she’s lovely, smart and down to earth—not intimidating at all.So why did I wake up feeling like I’d eaten rocks? The only logical answer is that my anxiousness is a throwback to my days as a shy child and teenager—the days when asking anyone anything felt like torture. How I got through journalism school, I’ll never know....more

Mom's Wedding Date

I chose the pretty pharmacy on Columbus to select my wares. My mother was going to a wedding and she needed some cosmetics. I was by myself and I wanted to take the extra ten minutes to choose the right blush and eyeliner and just the right shade of lipstick....more

Laundry Room

I am soooo sorry it has taken me soooo long to finish this story, but man, has my life taken some kind of turn.  Now where was I...See what happened was......more

Eat the Cake!: 30-30 Somethings

Oh boy! If you've ever second guessed a life choice by over analyzing it, then you'll understand my delimma about dating a younger man - 10 years my junior. That decision prompted this post: Eat the Cake!: 30-30 Somethings....more

Here's Why It's "Less Writing, More Boobs", Girlfriends.

 This is the actual title of an article re: a survey done by about what men want to see in a woman’s profile.  Seriously, where do we live? Hooterville? I personally don’t have any more boobs… I barely have boobs period…and my "about me" goes on and on AND on…but I’ve managed to meet some pretty great guys who didn’t need glasses ( to see my little boobs ) and could read ( my novel length profile ) so I’m thinking: score for me!...more