Sweet Traditions with Candy Trains

 Mix three wonderful items – kids, Christmas, and candy – and create some fun and lasting memories by making candy trains. They are magic because they disappear before New Year’s Eve....more

Nine Volts

Chirp.My brain is asleep. So is my body. The noise doesn’t fully register.After a quick blip of “Huh?” I drop back into the blackness of sleep.Chirp....more

Parenting the NAC

Each stage of parenting seems to have the same three steps:Step 1: Freak out because this is really hard! Step 2: Hey – I think I got the hang of this!...more

Divorce diary/week seven: my first 'not married' Thanksgiving with my son

It's been a long, long while since I posted on BlogHer, but friends who read this piece encouraged me to publish it. And then I thought, "Why not?" I can't be the only woman on this path this holiday season -- so this is for you, those of you dealing with the death of a relationship or those of you who know someone who is... ...more

Announcment: I Can't Fit Into A Darn Thing At H & M

It's official. I can't fit into a darn thing at H & M. First let me share that I love, love, love H & M. Such a nifty little import from Sweden. There's one on almost every corner in Manhattan and I have no problem imagining that the clothes are speaking directly to me. In my mind, I am a freakin' rock star destined for a life of sequined t-shirts, cropped fur jackets and oversized satchels that carry my rock star accessories; sunglasses, lip gloss, I-phone and bottle of champagne--of course....more
Yes you are right! Did I already mention that I love the name of your blog?more

How Serious Is It, Doctor?

After the age of fifty, is it more or less important that any relationship you have is “serious”? ...more

Give Yourself Permission to Find Your Joy

“Dream and give yourself permission to envision a ‘you’ that you choose to be.” – Joy Page...more

Hosting the Holiday Meal Menopausal Style

No sooner did you catch a passing glance at the autumn leaves, than it’s time for the holidays—stressful under the best of times but even more so when menopausal hormones wreak havoc with your mind and body....more

When Is It Too Late To Plan My Future?

Maybe the sun is shining, but you're still not content. You realize that successful people are all at better places of  work making better money and will get a better paycheck than you this week. Your friends are either working high profile jobs, dating rich men, married or finding their life purpose in raising their beautiful 2.5 children....more