When Does 'Middle-Age' Really Begin?

Editors' Note: Funny how, as we age, the term "middle-aged" seems to always apply to some other age group far ahead of us. And, after all, not knowing our exact life span, one can never really be accurate, right? This blogger ruminates on the term - what we thought it meant, what it means now and suggestions for new phrasing. --Heather...more
Middle age is a broadly used term to describe those of us in the middle. We aren't old yet, so ...more

My Take on Elizabeth Wurtzel and Lipstick Feminism

Elizabeth Wurtzel has a recent piece in The Atlantic that is causing a fuss among women. Briefly, it deals with the volatile subject of beauty and aging, but also makes some eyebrow-lifting statements about feminism. Lauren McKenna at the blog Apt. 11D has some smart observations about the debate.--Mona ...more
Hmmm... we find what works for us in various places. There is a discussion to be had on ...more

Once Baby Boomers, Now (Marginalized) Seniors

Editor's Note: On January 1, 2011, the Baby Boomer generation started turning 65 and their transition to Senior Citizenship began. From the perspective of at least one Boomer gal, it's not just the aging that's a drag, it's the condescending attitude of the young 'uns that's hard to take. --Heather:...more
@KarenLynnn  @StaceyLynn That's a pretty sweeping generalization. Maybe ask my 83 year old mom ...more

Budgeting After a Divorce

[Editor's Note: Even though I'm not divorced and never have been, I love Mandy's blog, Since My Divorce, because the advice there usually pertains to anyone, really. This guest post by Suzanne Cramer is part of a series on budgeting. The best part about this post: all the links to various budget calculators and the line item suggestions for what to include under expenses -- that is always the hardest part of budgeting for me. -Rita]...more