A New Day During Divorce

Well, I don’t wake up, see new things and have “shock and awe”.I have “well, that’s just GREAT”.And sometimes?  I chuckle.  And sometimes?  I still cry....more
Shell_4_Tops boys always first. Always. But Michelle needs some peace too friend. Peace.more

6 Tricks to Get Bloggers TV-Ready

I've no doubt that many of you reading this get nervous, as do I, before going on TV or radio.  So I want to share a few things I learned to help me get a grip on my nerves before I went on this show. I really do think they helped. ...more

For Christian Women Who Have Never Been Divorced

Let me start by saying that until 2009, I was one of you....more
JenniferSchmidt I found more support outside of it as well, and it made me far more hesitant in ...more

Why Do Women Stay in Empty Marriages?

Why Do Women Stay in Empty Marriages?I see it time and again in my office....more
Many wives have been so completely demeaned, degraded, and  manipulated by their spouse, that ...more

Spinning in the Dark

I feel like a caged bird that needs to fly. If I didn't have a third-grade daughter, I would be gone. I would travel. I would be living my own "Eat, Pray, Love." I need to rediscover myself, figure out what I truly want in this new life of mine. But I feel like I can't do it here. In my same home. My same city. I feel suffocated by sameness.Even if I did pull my daughter out of school, I can't fly away with her. She likes the comfort of our cage: her home, her school, her friends, her visits with her dad....more

Don't Tell Your Kids You're Consciously Uncoupling

One of my videos offering tips and 5 things to NOT do when telling your kids about your divorce.  Don't miss this if you're going to have that discussion with your children anytime soon.  Also, look for more bite sized tips in my video series on divorce topics.  Thanks for tuning in and sharing.  Leave a comment, join the conversation...what would you add to the 5 mistakes? ...more

Living Fearlessly

When I was a second grade teacher, I taught a unit on bravery. There I was in a room of seven year olds having deep conversations on what being brave meant. Every year every class came to the same conclusion; being brave did not mean that we did not get scared, it meant that even though we got scared, we still acted. It was the fact that we could act when were scared that made us brave.  Ahhh… The wisdom of seven year olds. ...more

I can do it....I CAN

Yep, I can.  I can do stuff.I can:...more