Falling in love outside your relationship

Does his cheating have to result in a divorce?I am in love with my husband and I am also in love with my boyfriend. Does this sentence seem like gibberish to you? Why? Take a moment to think about it, please....more

The dangers of single parenthood

My Mom is an amazing woman (thanks, Mom!). And she is a tough woman: Being a single mom to two children while holding down a full-time job is a rough gig. Because she worked 60+ hour weeks, I learned how to cook and clean, as well as how to look after myself and get myself where I needed to go. I'm probably a more independent person today because of her. ...more
"Experts advise that single moms learn to take time for themselves and not always put their ...more

99 Problems and the Ex is one. 99 crazy things you will probably do in divorce. Yes, even you.

99 Problems and the Ex is one. 99 crazy things you do in divorce.99 slightly insane things divorce is guaranteed to make you do.I'm sorry to tell you but even the sanest of the sane will relate to these crazy things you do in divorce....more

The Secret Message From a Stranger at the Philly Airport

I sat with a book to my nose waiting for my dog to arrive from California. My ex’s newly found bachelorhood could not accommodate the attention our Jack Russell required, and my new apartment did not allow pets. I was there to deliver her to her new forever human … the woman who would’ve been my mother-in-law.You were waiting for your wife and who I assume was your mother-in-law. We smiled at each other, and I couldn’t help but adore your two daughters playing at your feet....more

Work (awesome!) and upcoming legal stuff (not awesome!)

I was offline for a week due to a work trip, and I got to tour the great city of Austin, TX!  On a serious note, I learned so much at this conference, and my brain is percolating with ideas on how to help people and/or work with people in my state to help people.  It’s exciting that we have the support of our “big boss” in these endeavors. ...more

Divorce Poison. A book ever divorced parent with shared custody needs to read.

I had to share a book I’m reading right now and that every parent going through a divorce absolutely needs to read. The book is Divorce Poison: How to Protect Your Family from Bad-mouthing and Brainwashingby Dr. Richard A....more

Only in The Best Interest

 Only in the Best InterestThe child sees her mommy sadMommys rights taken awaybecause of her Dad...more

Shuffling our kids around

My parents separated and divorced when I was in junior high school. Although I am not sure of the exact terms of the custody arrangement, I can say that my brother and I lived with our Mom and visited our Dad for a few weeks during the summer. I am pretty sure this was because we lived in South Carolina and my Dad lived in Indiana. ...more

Escape Is Not An Option - Or How I'll Never Write The Memoir That Gets The Movie

Oh Cheryl Strayed. Oh, Elizabeth Gilbert. I want to be you. ...more