Lights Camera Action - What Stepparenting Role Will You Create?

image credit: down being a parent is bloody hard work. Being a step-parent can be even harder!...more
stepparenting Your stepchild is not your own, but you have to love that child as if he (she) were.more

To avoid divorce, stay away from "professional listeners"

Let's take a mental break today....more

The Most Important Step in Finding Love

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” Loretta YoungWhen we don’t have the love we want in our lives, many times our efforts will go toward finding the person that we can love and that will return that love....more

4 Ways You Can Get Back Into the Dating Game

 I’ve had several conversations about break ups recently: Why they happen, the words people use when they end things, the surprise from some when it happens, the relief that it brings to a few, and the sadness that goes along with it. Just because I write a blog and some of my posts are about relationships, I’m no expert. I’m far from it. I just write what I know based on my experience and what I hear and learn from those I know. I’m out there navigating this strange and fascinating world of dating myself and still learning each and every day. You would think by now that I got this. I don’t. ...more

The Search for a New Attorney

My original divorce attorney saved me and my girls.  I know this is not always the case.  Was our verdict perfect?  No.  Did it provide us with as much protection as we could hope for?  Yes....more

The Wicked Stepmother Story Sets a Child Up for Failure

Disney and other fairytales make the idea of blended families a scary concept. The message is clear: The scariest concept for a young girl is the absence of her real mother; she will forever be alone in a cold world, isolated and unprotected. ...more
I'm a stepmother. My daughter also has a stepmother at her other home. I've often thought that ...more

SOULMATE .... how do you know?

How do you know, if the person you found as your boyfriend, lover, husband is really, "the one", your soulmate? ...more

Are you a co-parenting hypocrite?

Image credit: hypocrisy has existed as long as there have been parents....more

The New Year is Under Way

I’ve finished my first week on the job, which was spent in school. 120 handwritten pages, and three pens, and this back that doesn’t like to sit all day has survived, and survived it well. I wasn’t crazy about school, but I liked the information (most) I was learning! I could have done without Ocean and Inland Marine insurance, but it’s part of the license exam, so it’s part of the class. Bradley wondered why he has to learn about some of the algebraic lessons he’s learning in school right now, and I get to relate to him on a whole new level....more

Five Reasons Not to Stay Together For the Sake of the Kids

It happens all the time. He's unfaithful. She needs to decide whether to leave him or stay for the sake of the kids. Marriage is not easy. But, as someone who lived through this as a kid, let me tell you this: staying for the sake of the kids is the WORST thing you can do for the kids. Here are five reasons why: ...more
I struggle with this. I separated from my wife for a year because we were both so unhappy and ...more