Could You Hurry Up And Get Your Crap Out Of Here?

Hey, since you've decided you no longer want to be married, and you're destined for better things, would you mind getting your s**t out of the house?I've been tripping on this stuff for over two decades and I'm ready to be done. Don't you have somewhere else to store all this junk?...more

Marriage Contracts: Should We Have Marital Term Limits?

Last year marked my thirteen-year wedding anniversary. I love the legal protections of marriage -- no one argues that my husband can't visit me in the hospital or shouldn't be able to pick something up for me or inherit my money. ...more
I have been married for the second time,(First marriage 11 yrs.)  for 35 yrs.. Marriage is a JOB ...more

Keeping an Eye Out on Ladybug

So little sister Ladybug is this energizer bunny, loving, hilarious, jumping bean; she is either in a state of motion or fast asleep.  There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground with her, ever since the day she was born—I remember her little body in my arms, and she was trying to hold her tiny head up in the hospital (I think so she could hear her big sister).  She’s embraced life to the fullest and with gusto that I wish I could bottle, especially when at a late afternoon meeting and I have to force my head to stay on top of my neck, rather than sag into an impromptu slumber, lo...more

I think I need to punch someone in the face

You guys…Can I just put it all out there for a minute?Because…I just…Can’t even.I’ve been noticing myself becoming increasingly bitter and cynical over the past couple of weeks. Not for any particular reason, but there’s this hidden reservoir of anger that bubbles up every now and then, and I suddenly feel like going all-out homicidal on some people.Particularly the ass hat.The same ass hat who’s been totally non-existent in my thoughts for the past few months. But all of a sudden I’m all, “I HATE THE ASS HAT!”...more

5 Helpful Tips For Your Kids' First Weekend With Dad

Those first few days and weeks of your divorce are a most confusing and agonizing time. You are troubled by the process, the emotions, the finances, and of course, how to carry on with the rest of your life. However, probably the most dreaded of milestones in the life of a divorce is the first weekend that your children spend away from you with your soon-to-be ex. ...more

I'm not sorry

It's been over a year since I separated from my soon to be ex-husband, and some people are only now finding out that the divorce is happening.It tends to happen the same.  "How's.....?""I don't know.""You don't know?""No, we are getting divorced.""Oh, I'm so sorry.""I'm not!" ...more
What a refreshing piece Stephanie... I , also 2 years )after divorce meet up with old ...more

Unwrapping Myself

As I sit here on Christmas Day, I get into a reflective mode. I read through hundreds of FaceBook Post's about 2014 being a trying year and trying times. I am so happy that I was not alone this year! Chloe is putting her new gifts away and Bella is circling around the bottom of my chair like a shark waiting for me to drop a leg....more

The Negative Emotions You Resist will Only Persist

“Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they’re big, flashing signs that something needs to change.”  Gretchen Rubin Last Saturday, my client Leslie found herself feeling incredibly sad about a past relationship with a man she loved very much. Historically when she would feel that way, she would judge those emotions of sadness and push them aside:...more

As My Marriage Fell Apart, So Did My House

It was the strangest thing - as my marriage deteriorated, things around the house began to break in rapid succession. It was as if the negative energy swirling through the space affected the inanimate objects as well as the animate.First it was the dishwasher. I opened it one morning and miscellaneous parts fell out at my feet. Then it was my car. For about a day it flashed an inexplainable warning light at me, and refused to switch into overdrive. The hinges in the kitchen cabinets began to snap, leaving the doors unable to close....more

I Think of First Marriages As 'Rough Drafts'

I can never help crying when a bride is coming down the aisle. Mostly, I cry because I'm shallow—nothing makes me happier than seeing the results of a woman spending anywhere from months to years on the way she's gonna look for one fleeting afternoon. ...more
I think that list was meant to be humorous, but it just comes across as bitter and sad. What she ...more