Divorced or Single?

A friend of mine posted on her FB: it’s been 8 years since my divorce, so at the doctor’s office, I checked “single” rather than “divorced.”  I feel single, not divorced.  Does it matter?The reply comments ran along the lines of—well, it’s probably to keep medical records straight, especially if you used different names, so check divorced. ...more

Divorce and The Other Break-Up.

After you've weathered the many phases of going through a divorce; the emotional rollercoaster, the lawyers, the paperwork, explaining everything to the kids (or perhaps they knew it was coming), prepping the family members, there is another group of folks that are standing back watching it unfold too.  These are friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. You know the old saying, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Well it's the truth, people feel what they feel....more

My New Normal

I’m still here…I think this is the longest break I’ve had from blogging.Wasn’t intentional.  Nor lazy.  Nor anything.Just didn’t write.I didn’t forget — I jotted down a half a dozen things to write about…then?blankstaring at the blinking cursorblankNot sure why.  Tried to figure it out.  Then?I let it go……me?Yep, I let it go.  Not my normal……...more

Speak Kindly of Me

Beautiful. thank you for sharing your goodbye.more

Kids above all else

So it has been awhile since I have blogged but I am going to try to get better about this.  My last blog expressed that my son said that he wanted his mommy and daddy to move back in together because mommy didn't have a family.  Well last night that conversation resurfaced but from a different standpoint....more

I will get there one day, or the Black Hole,

Or, “How to Cope when your Kids are on an Extended Visitation.”  I know what I’m supposed to do—be open minded and happy and supportive.  Knowing time with the other parent is important for the children and good for them (when he is behaving well).  (I wonder when the caveat, the fear will end?) ...more

Dog Years

What's so Messy?

Coren Larsen...more

The Day My Mom Left Me

The last time I saw my Mom was about twenty five years ago.It is a day I remember so well. ...more