Constant vigilance, or how holding the line can make you cry.

I’m sitting here shaking a little bit inside.  It’s a familiar feeling, one that comes after I’ve stood up for myself and the girls, and even though I’ve done it with the recommendation of my attorney and support of my therapist, and attorney friends (see how badly I need validation?), I am still shaking, tears welling up. ...more


I was thinking about this divorce driving to work.I’m entangled.Only way to describe it.Entangled.Finances House Vehicles Insurance Kids on and on and onA large knot of entanglement.  All balled up.  In a mess.  A complete and utter mess....more
KathieyKathiey  It is hard...and he is lying like a dog on all the documents for court.  I lost ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: She is verbally abusive to me

Dear Dr. Romance:I am a retired police officer who found his wife sneaking around with another man 3 years ago. We have 3 kids. I cook and clean and up all night doing laundry 3 to 4 nights a week. I work two jobs to support my kids and family. I love my wife and forgave her with what happened 3 years ago, but she never forgave me for tracking her down to that guys house that very dark day when she was supposed to be working....more

The "D" word and Relationships

These days, it's not uncommon to hear that someone is going through a divorce. In 2010, The median length for a marriage in the US is 11 years with 90% of all divorces being settled out of court. A 2011 study at the University of Iowa found that loss of virginity before age 18 was correlated with a greater number of occurrences of divorce within the first 10 years of marriage....more
Thanks for your post.  I could relate. Kathiey http://survivingthepainofdivorce.blogspot.commore

Four days together maybe the start of forever?

We had four wonderful days alone together.  My ex husband and I met at a beautiful lake in Arkansas and just were there.  We left our families, our jobs, our separate homes, our old hard feelings at home and just had an amazing weekend.  There were revelations both observed and spoken.  I saw the changes in his capabilities.  He is easily winded much quicker than before with less exertion.  However, I saw how ingenious he is about finding a way to make it work.  He used pulleys to move things he no longer could on his own.  He asked me to get things f...more

Dinner Party!: Or, how I’m really an introvert disguised as an extrovert and bumble it up fantastically.

So last night I went to a big ole dinner party and had lots of fun, reconnected with some acquaintances that I’ve known on and off for many years (holy crap I’m getting old), where I made some awesome social blunders that I fully embrace with embarrassment....more

My Book Comes Alive: Movie Preview Released Today

I found myself today at yet another surreal moment in my book/movie journey:  Lifetime released the preview for my movie.  The actual movie premiere is taking place this coming Saturday, May 31st. Some friends who have already seen this preview have asked me, "What do you think?  How do you feel?  What's this like for you?"I really can't answer right now.  I'm still digesting... I invite you to imagine the many emotions I had as I watched this.     ...more
Delaine Moore That is interesting and I agree with you that it doesn't make sense to show all of ...more

Being a Christian

I have been in church for some years now. Each time I visit a different church I wonder if the things people do are for show or really praising God? I notice that people do love God but there is no action to it. We can say we love Him all day long but until we show Him, it doesn't mean anything to Him. Something to think about....more

Keeping Your Love Life Strong When you have Teenagers

There are probably thousands of articles on how to keep your love life spicy when you have infants and just as many when you have young children and yet there seems very little in the way of us parents who are single and have teenagers.For those who don’t have teenagers or no kids at all I can’t help but be amused by some of the things I hear.“ You’re so lucky you can leave your kids home and go out and enjoy yourself. “...more

Dr. Romance on The Perks of Dating a Divorced Person

Dr. Romance asks:  Should you date someone who is divorced?  Does it mean the person can't commit or trashes relaitonships?It's possible that those things are true, but let's look on the positive side.  What are the perks of people who have already been through the mill?1. Divorced people are no longer living in fantasy land. A person who’s divorced may have made some istakes, but he or she’s usually got a more realistic picture of what it will take to have a successful relationship....more
In my experience of dating divorced men, your #'s 1,2 & 3 don't apply.  They are now dating via ...more