The Pain of the Divorce Catches Me Off Guard

Though I started filing late October 2011, due to the slowness in the system here and other unpleasant hiccups, my divorce was not final until July of this year, nearly two years later. Not a day goes by where I waiver in whether this was the best decision for the children and me. However, the process of the divorce and the divorce itself have not left me unscathed. Through it, I have lost much innocence and naivete, giving me a taste of how cruel and bitter the world can be. At times, I have been left wondering whether there was ever any genuine love present in that relationship. ...more

3 Tips Single Parents Need To Know

How To Be a Happier -- and More Successful -- Single ParentAre you a single parent struggling with how to make it all work? Dr. Romance offers three tips to happier single parenting....more

How To Be A Good Ex-Wife: 10 Easy Steps

This post could also be called, Everything I learned about What Not To Do, I Learned From Your Ex. ...more
PatienceSharp It was meant to be entertaining. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it.more

Lost Post

I have been sitting here, at the end of the day, determined to write a post for the day and continue my streak of posting every day. As I stare at the blank page before me, I feel as though I have nothing to say. I feel like there is nothing relevant for me to write. I have read the prompts. I have scoured Artful Blogger for ideas. I have flipped through old notebooks and journals looking for something to say. ...more
marisab  Thank you for your reply. This morning, I woke up feeling a little better. I am still ...more

Channelling my inner Buzz Lightyear

Yesterday was, as I've posted for the past few days, my daughter's thirteenth birthday. It was a big deal for me, not just because she's my daughter, but because I had her on the actual day. Being the non-custodial parent, unless I have my kids when a special occasion happens to fall on the weekend they’re with me, my getting to celebrate something with them either happens just before or just after the day itself....more

I Make No Apologies: I Do NOT Like Lies!

#NaBloPoMo I make no apologies.  I do not like liars and I do not appreciate the lies they tell; anything to do with lying makes my blood boil.  ...more