summer vacation--the blues before the sunrise, i hope

Today, I am simply worn down by all the crappity crap.  I don’t know why I wake up each morning, thinking it will be different.  Isn’t that one of those common sayings, that insanity is attempting to do the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different outcome?  I feel like I’m in the hamster wheel of nitpicky and the spokes are made of blaming innuendos and accusatory comments....more

Tonight I Am Angry

I received the divorce papers in the mail and I can't help but feel angry. Who is he to walk out on this marriage and leave me a single mother with four children?  But the thing that makes me the maddest is that he left me with the responsibility of two car notes and all the bills with a part time job!!! What right does he have to leave me with the burden of paying for two cars while he went out and got another car?  Why didn't he just take over the note on his truck that is sitting in my driveway?! ...more
I know how you feel.  I too am leaning on God for comfort peace and direction.  Hang in ...more

After Everything That's Going On...Now This

I think I've been holding it together really well considering my husband just walked out on me and my four kids, leaving me with two car notes and all the other bills. So after a long day of work, I picked my youngest son up and went home only to be greeted by my soon to be ex shortly after. ...more

My Spiritual Journey Into Single Motherhood and Frugal Living

My life has undergone some drastic changes in the past week. I’m in a place I never imagined I would be…a single mom with four children.  How did this happen? Why is this happening to me and my children? Is there anything I could have done to prevent this from happening?I don’t know all the answers, but I do know that God has a plan for my life. Although I may not understand why this happened, He does....more

Love and Marriage

Today's my parents 42nd anniversary.  It makes me wonder what marriage really is.  They had an arranged marriage and somehow stayed together for more than forty years.  I know people who dated for  almost a decade and then got a divorce. So what does marriage mean?...more
As a married woman, I happen to agree with a number of your assertions.  As a young woman I ...more

When Worst Nightmares Come True

My husband had an affair. There. I said it. I don't talk about it much, nor do I dwell on it anymore because, well, it is old news. There was a time however that this “news” was in the forefront of my mind and affected nearly every breath that I took....more


Dealing with a break-up, separation or divorce is often difficult. Here are a few things that can help you cope with the break-up, separation or divorce....more

Save The Flakes For Tony The Tiger

Nothing bothers me more than a flakey person — whether I’m dating him/her or not. I am the queen of making plans and then being super lazy and not wanting to follow through with them. But I always do — because it’s just rude to have someone keep their schedule open for you and then leave them hanging because you decided you don’t feel like getting dressed and going out....more
Been there. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. It seems like flakiness is an epidemic these days.more

Update on the (boundary) drama, I seem to say that a lot, hmm…

We had an eye-opening session with the girls’ play therapist, and the things she was discussing helped me feel better about our situation.  No, I’m not going crazy for seeing and reporting Exie’s emotional pressure on the children.  Yes, I am doing the right thing for validating the girls (esp DD1’s) feelings about things—i.e. I’m sorry daddy feels that way vs. a flat out, he’s completely wrong.  And then softly influencing her to form her own opinions—i.e....more

Are You Dating a Man or a Mannequin?

Ah, the dating world. How often do we get attached to someone, break up with him/her, go through withdrawal, sometimes even depression, when all along we never really even knew them at all?It’s like we find what may as well be a mannequin, and fill our heads with what we believe that person should like. Let me know if this sounds familiar…Sees a photo of guy with his mother: Thought: He loves his family so much. When we get married, holidays will be so wonderful....more
All too true and I've been there.  Great advice for everyone. This current relationship I'm in ...more