My Childfree Story

5 Reasons Why I Would Totally Date The Hell Out Of Me

 I am datable. I mean, I am really, really datable. At least, in my mind I am. I haven't actually tried to apply this principle, you understand. It's more like a theory right now....more

Episode 50: Rebel Yell........

When I was in my mid 30′s, I had just got out of a very unhealthy 10 year marriage. My ex was pretty controlling as a husband, and being young, inexperienced (and scared) I became very subservient to him; so when I finally plucked up the courage to divorce him rebellion was on my mind!...more

I Wish

Not much of a wisher.  Or a dreamer.Much more of a realist.  The “no-shitter” sort, you know?  Straight forward.Wishes?  Crap.But lately?  I ‘might’ have a glimmer of a wish.  A tiny sparkle of a wish.  A little sliver, really.My wish?...more

Embracing New Traditions After Divorce: Celebrating Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

 It was 2010, and Thanksgiving was fast approaching....more

I cried on my wedding day. And not why you think.

In the middle of a divorce.  Nasty.  Ugly.  Foul.  Divorce.I've been reflecting I guess.  Trying to figure it out.  Trying to review these 16 years of marriage.   Carving out a new life.And I remembered:  I cried on my wedding day.I bawled.  Seriously.  BAWLED.  I don't think he even knows why.  Hell, I'm not even sure he remembers, now that I think about it.I cried.  Hard.  Not because I was happy.  Not because I was sad.  Not because I was nervous....more

divorce diaries

I am in the process of going through a divorce, and am currently estranged from soon to be ex's family. One sister has not spoken to me since I dropped the bomb about 10 weeks ago. Because..... ? what I think I understand is, you're hurt? still? as if I did something to you? there's a whole thing going on with ex and his sister where he's telling the story from his point of view, that I 've "done" something wrong, to all of them. so their status right now is "hurt". excuse me? what about me?...more
I'm in the middle of a nasty divorce -- same thing.  "I'm so disappointed" or "I can't believe ...more

Ap(p)t : Partner stalking??

How would you feel, if some one decided to give you all of their attention? If every time you walked down a road, you felt a pair of eyes following your back? How would you feel if someone was constantly watching your every move, observing every breath of yours? Those prying, insistent eyes gazing fixedly, drinking in what you wear, what you eat and what you speak? Those eerie eyes which stare at you from the shadows following wherever you go, whom you meet where you sleep....more