The Years I Lost, Then Found

None of us know the exact number of days we're granted when we're born. Most of us hope for a nice, long productive life. Unfortunately, time can be far too short. This fact was driven home for me on July 21, 2009. I've told the story time and time again, so I won't do it again (right now), but that day became pivotal in the way I viewed hindsight, foresight and my purpose....more

Why Bother to Get Married?

samanthamarieB Thanks for this wonderful comment! Haha - I love your husband's response. These ...more

Single Mom's Christmas

It’s right around the corner—the C word.  When I think of it, the Jaws soundtrack plays in my head.  The dread. The fear.  The money spent....more


I'm not quite ready to show you a decorated house, because a decorated house isn't quite done. However, take a look at my garage!...more

I've cried at the bar.

Like REALLY cried at the bar. Sometimes I get a little sad. Surprisingly, less often than I expected. I guess that tells me that separating from Sev was really the right choice for our lives. I remember when my ex-husband and I split up, I was SAD. Really, really sad. ...more

A Different Christmas

Image credit: carols are playing, the decorations are up and strings of lights are strung over houses with care. It all seems rather normal, but for repartnered families having a first (or tenth!) Christmas together, it can feel pretty surreal....more
Lisa Thomson  Thanks for sharing.  Sounds like you and the kids will have a fantastic Christmas ...more

New Season, New Home

This weekend was a Christmas weekend in every sense.  Bridgette and I got to go downtown and watch the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  Unfortunately, Bradley wasn't with us (he was with his dad), but we had fun singing Christmas carols, loudly, with our friends we met down there, we drank a Starbucks Red Cup holiday drink, we unexpectedly got to say hello to a good friend who happened to be downtown as well, and we did a little shopping, too....more
I knew that was Portland before I even saw the caption :)  Its so hard to reconcile a the post ...more

My Marriage Lasted 8 Months and I Have No Regrets

Some people think divorce is taking the easy way out. Sometimes, I think it takes courage.We met when I was 19.  I had a decent office job, no plans to go back to college, and a confused future.  He was 24 and hadn’t been confused about his future since he was 10; he knew what he wanted and always had a plan to get there.  His friends were similar in the way of ambition, goal setting, and sticking to those things – none of which I really ever had.  ...more
One of the scariest things about leaving a relationship is living on your own - especially when ...more

Surviving Christmas

All the marketing that we are bombarded with in the lead up to the festive season, means we tend to associate Christmas with summer holidays, friends and, most importantly, family....more

Blending Sucks

  Image Credit:
SarahSideways I sometimes fall into that space of underestimating the importance of spending ...more