Late Night Girl Time Makes Divorce Bearable

Editor's Note: Almost every woman has that one friend she can call, no matter what she is going through, who will be there to give her exactly the kind of love and support she needs. I've been there, especially after my own divorce. This piece shows us that sometimes, all we need is to call a friend in the late hour to come over, have fun, and take our minds off of the hard times. -Feminista Jones Image: Racorn via Shutterstock ...more
excellent post. We need our girlfriends at the best of times, but during divorce? YES...cheersmore

When Divorce Breathes Life Into Your Marriage

Editor's Note: When you and your partner feel pressured into marriage, the chances of everything working out the way it is "supposed" to are slim. If the love is there, though, you can definitely make it work. It might just mean taking a non-traditional approach to strengthening your relationship. Read this honest piece about how divorcing breathed new life into one couple's marriage. ...more

The Beauty of Knowing and Loving Yourself

Editor's Note: Before we can love others, we must learn to love ourselves. We must know that we are worth every ounce of love someone wants to share with us. This piece reflects on one simple, yet powerful mantra, "Know Yourself Beautiful" by famed author, Suzanne Finnamore, and how enbodying the meaning behind it changed one woman's life. Image: La Melodie via Flickr ...more
It took me a long time to learn to shake off my childhood bagage and love the person i have ...more

Three's Company: Co-Parenting After Divorce

Editor's Note: As a divorced mom and co-parent of a son, this post resonated with me in its honesty about the effort it takes to make co-parenting work. The family my ex-husband and I have created with our son, his first daughter and her mother, and his current wife and her children from previous relationships is unique, but it works. When you act in the best interest of the children, you focus on love above all else.- Feminista Jones ...more

The Conflict Between Church and Divorce

One of the greatest obstacles to divorce that faces some people is the often perceived and real conflicts between divorce and their faith community. Some people are unable to resolve the conflict and choose to stay in both their marriage and their faith community. Others choose to end their marriage and while their faith guides them through divorce, they find another faith community that is more accepting. Others, like my present guest, RMJ stay in their faith community but may ...more
@SinceMyDivorce Thanks for your reply. I'll look into Fit4love or something like that. TY +PEACE :-)more

"Mom, Why Aren't Grandma and Grandpa Married?"

I'd love if all parents who have to deal with divorce and/or remarriage in multiple sets of grandparents would chime in on a post that Goddess in Progress. In short, her son wants to know why Grandma and Grandpa aren't married anymore. I don't have advice because I'm trying to figure out how to explain these big concepts to our sons. How do you explain grandparents' divorce(s) to your kids? ...more
My response was "Because they were figured out they were both happier when they didn't live in ...more

Divorce, Control & Mommy's Night Off

Granting control of our child to another person while we have a "night off" can be pretty hard. I struggled with the "but what if he won't go to sleep for someone else" the first time I left our oldest for a date night. Mandy at OMG I'm a Mom! shares about her recent night "off" and how letting go of control to her daughter's dad was difficult. ...more
@BlogHer it's really hard to let go... my toddler hasn't stayed overnight with my exH yet & I ...more

10 Worst States To Get A Divorce

The U.S. is a country of many different views, and when it comes to divorce, even the law is fragmented from one state to the next. In this post, Lee Block of The Post-Divorce Chronicles details the ten worst states to divorce in this country. ...more

Divorce Diaries: Hiring a Private Eye

Most people consider hiring private investigators to discover an infidelity prior to deciding to divorce, but in this piece, Mandy at SinceMyDivorce argues why private detectives are also essential during, and what you need to look for when you're hiring one. ...more
Oh, I wish I would have thought of this before I separated and divorced.  Good advice for women ...more

The Divorce Is Over. Are You Overcompensating With Your Kids?

[Editor's Note: Suzanne's post about buying your kids stuff out of guilt following a divorce stands up for those of us who are still in a relationship, too -- we overcompensate with gifts and dinners out for all sorts of reasons. And we really should stop. Here's why. -Rita]...more