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Why the FDA Needs to Approve "Female Viagra"

It’s been 17 years since Viagra – the “little blue pill” to boost men’s sexual function – was approved by the FDA. Since 1998, men have had the privilege of using Viagra to improve their sex lives. And in the years following, over two dozen other similar treatments have been made available to men with sexual dysfunction. ...more

Why Couples Fall out of Love

In my counseling office, I frequently deal with people who’ve heard the dread phrase, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.” How can it happen that a couple who were once thrilled with each other can fall out of love? It seems like a mystery, but it’s not. And, it’s frequently fixable. Couples fall out of love for three main reasons: • They don’t understand the difference between infatuation and love, • They aren’t don’t understand how to grow their love for each other, and/or...more

Dr. Romance on 10 signs a guy is cheating on you

Dr. Romance writes:...more

Where are you Sister?

I’ve mentioned in a past post that I have an older sister I’ve never met. I have no idea if she knows about me.  She was the product of my father and his high school girlfriend not practicing safe sex. I only know her first name and have only seen one picture of her when she was a teenager.WHAT I KNOW:Her Name: Natasha (I have no idea what her last name is)Year Born: I’m going to say it was either 1972 or 1973College Attended: BYULives In: Utah (Hopefully)...more

The First Time

It was a normal Friday evening, and I was not looking for anything crazy.Little did I know it was not about to be a normal night, and I would finish the night with fantastic desires pulsing through my veins....more

The best part of vacationing without the kids

You know what the best part of going on a mini-vacation with your spouse is? And by mini, I’m talkin’ a few days away from the home front … without the offspring....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I was always wrong

Dear Dr. Romance:...more


So many couples are now separated part- or full-time because of military deployment and/or work travel and schedules, I get a lot of questions about faithfulness. Your marriage vows may have said, “'til death do us part” but no one said anything about what happens when a military career or traveling job makes it necessary for you to part, and you want to maintain the closeness in your relationship....more