Big Sigh! 31st July is National Orgasm Day!

According to the World Health Organisation, more than 100 million acts of sexual intercourse take place every day. That's a huge amount of pleasure and activity! Given this figure doesn't include masturbation or hand jobs and oral sex which don't involve intercourse, the true figure might be more than double and then some... If only we could harness all that energy!But how many of those acts will end with the Big O?...more

My Love/Hate Relationship With '50 Shades of Grey'

I'm about to admit something that I'm not entirely sure is smart to admit: I like erotica....more

National Orgasm Day: Come One, Come All!

It's time to celebrate!!July 31 is National Orgasm Day!!Maybe.For several years now, there has been a bit of mostly online-based lore about celebrating orgasms on July 31. There was a website about it at some point, I'm sure, and we know that is all it takes these days to make a holiday real, right? The success of "Steak And Blowjob Day" is credited to the perpetuation of lore via online memes and yes, an official website. Let's just roll with it. ...more
VreesAfrikaans So sad for me, had my birthday sex this year will have to wait for next year :(more

Not Tonight, Dear, I Have a Headache. 15 Reasons Why

Not Tonight, Dear, I Have a Headache. 15 Reasons Why...more

5 Ways to Have a Healthy Sex Life After Kids!

Lets talk about sex.Regaining and maintaining your sex life after having kids can be trying at times, but is extremely important for you and your partner. We, as humans, require intimacy on so many levels, and physical intimacy is right there at the top. I know, after the hectic days we face as modern women, its very easy to let sex fall to the wayside. BUT I am happy to offer you 5 surefire ways to find the spark and reclaim your carnal right.Before we talk about how, lets discuss why....more
In my estimation, after reading this, the best sex would be true-blue-friends-with-benefits sex. ...more

Are Americans really more Sexually old fashioned than we think?

I have been pondering this idea for a while now and possibly a few years actually. In the United States we pride ourselves on being more advanced than the rest of the world. The show Downton Abbey actually provides of with this very fact which is rather ironic considering the show is about a family in England and only shot in England....more

Dealing With Different Sex Drives: I want it, He/She doesn’t—NOW what?

Millions of couples suffer from what we reproductive scientists call sexual discrepancy. It can manifest in different levels of need or desire for sexual activity between two partners, and in different levels of sexual satisfaction for the two parties (within the sex they do have)....more

5 Ways To Give and Receive More Oral Sex

About 60% of married Americans give and receive oral sex, but many want to receive more oral sex than they are getting. Why aren’t people bagging the oral sex they want? Usually, this comes down to one of three things:a gross factor,an uncertainty factor, orselfishness....more
My husband and I are very into oral. He said cunnilingus is one of his favorite things in the ...more

Are YOU Struggling with Sexuality?

The more I look around, the greater the evidence that America is struggling with sexuality. In the media, sexuality is exploited to grab your attention and manipulated to sell you something (beauty trends, diet fads, etc.). Photoshop is a tool of the trade to hide blemishes, scars, stretch marks,  and to elongate parts of models' bodies to make them even more sexually 'appealing'....more