Depression and Menopause – An Important Link and a Sex-Killer

Most of us understand that the chemical serotonin in our brains helps protect us from mood disorders, but it does much more than that.Nearly all of our approximately 40 million brain cells are influenced by serotonin in some manner. Serotonin impacts mood, sexual function, appetite, sleep, memory, temperature regulation, and social behavior.Hmmm… all the things that menopause messes with!...more

Angelina is Fighting Sexual Violence

By Paula Kweskin Armed conflict continues to fill the news, and with it, stories of a grim humanitarian crisis, both among refugees and local civilian populations. Though warfare affects everyone it touches, it has the potential to unleash particularly catastrophic effects on women.  Vulnerable to sexual aggression – whether from combatants or unsavory elements in an unstable society – women are at special risk....more

The Perfect Safe Sex Care Package for College Students

In 2012, 30.4 percent of Americans over 25 had at least a bachelor's degree and 10.9 percent had a graduate degree. That's a big chunk of the country, but you wouldn't know so many of us have been to university given the sort of suggestions floating around the internet about what to put into a care package for our recent high school grads who are heading off to get their degrees. My version of a good care package is one that equips a young adult to make the right decision as often as possible....more
Wow! I had no idea all that stuff was out there. Where have I been? Oh, yeah, married for the ...more

What Do We Really Mean by “Menopause?”

As a Reproductive Physiologist I had always known menopause was coming sometime in my 40s or 50s, but I remained unsure what to do about it—specifically, whether I would need a hysterectomy at some point, and whether or not to go on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) at some point.Starting in 2002, data from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) turned many of the approximately 45 million baby boomer women in the generation ahead of me off of HRT (with up to an 80% reduction in HRT use over the following 5 years)....more

I Saw A Sex Doll at the Zoo. Twice

I witnessed Lars and the Real Girl come to life. Again: This is an update to my Sex Doll at the Zoo post because... I saw the man again! Him and his latex lady love were well, enjoying a stroll near the rhinos at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago [suburbs]. ...more

A Beginners Guide to Awesome Anal Sex

Anal sex can be incredibly hot but it is often misunderstood (no, enjoying anal sex doesn’t make someone gay, it merely means they like anal sex… and with all the nerve endings located in the anus, that’s not such a surprise!) and can be intimidating. But it’s not for everyone. If you have no desire to try anal sex, then don’t. Just like with any other sexual activity, you should never be pressured into doing something that you aren’t comfortable with....more
I fully agree with you - women scientists deserve more credit and I'd love to read an article ...more

Buying Your First Vibrator: A Beginner's Guide

From Hitachi Wands to Jack Rabbits, the world has provided us with a wide array of toys to choose from. But where does one start? This is a beginner's guide to vibrators covering the different types, speeds, sizes, and price ranges among them. ...more
Great article, I second the importance of getting a bullet vibrator with various speeds. When ...more

“How to” Ideas for Intentional Parenting of Teens Around Sex

Supervision impacts teen sexuality more than any other input. It is tough to raise a family and to be home for kids, but teens need MORE attention, not less, than other ages.They need mentors and parents to help them find jobs or to assist with college applications. If you or someone you trust is at home, your kids will find it stifling to their sex drive and that is just fine! Make it awkward and hard for them to find a place to get busy....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I realize that jealousy may be the main culprit

Dear Dr. RomanceYour web-site impressed me and prompted this note, and I'd appreciate your thoughts.I am a reasonably well-educated individual which includes a couple of degrees in psychology and have been quite successful in my career. My wife who is also well-educated and our marriage has spanned three decades plus and we have not experienced serious problems in the past....more

Taste in Men: 30:30 Somethings

When we discuss the beauty of relationships, we typically describe them in terms of good or bad. But as a woman who’s dated many men and married none, how about considering them in the range of taste buds? That's what I ponder in this Taste in Men post....more