For His 50th Birthday Your Husband Asked You for a Threesome

There really is no room in a marriage for sexuality is there :( i guess once actions take place ...more

What If We Looked at Female Orgasm Differently?

I’m what I like to call an Orgasm Equality Activist. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. I sort of made it up. I mean, I made up the term Orgasm Equality Movement, but I didn’t make up the idea that females deserve as much accurate, realistic information about pursuing orgasm as males have. Others have made that argument before I ever came along. I’m just picking up their torches and trying to make a big ol’ bonfire....more
KathyBoutin  Ha, it is always about men, isn't it?more

There's no place like home

Did you check out that adult toy website or did you stop by and take a good look around? Find what you need? Saw what you like?  Get what you didn’t expect? Good!I was driven home in a limo filled with flowers. It is a good thing I don’t have any hang ups about flowers, but am I being a bit cattie when I want to say … “Enough Already with the Flowers!”I don’t know how he found me, but I’m glad he did.  Who knew what I had to do or even explain when it came down to that situation at the hotel....more

Finding Peace-letter to an ex

I was weak. When I dressed up nice, put my lipstick on and put on that bracelet you bought me, I waited for your comments. I waited for that reassurance, that longing look that lasted a few minutes longer than it should, that compliment to ease my worries. What I got was a glance, a flippant comment such as “Fix your hair.” You eroded my self esteem.When you spoke badly of my family. I appeased you, I tried to reason with you even though you were being a selfish snob. When you made me cry, you got angry because of my weakness. I felt bad....more

Is "Sexy" a Four-letter Word?

I don’t let my kids watch a lot of TV.  It’s not just because the AAP says not to or because other mommies might judge me, it’s because I want them engaged in more meaningful things and more importantly, I need it to “work.”  I call it my “Mommy Magic” because I can put on a Disney movie and my girls will sit and watch the whole thing without moving or making a peep (I can only imagine what effect Frozen would have!) so I...more

Doctor's appointment

Dear Dr. Romance: It would be embarrassing if they found out it was a wig

Dear Dr. Romance:This question is a little hard for me because it is very personal. My husband and I were married for 24 years before he passed away. During our time together, I developed a severe case of alopecia which has left me with very little hair. This did not bother my husband and he grew used to me wearing different wigs. Now that I am ready to date again, how do I handle this situation?...more

Going, going, GONE

I had to hide. Not that I was frighten of her but this girl was use to being hit. I dropped down to the floor and crawled under the small table behind the couch.He hurried to her side and the two started their uncontrollable kissing, smacking and then they had sex on the floor in front of the couch.That sound? That sound! If you could hear what I heard you would have to be in therapy, for years. I could tell they were going to go for it when they bounced on the couch....more

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. There is an exciting program for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Starting April 15, a program for the prevention of child sexual abuse will be launched. It is a group of organizations in Nashville, TN called the Nashville Child Protection Coalition out of Thistle Farms (info@thistlefarms .org). They encourage the Stewards of Children Training, where you can have trainers come to a group and do the two hour training to enable adults to detect, intervene and respond to children before and after they are sexually abused. It is one concrete thing anyone can do to make a difference about child seual abuse. Check it out....more