Are You and Your Husband Having a Threesome with God?

I’m sending this one out to all my Christian sisters. I can hear you already:"That Chloe!""She’s leading all the nice Christian women astray! Again."No, I’m not.I’m here to help a sister (and my brothers in Christ) out.I could just as easily have titled this post, “Why I politely asked God if He could pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top just turn his back like a gentleman should so my husband and I could finally get it on in peace”, but that's a little long for Twitter....more

The Perfect Sexy Gift for Him!

A couple of years ago I had a bad accident, I was carrying a cooler down the cement stairs when my flip flop broke. I went down and my back was never the same. I lost my job, had surgeries and wound up with way too much time on my hand....more


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Some intimate tricks to make sex better.

Sex is a beautiful thing, but sometimes can be painful or messy if you dont know what your doing. Its okay to be a little clumsy but there are always ways to spice up your sex life. Sometimes we lose our sense of adventure, ecspecially when we are in a relationship. Although I am no professional, I can tell you one thing, my sex life is on fire, and I want to share all the dirty little secrets with you ;)1. Know your body...more


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Dr. Romance on Friends With Benefits

Dr. Romance writes:If you’re thinking about having sex with a friend, be very careful, because it is not easy to preserve a friendship once you have sex. We think we can control our feelings, but it's not so simple. *If one of you becomes romantically attached as a result of the sex, the friendship will probably not survive. ...more

An epic blowjob

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We Vibe 4 Plus - Is it worth it?

Sharon Gordon aka @SaSexpertWe-Vibe® 4 PlusWinner of Erofame Toy of the Year 2014.Since We Vibe hit the market in 2008 they have won every sex toy award around. It has been the world’s best selling vibrator taking over from Roger the Rabbit from Sex in the City fame....more

Three Is A Crowd

I remember reading a blog post from God knows where about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.  According to said blog, the couple had an open relationship in which they would occasionally have threesomes. I personally don't believe in open relationships but I'm not going to knock other couples who choose to engage in this type of relationship.  It was easy for me to at first assume that if this is in fact true, then maybe this could help the couple stay together longer....more

Why a Spreadsheet Could (But Probably Won't) Lead to More Sex In Your Relationship

First of all, a husband actually tried this, and might have saved his marriage and avoided internet infamy by realizing that the best route to more and better sex is almost always communication. ...more