My Art Retreat for Survivors of Sexual Abuse this Weekend

 I am full for my retreat this Saturday, but wanted to let you know what I do. This retreat is called "Finding the Holy/ Exploring our Spirituality through Art." It is for women survivors of sexual abuse and trauma in childhood and beyond. Many abuse survivors struggle with the idea of a loving God that failed to stop or intervene in their abuse. We explore those feelings and take steps to find our own spirituality in the face of our trauma....more

71% of Women & I'm Not One

Someone once gave me a complex about orgasms. They told me I am hard to get off....more
I'm obviously not a woman, but I have learned a lot from women who were "hard to make cum". They ...more

4 Ways to Add Spring Fever to Your Sex Life

Spring is here, which means you're making a mad dash to clear cluttered closets and darkened corners of your home of dust, debris, and unwanted objects. We often take the time to clear our physical spaces of things that have become stale and dull during these months of rejuvenation, but in this year of shifting energy, why not make a pledge to do some spring cleaning of your sex life as well!?...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I got very drunk and kissed another man

Dear Dr. Romance:...more

Why I Had to Ravish my Husband

Marriage Advice from a Wife Dominatrix: Last weekend I wanted to eat my husband alive. His eyes were more cerulean blue than a ‘Sconset sky on a bike-ride Sunday. His pecs were glorious mounds of muscled filet mignon and just looking at his wrists and hands, both surgeon-pianist delicate and stevedore strong, had me feeling decidedly … how shall we say, damp?...more

Real Life #1

**Warning this content is not be suitable for people under the age 18. **It's about 10 pm on a Sunday night and there is a knock on the door."Who is it?' My husband asked.I look out the peephole. It is the girl I had been texting, sexting, and secretly wanting for over a week now....more

10 Dating Tips for Men from Women

10 Dating Tips for Men from Women19 April 2014...more

Is 'Scandal' Ruining Your Sex Life?

I just discovered the television show Scandal on Netflix. Yes, I know that I’m coming (pun intended) to the Oliva Pope/President Fitzgerald party waaaaaay late. But I’ve come to the party with a vengeance. I’ve managed to watch all 40+ episodes that have aired to date in the last six weeks. ...more
Ah YEAH!more

What Is My Adult Toy Made Of?

There’s a lot of talk in the industry lately about toxic toys. The problem is that the sex toy industry is currently completely unregulated. Because many places consider adult toys to be a novelty, they don’t use the same sort of medical ranking system befitting things you will be sticking into your body. They just kind of say, “Oh, whatever, this feels good!” and aren’t held to any legal ramifications for what they list as the actual ingredients....more