Hard Wired To Be Promiscuous? Science Says Yes (But I Say We're More Than Science)

 Do you see this? ...more
Interesting.  Well I do not have a longer ring finger, but I definitely have a crazy strong ...more

Why Tinder Fails Me

I was first introduced to Tinder through a twenty something girl I met at a bar. She was all done up, with red lipstick (a staple for a twenty something girl) and overly bleached hair. Physically she was very superficial, like most young girls who think they need to cover their identities with lots of makeup and accessories from Forever21. I admit, the judgement comes from the inability to accessorize or wear lipstick. The first and last time I wore red lipstick I was told I looked like a Thai Hooker....more
It creeps me out too! I just figured, hey what do I have to lose?!more

On Squirting

This is about to get adult. Back away if you are uncomfortable. However, if you are female or are sexually attracted to anyone that has typically female anatomy, I hope you’ll stick around and listen up....more

5 Reasons to Make Sex about her Pleasure

Women are pleasure creatures. Our senses are more sensitive than men. In general, women have more discerning taste for food, can see more colors and distinguish between colors, we have far more sensitive skin and emotions. Nature didn't stop there. A woman's clitoris has twice as many nerve endings than a man's penis. Those nerve endings are there for a reason!!...more

When you are Sleeping With the Man Across the Street...

About a year ago I began dating the man across the street. You may have heard of him, he is: Martial Arts Man (MAM), or, "really insanely hot incredible man who has healed me in countless ways."Anyway, we are both homeowners and love the houses we live in....more

Nina Ricci L'Extase, with Laetitia Casta, Wants You To Think Erotic Thoughts (2015) {New Perfume} {Fragrance Images & Ads}

Nina Ricci are launching a third feminine pillar fragrance after L'Air du Temps and Nina called L'Extase (Ecstasy, or Rapture), which will be fronted by French model and actress Laetitia Casta...Read more at http://www.mimifroufrou.com/scentedsalamander/2015/01/nina_ricci_l_extase.html#8RCkQMfJtezoyXY9.99...more

5 Fun Vagina Facts We Bet You Didn't Know

Vaginas are awesome. That's right I said they're AWESOME. Adam may have been created first, but God got it right when he made Eve and her lady bits. But even though the vagina is super awesome, for many, it's still shrouded in mystery. How much do you really know about your lady bits? For many I bet the answer is not much. So here are five fun vagina facts that show the awesomeness of your lady bits....more

What's Your Most Embarrassing Sexual Experience?

My former roommate once shared a story with me about a man who came over to her home after a date and, in his sleep, peed in her bed. He also managed to pee on the carpet in her bedroom. He later blamed it on the alcohol, of course, but she was so repulsed and put off by his blunder, that she didn’t want to speak to him ever again. How could such a thing actually happen?...more
Most of my embarrassing stories these days involve my own klutziness.  I bruise easily, and ...more

Will Toys From the Local "Pleasure Chest" Help You Spice Up Your Marriage?

I had been married to Simon for 14 years, which might make us seem like newlyweds to Gen Xers who got hitched soon after college, but we were both 40ish when we finally decided to settle down and tie the knot. We liked to tell ourselves that we were edgy, too free-spirited to marry young. In fact, we both simply had a penchant for dating assholes. ...more
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