Does Your Sleeping Position Signal the End?

There has always been speculation about how to interpret the way that we sleep, being a star spread eagled apparently signifies an over confident person whilst the foetal position means we need to feel protected as if back in the womb. However how do you interpret the way you sleep with your partner and do separate bedrooms signify the end of the relationship?Face to Face...more

I Lived Lady Gaga's 'Til It Happens to You' Video 

He was one year older than I was and headed to medical school. Somehow that gave him a veneer of respectability. He also seemed reserved and didn't drink much. When he asked me out after English class, I floated all the way back to my dorm so I could tell my roommate. We may or may not have jumped on the bed and squealed with excitement. By all measures, he was a catch....more
i love youmore

Sexual Deprivation: Hard Limit

NEED.That is a funny little thing. To be only four letters it bears the sisyphean task of being crucial to life. Always referring to different things and needs of different kinds. Sexual need is it's own brand of feeling. It is a need that you feel. It is an emotional void and a severe physical lack that keeps you up at night. It is a hunger. It is a desire....more

My husband and porn

I can't share this with anyone I know--so I write under a cloak of invisibility.  In the past, I accepted that men often looked at adult magazines.  Playboy usually, Penthouse was raunchier.  The dirtier the titles the dirtier the content.  I grew to accept that men were visual, and it was just fantasy, and usually that was as far as it went....more
I am so sorry. This was something my husband and I dealt with early in our relationship and I ...more

What We Need For The Next Sexual Revolution

Let’s start the next big sexual revolution, shall we? Actually, it’s started. It’s a little fragmented still and young, but it’s there. Let’s be honest, sex, sexuality, and feminism are complicated – especially when all rolled together, so there are many intersecting prongs to this revolution that must unite....more

10 Reasons Why We Love Lube!

Sex is awesome. Lube is super sweet. Put ‘em together and you’ve got sex lube. What’s not to like about that? As an homage to our undying love of lube, here are the top 10 ten reasons why we unabashedly adore personal lubricants!...more

Young Again and dry

Being a woman is so strange a big bag of everything all emotions, all desires all dreams packed up and we pick out what we want...or sometimes others pick things for us....more

I Don't Need Sex (Anymore)

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let me be clear. I LOVE sex and I WANT sex.So, if you opened this post to see why I don’t like sex then I'm sorry!I don’t NEED sex… anymore.So, what do I mean by need vs. want, especially when it comes to sex?I used to think that I didn’t need sex and that it was always on a want basis. It wasn’t until I was in my first serious relationship, after my divorce, that I realized how needy I was....more

Home Truths

  There is a new and expanded sex education curriculum in Ontario schools. There is also a huge hue and cry from parents who don't want their children introduced at school to subjects like masturbation, homosexuality, and transgenderism. Objecting parents insist that these subjects should be taught at home and when children are older. Fair enough. But when is "old enough" if  kids are already hurting through ignorance? And are you as prepared to talk with your child as you think?...more

Sex Parties & Salvation: A Midlife Mom's Story

I sat on the couch in the dark room next to Brittany, a cute twenty-something mousey girl, engaged in mundane small talk as we watched several naked couples fucking on queen sized mattresses that filled the floor of the otherwise empty playroom.  It was strangely erotic....more