10 Surprising Turn Ons

It seems like every week there's a new study out claiming to boost your libido. Some of them make sense, but a lot of them are flat out bizarre. We rounded up 10 of the strangest sex boosters, in case you were looking for a new way to get in the mood....more

Should you have sex with someone you fear this much?

This new scrotal condom reduces skin-to-skin contact in the scrotum and pubic region. I don’t think of myself as a prude by any stretch, but my first reaction was “Eeew – Yuk” to having to use a Scroguard for sex. But  I am wondering if (as is so common with us humans) I am missing the realistic functionality and superior safety of this product . What do you think of the Scroguard?...more

Sex, Sports, *&* Pizza... It's not what you think. I Promse!

What is the deal with refering to sexual advances as baseball or other sport metaphores? Ladies and gentlemen if you have heard any of the following metaphors or any other metaphor for that matter used in refererence to you, I'm sorry. Small word of advice GET OUT NOW!1. Running On Fumes: uhmm what? Doesn't sound sexy what so ever. Although, I do enjoy NASCAR #DaleEarnhart (Total Bae!)...more

Dear Dr. Romance: she is in denial and wants to escape the pain

Dear Dr. Romance:My best girlfriend ever and I dated for about eight months, then had a long distance relationship when she went back to her home country.  She just broke up with me over email and she is dating someone from her home city for the last month.  I thought we were very happy and serious and our best things were chemistry and compatibility! ...more

How To Teach Teenaged Girls About Masturbation

Why should parents teach teen girls about masturbation? It can save their future marriage or at least help them have fun on the way. Girls who don’t learn about their sexuality early in adolescence are more likely to confuse their own emotional need for intimacy with their physical sexual feelings of desire. ...more
So true...equality and satisfaction :)more

This too shall pass... again...

It happened again. Like a hamster on a wheel,  I find myself in exactly the same place I was three years ago. Breakups are never easy, nor fun, and they especially suck when you realize that you're the last one to get over it since he's now on top of someone else....more

What the Ladies of Vivid Radio Taught Me

You may remember that I got a new (well, used) car earlier this year, and with that car I got 3 free months of Sirius XM, which included the Vivid radio station. You might also remember that I became slightly obsessed with listening to the numerous porn star ladies hosting the various shows on the channel. Then it ended. My 3 months was up and no more Debi Diamond, Mary Carey, Christy Canyon, Ash Hollywood, or Alexis Texas and her big ol' booty (I'm only taking her word for it. I don't really know how big it is)....more

Sexting as the new first base?

I have a friend with a name very close to my husband's. And I have to keep that in mind, because every time I pull up my husband's name in my phone's contact list, his name appears first. He's a good enough friend, so I've actually given him a fair warning that if he ever receives an inappropriate or confusing text from me to ignore it. (And preferably delete it.) Because when I send messages about being out of soap or a sappy "wish you were here" note, it was definitely meant for my husband....more

I Prefer Dating White Men: Does Race/ Ethnicity Really Matter?

My girls and I were having an all-out disagreement about why I liked white guys. I said it was a preference. The girls were of the opinion that I had been conditioned by society to hate black men. I pointed out that I loved my two black brothers and my dealings with countless other black men I had encountered and, uhm, experienced in my life. But they held firm, so I smiled and let it go. To put it down clearly, and never have to re-visit this issue again, my theory goes like this:...more
I say simply... "yeah, you're right. So what?" Until everyone stops making an issue of who ...more

Would You Wear a Vibrator While Running Errands and Let Your Partner Control It?

The We-Vibe 4 Plus, if you haven't heard of it, is definitely a breakthrough in the world of sex toys. Not only does its shape make for an ideal snug fit (it's shaped like a U, and sort of clips into place), it has a remote control for fun within the home, but also, and the best part of all, it can be synced to your phone, too. What does that mean? Your partner can be anywhere in the world and control the speed and intensity of the We-Vibe 4 Plus as you wear or play with it. I know! I was just as confused, skeptical, and all OMG, too. So, my husband and I decided to put it to the test. ...more
Looks good :)more