Getting a Jump Start on Better Sex in Midlife and Elder Years

Enjoying great sex as a postmenopausal woman can take a little extra effort. Personally, while I rely on the testosterone part of my HRT to help me with sex drive, sexual satisfaction, and sexual function “at my age,” I also practice some other tricks of sexual science. If you are midlife or older (especially if you are menopausal or older) you may need these tricks. ...more

Andropause, the Male Menopause

The sex steroid testosterone provides both men and women with their sexual desire. Differences in people’s drive for sex, their libido, are largely due to differences in the levels of testosterone they make. This is especially true for men. As men age, testosterone (T) levels begin to decline, which can result in men feeling apathetic about sex. It is important to clarify that a low sex drive in men most often comes from Low T....more

What's The Best Lube For...

Your First TimeWe get this question a lot, actually: what’s the best lube for my first time? Whether you mean your first time masturbating or your first time enjoying sex with a partner, the answer is pretty much the same. You’re going to need to learn about your body before you can make a commitment....more
Thanks for a great review of different lubes!  I invented Pre-Seed Isotonic lubricant over a ...more

While On The Train: To Approach Or Not To Approach, That Is The Question

My friend Joe and I were discussing train flirting the other day. He had seen a really pretty girl on his way to work, and didn’t know if it was appropriate to say something to her....more

I've Slept with Fat Guys

The other day I linked an article on Facebook that was about dating and the effort boys put should put into something when a girl's heart is on the line. But that isn't what this is about. Oh no. That article stirred up a conversation that infuriated me....more

Let's not Talk about Sex Baby...

I always wanted to be like Sarah Jessica Parker in "Sex In the City."  I thought I could write about sex but I can't. Not this way, on the Interwebs.  I mean I truly and really want to write about sex I do.  But there is this prudish, Indian girl mentality that I cannot get over.  I scene out sex in my novel, but that's different somehow.  It's not the evil Internet.  I'm not sure if anyone will buy the book, but everyone can read the Internet.  ...more

Just Not In The Mood for Sex? Ever…

Hypoactive Sex Desire Disorder (HSDD – low sex drive) is the most common sexual complaint among women, constituting nearly half of all the cases of people seeking clinical assistance for sexual dysfunction. Because we know that sexual satisfaction is part of relationship satisfaction, most of us realize that to be in a marriage, we not only need to have sex but we know we should want to have sex. In spite of this, many women don’t feel the desire to have sex with their husbands....more

21 Reasons to Have More Sex!

Sometimes for us ladies it is good to be reminded that sex is good for our health, wellbeing, looks, and our hearts . It's totally doable to adjust our attitude and forgo a few more minutes of sleep or watching TV in lieu of some good romping in the hay, all in the name of healthy living. In addition to the possibility of great pleasure, sex is important for many other reasons. Here is a list of a few of the many benefits of having sex and orgasms....more
Fantastic psot! I love all these reasons and certainly have experienced the benefits.  Keep calm ...more

Don't bogart that lube

What else can I say? You saw it for yourself. A stoned vagina can orgasm without even a touch -- and I mean a big, wet, crashing oceanic orgasm. Look, Ma! No hands!...more