Sexual Abuse Never Stops

 I am learning about other people in my family who were sexaully abused as children. It is everywhere and devastated lives. My heart is sick about this. I have done my own healing work (it was brutal and long).  It is so hard to see it in those I love. It is something that needs to be brought out in the light and dealt with. Anything any of you can do to stop the cycle in your own lives or others, I implore you to do.  Blessings, Barbara...more
I've been away for a while, Barbara, but I am planning to read your posts. I, too, know of loved ...more


Bigger Does Not Always Mean Better

Jennifer Amato...more

Gloria Steinem on Marilyn Monroe

Other iconic celebrities have died — Elvis, James Dean, Frank Sinatra, but none seem to have the enduring power of Marilyn Monroe. In 1986's Marilyn feminist Gloria Steinem presents her take on the iconic star, in a series of essays, aided by the beautiful photographs by George Barris, taken in a few sessions over the last two months of her life. ...more
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Hey, Have You Heard About Birth Control for Men?

I've been thinking a lot about birth control lately. Female bodied people use hormonal birth control these days for lots of reasons and not all of them have to do with avoiding reproduction, i.e. to lessen pre-menstrual and menstrual symptoms and discomfort, get rid of periods all together and even clear up acne. My personal experience is like that of many women, one of trial and thankfully more mindless stress than actual error....more

Don't Get Raped in Oklahoma

[My father was a doctor. He also was from Oklahoma and a staunch conservative. But he never confused his medical practice and his ethical training as a physician with his political beliefs. Sadly, that’s not the case in Oklahoma today, where an emergency room doctor refused to give a rape victim treatment. Annie-Rose Strasser at ThinkProgress has the infuriating details.--Mona] ...more
The morning after pill is really no different than most birth control pills. I bet the doctor ...more

Fifty Shades of Grey: What's Your Pleasure?

A few weeks ago the girls asked me if I'd read Fifty Shades of Grey.  I hadn't.  All I knew about it at the time is that it involved some eroticism and was being labeled as mommy porn.  I didn't see the big deal about a little spanking but TJ informed me that it was apparently a lot more than a little spanking.  So I promised to use my free hour of reading at B&N on my nook to investigate further and report back.  It took a few weeks because I was not about to abandon my quest to finish the High Heel Series by my beloved author Gemma Halliday, but I finally got around to it today. ...more

Freaks, Geeks and Douche Bags - Profile 004.

All names have been change to protect the innocentProfile 004.Nickname: TictacDistinguishing feature: packing a roll of dimes in his pants...more

The Accidental Orgasm

Now that everyone knows what a clitoris is, there is equal opportunity for all. Prior to the groundbreaking discovery that clitoral stimulation was THE big factor in orgasm, men could imagine that the erect male member was the whole of the ecstasy package. ...more
Anyone ever heard of using your orgasm for healing bodies and expanding minds? Someone has come ...more

A Queen, Her Jewels and the Cookie...

The Queen protects her Jewels. As a queen, you protect your too.....more