What's Edible and Non-Toxic, but Can't Be Posted under Food & Recipes?

For those of you that have not explored the world of lickable, edible lotions and potions, fasten your seat belts.  Edible lotions and potions are one of the most sensational, erotic forms of love play you can get your fingers on. You and your beloved will both love the feel and taste of these tasty lotions. There are, of course, many different kinds of edibles to choose from. •    Flavored, lickable warming lotions•    Edible Body Paints•    Lickable body spray...more

[Dash of SAS] Prayer is not a form of birth control

BY ANA P. SANTOS“What do you do if your condom breaks?”That was the question I asked my audience of call center students during the interactive game portion of the sexual health workshop that I was conducting....more

FEELING SEXY and its link to great sex!!

There is no doubt that the way a woman feels about herself can either positvely or negatively impact her sex life. Most men will agree that their first attraction to a woman is almost always connected to her looks! And the way we make ourself look depends on our own feelings (or self confidence) about how attractive we believe ourself to be....more

Where To Turn: 5

I have been seeing this other man for a long time now. We would sneek away whenever we could. It would sometimes be something quick in the woods or at a rest stop and sometimes it would be in a motel room. The sex was always good even though I never reached the big "O" all the time. I'm not sure what had changed, In the years I've been seeing him he started getting nervous. Nervous we would get caught or nervous he was with me and working with my husband, I'm not really sure. About the last 5 years or so he can't control his big "O" moment....more

Second Baby, Anyone?

"Okay, give me a personal trainer, personal assistant, housekeeper, and a couple nannies and I'll make some time to think about sex." -Anonymous It's seems like almost every woman whom I was simultaneously pregnant with a few years ago is expecting, already had, or working on baby #2, and I just can't figure out one thing: when are they finding time to have sex?...more


I joined a new site about asexuality. I want to try and make friends who might understand me and think similar to me. Sex is not something I “need” I do not even think it is something I want. My therapist recommended I would give wait a month or so and really put thought into claiming to be asexual. I want to be part of a group who would encourage me and I could encourage others. This might be my calling. I've had sex long enoughg for the two of us. Sex really is not that big of deal. I can be happy without sex. There are others out there in this world who do not like sex....more

OraQuick: Would You Trust an At-Home HIV Test?

It's time-consuming and annoying to get an HIV test. You either have to take the time to go to your family doctor or a clinic -- and, of course, it can be embarrassing. Enter the OraQuick at-home HIV testing kit. It only takes about 20 minutes to get results. How it works, though, might be confusing....more
@Sista Pastah That's a very good point. I hadn't thought of that. No one should go through ...more

How to Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship

Many couples today use adult toys to help spice up their sex life. The problem is that many couples are very unfamiliar with their use and may find it difficult to discuss or introduce the concept. There's no shame in having an open discussion so that you both get a good idea of your thoughts on sex toys and any fears that you may have about introducing them into your relationship....more
Not sure about massage oils as much as lubricants. yourpersonallubricant.com -Mmore

The loss of Desire

In the proccess of aging, our labidos might tarnish.  Mine has.  But Mine has because of sexual abuse and promiscuity.  And that is what I want to talk about.  Age too is the reason, for with age, the more experience in life you have.  ...more

5 Things Women Are Afraid to Tell Men About Sex

Unfortunately, girls are taught from the cradle to coddle the male ego, not just with flattery but with genuine fear not to speak truths that could cause men to feel uncomfortable or imperfect. And nowhere is this more true than in the sack. Many a woman who feels herself a ballsy broad in her daily life finds herself in bed, afraid to say “Please do this” or “Don’t do that” for fear of confronting a man looking shocked, upset, or disappointed—which can push a button installed in us as little girls labeled Failure As A Woman....more