Everything is sexier in Ireland

Not much of a contest, is it?...more

VIDEO: My Book Publishing Journey With Seal Press

Back when I was looking for a traditional publisher for my memoir, I spent hours surfing the net, trying to find articles/videos by authors who were sharing their journeys through the  publishing process. I wanted to understand what was involved in the process (if/when I ever got a book deal) and I was hanging on tight to my hope. Surprisingly, my search results came up very short.  Most articles were focused on the traditional verses self-publishing debate, or how to get an agent.  I also discovered that ...more

Now That Is An Interesting Sex Toy!

I have worked for a ...more

The Impact of Sexual Shame

Why is sex always surrounded by shame? Shame is not guilt. Guilt is an internal notion about a specific action. Shame is an external force exerted by others. Shame tells you not that you've done something bad, but that you are something bad. That idea takes away your autonomous control over your sexuality. And anybody who wants to take your autonomous control over your sexuality does not have your best interest at heart. ...more
First of all, I really like this video. HOWEVER, I do have two criticisms of it.   1) While I do ...more

When Manscaping Goes Wrong.

I'm having a bit of a body hair crisis.  It's not my body hair that is in crisis.  It's the man's.  Lemme 'splain:...more

Real Discussions About Sex: "I Wasn't Planned?"

Weeks ago, I decided to have the “birds and bees” conversation with my son. Seeing that I had his complete attention, and thinking that this may be my only chance to get some real facts in, I began telling him about the 1% factor in birth control and that abstinence is the only 100% method. I explained that even though 1% is an extremely low percentage, it is a fact that should not be ignored; especially since, he too, falls in the 1% equation. He looked at me with wide eyes and said, “I wasn’t planned?” In that split second, I decided the truth would, ultimately, be better than telling a lie just to make him feel better....more
@Kimberly S.@Sand In My Eyes I thinks it's an unfair generalization that Middle Eastern values ...more

What Does It Mean to Be Empowered?

Empowerment a concept that frequently comes up in discussions about sexuality. How can you tell if someone who wants to give oral sex, try anal sex, or have an open relationship is doing it because it's what they genuinely desire? In a world in which our likes and dislikes are shaped and limited by the world around us, how do we know whether our choices are empowered or not? ...more
This is an excellent exposition on what it means to be true to yourself - not just in sex, but ...more

Where is the Hymen?

It doesn't matter how much we push for some semblance of sex ed or how many brilliant science educators get their own blogs -- as far as literature is concerned, the hymen is an internal organ. Why is that? Where is the hymen really? ...more
I am a high school principal and you can only imagine the kinds of questions our biology ...more

Should Respectable Writers Publish in Playboy?

Carl Zimmer, a celebrated science writer, has published a piece about Neil deGrasse Tyson in the January issue of Playboy magazine. Almost immediately after the article started making the rounds on the internet, the question of whether "respectable authors" should publish in magazines like Playboy arose. ...more

Porn on a Plane: How To Deal With Awkward In-Flight Situations

You squeeze into your row and settle in, your favorite guilty-pleasure magazine in hand. But no sooner have you taken off, leaned back and started to disappear into the article in your hands that an image catches your eye in the monitor of the person immediately beside you. Oh, dear Lord. The person next to you has plans for in-flight relaxation, too, but unfortunately for you, these plans involve watching porn. What do you do? ...more
Wow!  People are a never ending source of amazement!  But if there are wild public porn ...more