Here is one thing on my mind. I see teenagers who have babies. They have endless amounts of pictures of them and their friends, how cute. Then, you see their baby. Such a precious baby that cannot change anything about it's life. That child see their grandparents more than their parent. Grow up. Do not tell me you are a teenager, because you are the one that decided to have sex. Without protection. I'm glad I can tell my child, your biological father is the person standing next to me today. What are they going to tell their child? Oh, I wanted sex one night and ended up pregnant....more

Fifty Shades of Magic Mike - or, Sex and Twinkies

It’s become a big deal these days for people to engage in being naughty. The Fifty Shades of naughty bondage, and this evening Magic Matthew McConaughey comes to theatres. Everyone seems to have an opinion on all the hubbub. The first time I heard of Fifty Shades of Grey, it was on some Facebook status from one of those people who are on your Facebook because you know you knew them in high school but you just can’t place them and you accepted them because you didn’t want to be a bitch… One of those. And then I heard about it again on some talk show....more

Is there Such a Thing as "Almost" Date Rape?

I take the hard-line on any such questions of "rape," even when it is softened (if that's even possible) with words like "almost" or "sort of." Most websites and support groups define any sort of rape as forced sex, but what about forced submission? What about when the victim is bruised (physically and psychologically)? Does that count? Does holding them down, rendering them helpless, and threatening them should they move or make a sound count?...more
@MsCheevious Onward & upward! I'll drink to that. :)more

Where was God? The Spiritual Questions of Sexually Abused Children, Part 1

When we address the spirituality of childhood, we are confronted with the tragic reality that at least one in four girls and one in five boys in America experience sexual abuse during childhood.[1] The spiritual lives of all children are shaped by their experiences in childhood....more
This is an incredible article. Thank you so much for the series. more

Talking Sex with My Three-Year-Old: From Baby-Making to Self-Pleasuring and More

I've been talking sex quite a bit this past year with our three-year-old. Most recently, at almost four, the conversation has focused a lot on conception and birth, primarily because she'd love for us to make another baby, and also because she's been wanting to look at pictures from when she was very little, including in my womb. We look at pictures of my big pregnant belly and those documenting her birth. She gets that it hurts to push a baby out of a tiny vagina....more

Feeling Frisky...and He Isn't?

Topic of the day," When you feel frisky and playful... and he doesn't! What to do?" When a lady feels the fever of passion for her man and he doesn't share your enthusiasm is simply no fun. The old days of men salivating over women and getting "hot and bothered" at the slightest glimpse of an exposed thigh and alluring panties are being drowned by over-exposure. When was the last time your man attempted a sneak peak at your cleavage? When you get out of the shower, is he looking?...more

What Do These Feelings Mean??

I have been married for 5 years now, almost 6. They have been amazing, except for the past few years we have been arguing on and off over sex, emotional, and physical feelings.  I am a very needy woman. I need someone to hold me and want to love me. I need somebody who isn't afraid to cry and tell me their deepest darkest secrets. ...more

Sexual Abuse Never Stops

 I am learning about other people in my family who were sexaully abused as children. It is everywhere and devastated lives. My heart is sick about this. I have done my own healing work (it was brutal and long).  It is so hard to see it in those I love. It is something that needs to be brought out in the light and dealt with. Anything any of you can do to stop the cycle in your own lives or others, I implore you to do.  Blessings, Barbara...more
I've been away for a while, Barbara, but I am planning to read your posts. I, too, know of loved ...more


Bigger Does Not Always Mean Better

Jennifer Amato...more