Hints to Spice up Your Valentine's Day

Okay, we'll admit that this gift guide is for HIM to read.  But who's keeping you from emailing it to him, or maybe printing it out and leaving in his bathroom?  Most guys need more than a "gentle" reminder about what you really want for Valentine's Day.....so help him out!...more

Permitting Teenage Sleepovers: PART DEUX

 I love when people comment on my posts. And this one seemed to have hit a nerve, which I also love....more
Let's say that you're an adult whose parents don't like that you're living with someone without ...more

Living With an STD: What It's Really Like

When you hear the term STD (sexually transmitted disease), what do you think of first? Grotesque pictures of maimed genitalia displayed on a projector during yester-year’s sex-ed class geared toward frightening you into abstinence? That scene from The Hangover where Sid says, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… except for herpes. That sh*t will come back with you”? ...more
@raenez You stated that HPV cannot affect men nor can men be tested for it, well, that leaves me ...more

Recounting Tales of Sex & Love

 As a married woman the though of spending a moment with each of my lovers may seem an inappropritate one. In fact, as I published my first book, A Moment With Each of My Lovers, on Kindle just a couple weeks ago, the number one question I got from friends was, "Doesn't your husband mind?!" ...more

Are Sex Surrogates Therapists with Benefits?

Over the last forty years, Cheryl Cohen Greene has had intimate relations with more than 900 people. Although her job involves getting paid to have sexual contact with strangers, Cheryl is not a sex worker: she is a surrogate partner. ...more
I am the author of  "I was a sex surrogate" that was published this past October in Salon.com. I ...more

Dating Across the Generations

I like men and I like dating and I have an equal opportunity policy in place, in most cases. In other words, I date guys of different ethnicities, religions, political persuasions, and ages. In so many ways, a guy is a guy is a guy and some of the details that I thought would matter often don't....more

What's Edible and Non-Toxic, but Can't Be Posted under Food & Recipes?

For those of you that have not explored the world of lickable, edible lotions and potions, fasten your seat belts.  Edible lotions and potions are one of the most sensational, erotic forms of love play you can get your fingers on. You and your beloved will both love the feel and taste of these tasty lotions. There are, of course, many different kinds of edibles to choose from. •    Flavored, lickable warming lotions•    Edible Body Paints•    Lickable body spray...more

[Dash of SAS] Prayer is not a form of birth control

BY ANA P. SANTOS“What do you do if your condom breaks?”That was the question I asked my audience of call center students during the interactive game portion of the sexual health workshop that I was conducting....more

FEELING SEXY and its link to great sex!!

There is no doubt that the way a woman feels about herself can either positvely or negatively impact her sex life. Most men will agree that their first attraction to a woman is almost always connected to her looks! And the way we make ourself look depends on our own feelings (or self confidence) about how attractive we believe ourself to be....more

Where To Turn: 5

I have been seeing this other man for a long time now. We would sneek away whenever we could. It would sometimes be something quick in the woods or at a rest stop and sometimes it would be in a motel room. The sex was always good even though I never reached the big "O" all the time. I'm not sure what had changed, In the years I've been seeing him he started getting nervous. Nervous we would get caught or nervous he was with me and working with my husband, I'm not really sure. About the last 5 years or so he can't control his big "O" moment....more