Why is this still an issue 47 years later?

 Boy, the things you will miss when you are out of commission for a few days! I come out of the hospital only to see that the debate over birth control has heated up and I have to pick my jaw up off of the floor after some of the things I have read....more
Yes, I am as pissed off about this as you are.  I know this was posted in 2012, but not much has ...more

New Prostitu… I mean Travel website

I came to notice a really fucked up website, through the Jezebel blog. A website called “misstravel” where sexy beautiful woman can be asked to go on a trip for free, together with a rich man. So you either sign up to the website as an “attractive traveler”: a beautiful person who wants to travel for free. Or a “generous traveler”: some rich person seeking to travel with a beautiful companion, who are willing to pay for the travel expenses....more




Holidays! (with sex and hidden agendas) Part 2

The sooner I can get on a plane to Denver, the better. I originally thought perhaps September, but I am not certain my patience will endure. I need a swignificant dose of real North American debauchery ie. Alcohol, sex, shopping, half-litre cappuccinos,  and enormous weekend breakfast buffets... I'm thinking, at the latest August....more

The Psychological Underpinnings of Submission & Domination

Has spanking gone mainstream? asks Katie Roiphe in a Newsweek cover story in response to all the hype around the Twilight fanfiction slash "mommy porn" bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey. Roiphe notes the coincidence of this trend of women eagerly consuming fantasies of submission at a time when women are "in hard economic terms" less subjugated or dependent by men than before....more



Is This Sexual?

My hubby, Princess, and I are out shopping for bed sheets.  I ask the sales lady if they sell satin sheets.  She says no.  Then I ask if I can purchase them online.  She says, "the only place I know that sells satin sheets is Victoria's Secret." Then my hubby says to me, "Are satin sheets a sexual thing?" I reply, "I don't know." Now I'm really wondering are they?  The only reason I want to get some is because I hear that satin pillows won't pull out your hair.  So I figure why not just get the whole set.What do you think?...more
I love satin sheets!  They might be a little sexy but they also are wonderful to sleep in :)more

Dear Dr. Romance: Why Doesn't He Want Me?

Dear Dr. Romance: I'm a housewife in my mid-thirties, married for 7 years,  In our marital life i have never been satisfied, because our sexual never lasts more than 15 min. It makes me unhappy. I have spoken to him regarding this matter but he didn't take it seriously. I feel that he is avoiding me. In a year we have only been together for 2 times and only for 15 min. He is working permanent night shift  and always claims he is tired. Sometimes i really feel that I need him very much but only get dissapointed....more