My Thoughts On What Lifetime TV Did To My Memoir

Ever since the premiere date of The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom was announced (May 31st on Lifetime) , I’ve been inundated with the same questions by people:  Have you seen the movie and what was it like to watch it?  What do I, as the author of the book, think of the movie?...more

What Kind of Sex is Everyone Else Having?

I believe all sexuality is experimental to some degree (we learn as we go). Yet I, like perhaps almost everyone you know, wonder how my sexual activities stack up against the folks next door. Especially in our present era of non-stop reference to a variety of sexual practices in movies, on TV, on the Internet, I’ve often wondered if my sex life was keeping up with the Joneses or not....more
This is so interesting to see the statistics involved in these areas!  I recently attended a ...more

The Journey Into BDSM 'Subspace'

Sometimes, you have to allow your sexual journey to flow. Other times, you have to grab it by the balls and say "I'm going to get laid". It was more the latter of those choices when I decided to say "Yes" and get together with [Mostly Harmless]....more
A great read!  People who are into kink function differently in the bedroom...although a lot of ...more

Welcome to My World: Where Sex, Science and Nature Come Together!

Your Sexual Self I write this blog with the hope that my personal story, matched with scientific knowledge, will help you to better understand who you are sexually. Learning about the places in life where Sex, Science and Nature come together can empower you to find fulfillment in the unique sexual person you are, as well as acceptance of yourself....more

Is It Safe To Share Your Toy?

Forget all those rules you learned in kindergarten. Sometimes, sharing isn’t the best option.Toys are awesome, and often, we want to share that awesomeness with our partners (check out our Spiciest Toys For Couples!) But there’s potentially some danger in sharing toys. A basic rule of thumb is this:...more

Laundry Room

I am soooo sorry it has taken me soooo long to finish this story, but man, has my life taken some kind of turn.  Now where was I...See what happened was......more

I Am No One's Vending Machine: The Issue With Misogyny and Sex As 'Payment'

I wanted to share this amazing post about the Isla Vista shootings and the killer's manifesto because it's so well written, but one statement really stood out for me: ...more
Yeah it is pathetic for a man to think he's entitled to anything from women just because he did ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: He isn't shy about holding hands with a black girl

Dear Dr. Romance:I started dating a man 2 years younger than me, who is from another country. I thought he was very sweet and gentlemanly and of course I'm really attracted to him, and he eventually asked me on a date. We've had several dates, and he's very considerate, very discreet at work, pays for everything, drives me, walks me to my door, opens doors for me. He isn't shy about holding hands in public with a black girl....more

#YesAllWomen: Abortion, Rape and Why Shame Can't Keep Us Silent

Thank God I didn't ... Just Drive ..... ...more
henmom I'm honored and humbled by your comment and your interest in sharing my post with your ...more

I Am With Michele Knight

I was very impressed by Michele Knight speaking out in support for another woman who says she was held for years against her will. It is very understandable that this woman appeared happy in public when she was experiencing a reign of terror behind closed doors. The chances of her making this up are miniscule. Victims of this kind of abuse deserve the benefit of the doubt. It took great courage for Michele to come forward. I admire her very much....more