SEX BUCKET LIST - The Curvy Chronicles

SEX BUCKET LIST  This is a TRUE story of a close relative who had a goal. His wasn’t your run-of-the-mill ‘I just want to be happy‘ or ‘I want to get fit’ new years resolution. No, his aim was  to have sex in all 50 states in America.  Before you start wondering if this is some teenage fantasy, this relative was well over the half-century mark and still as randy as hell. Actually, lets call him ‘RANDY’ from here on out....more
Well, that IS my sex bucket list! And,'s a list on which I've only made tally marks ...more

The Seduction Conundrum

Among my group of high school and college friends, I was considered somewhat of a sexual savant to whom they would pose a myriad of questions about “doing it.” Okay, sexual savant may be a bit much, but they did come to me for advice on the matter. And I was pretty good at it, if I do say so myself, given my research and comparative experience. But there was one issue that stumped me and continues to do so to this day. How do I seduce someone? How can I be sexy? I have been called a lot of things from past suitors: Cute. Adorable. Beautiful (ha)....more

Private Matchmaking - Is It Just Lunch!?

I can’t seriously recollect how I got to hear of them actually, it must have been a reference from one of these popular shows, I’m not sure but in any event….. these ladies (sure most of the Dating Directors are ladies) have done themselves a really good service by broadly popularising It’s Just Lunch!. They’ve been on every TV show and have been featured in almost every glamourous magazine that you could find under the sun! You name it, Forbes, Oprah,>>>>...more

The Rules of 'Engagement' After Marriage

Our friends keep asking us to write about sex.  Okay ladies, we will take one for the team.  You’re welcome. Mom and Dad: If you are reading this, now is the time to log off. Thanks.As wives we can all remember how we lured our husbands to love us in the first place.  All it took was one look, and they knew what time it was.  It was so easy to get them to do whatever we wanted. Okay, who are we kidding, we still use sex as a ploy to get what we want… and so do you.  (DON’T LIE!)....more

My Body, My Orgasm, My Choice

It’s rainy, cold and quiet.  There’s not a towel to fold or a shelf to assemble.  It’s just you and your thoughts.  You made it through a stressful workday, or possibly week…and you really want to have sex tonight.  But you don’t have a honey, or even a potential honey on the horizon. ...more
Even people in monogamous relationships engage in casual sex. Even if your partner is someone ...more

4 Supplements You Need During Menopause…and a Few You Don’t

Menopause: It’s every woman’s favorite M-word. Most women rarely think about this period of life (pun not intended). They have enough worries with their current monthly M-word. But when menopause finally hits, it can be all-consuming....more

Welcome To My Sexless World

I love sex, but I am not having it, and you can be sure that it is difficult. I'll be frank: It SUCKS. Yet, my decision has not changed, and I am seven months into my sexless lifestyle. Unfortunately, this doesn't exactly make my dating life easy. In fact, it's nearly nonexistent. I'm a senior in college and I could probably count on one hand how many guys here would actually be involved in ANYTHING close to a relationship with a girl with whom they won't be having sex. What makes it even worse is that college is looking more and more like Noah's Ark, except I'm completely mateless. ...more
Great post. I am also celibate. I have gone almost 4 years without sex. Definitely hard at ...more


  I meet the man of my dreams and his beautiful fiancée.Before I meet Tony I thought I would end up like one of those old ladies in the park.Everytime I flirt with a cute bloke some girl runs over and quickly introduces herselfas his girlfriend.Then I meet Tony,tall,charming,the man of  my dreams and his beautiful fiancée . Fiancée eh? Well nothing is written in stone. Cupid shot his arrow,it hit like a thunderbolt.I am lovestruck!...more


So, I decided to come home to visit my family for the first weekend of Spring Break.  As we are watching a show called "Preacher's Daughters" on Lifetime, we begin discussing the choices of children which, of course, switches to MY choices. *exhales*...more