It's No Secret! Rhuematoid Arthritis Can Seriously Affect Your Sex Life

It really isn't rare to hear the parents of young children talking or joking about the toll parenthood takes on their sex lives. While making babies may be intimate, having babies can make intimacy difficult. Parents of young children often have no time. They have no energy. They didn't get enough sleep last night. There's spit up on the sheets. They can't remember the last time they shaved. Their sex lives inevitably suffer.  ...more
@christinagleason  @Moe007 Honestly I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes, no matter what my ...more

Masturbation: A Love Story

There are a number of things my parents have (tried to) ban(ned) my sisters and I from gaining a curiosity for growing up....more

Happy Hour and Two Valiums Richer

Free drinks during happy hour always seems like a good idea in theory, but the concept of free, creates the illusion in your brain that you  should drink twice as many as you normally would because, well, hey, they are free! No bueno. Especially if you are going to happy hour with your somewhat friend, somewhat enemy, somewhat still half love, baby daddy. Perhaps I should rewind a minute and explain the current situation with Luc. Luc thinks I am manic depressive and can’t handle my really horrible manic episodes....more

National HIV Testing Day: Do You Know Your Status?

National HIV Testing Day (NHTD), observed annually on June 27, encourages you to get tested for HIV and know your status. First observed in 1995, NTHD promotes awareness about HIV testing and seeks to reduce the stigma around HIV testing and dispel myths about the virus itself....more
Back when I was an RA in college I took 20 of freshmen residents to get tested.  I wanted to ...more

Sex Like A Woman, Sex Like A Man

I am what a good friend describes as a "serial monogamist" -- that is, I enjoy dating one person at a time, and when I am not in a committed relationship, I will go on a series of dates, but I will never let them overlap. There is nothing wrong with this.There is also nothing wrong with being a serial polygamist, which I would assume entails dating one or many people at a time, and when not in a committed relationship, going on a series of dates and allowing some overlap....more

You should put a condom on that

I literally laughed out loud when I read the title of our most recent review.  When I'd gotten the email from Tracy Clark-Flory, a witty Love&Sex staff writer from asking for a box to review, I was elated. Salon is interested in us?  Awesome. She told me that she'd be reviewing us alongside similar products.  I was stoked because, frankly, I know we're differentiated. I checked in with her a few weeks after the box had been sent to see what she thought and she'd told me it was "great."  So, no anxiety for when the review was coming out....more

Do Some Lesbians Feel More Pressure To "Come Out"?

I was 19 the first time I summoned the courage to kiss a girl. No club blaring Katy Perry lines for motivation; this wasn’t a fad or phase. She was my first love, and Satan couldn’t keep me from the sweetest misery I’ve ever known. Honestly, it itches my ass when girls today play with the power of a woman’s love, which now seems to be too often reduced solely to enjoying "the P." Somewhere between drunken college nights; completely awkward, sore mornings; and Ellen being the next Oprah, we lost sight of who/what a lesbian is. Is she a scholar or a slut? ...more
Great input. I think you raise an good point that to a certain extent, lesbians are readily ...more

Does "Casual Sex" = "Sex Like A Man"?

Ever since my breakup, I have been having sex like a man. What do I mean “sex like a man”, you ask? Well, just what you think – no strings, casual sex. And no, I don’t feel bad about it. ...more
@Dee Acampa Bioioidentical hormone replacement? Please tell me more! I am 48years old and had a ...more

Musings of a sex entrepreneur: Honey, I'd like to have *_____* sex

No matter what word you insert between the asterisks, that's a tough conversation to have.  I was introduced to the world of toys (and frankly, thinking about sex as something that you had options with beyond missionary and a few other basics) through a sex toys house party.  I came home and told my partner that I'd bought some "stuff."  He looked at me with curiosity and said "What? Why?."  I realized I had no answer for this...and frankly, no idea what to do with the toys and with him when they arrived....more

Sex in the (Cyber) City: The Rise of Online Dating Among Seniors

 There are currently over 35 million people over the age of 65 in the United States. They say 60 is the new 50, and many in this age group are taking that saying to heart. The 60+ year old today is not looking forward to retirement and doting on grandchildren. Men and women of a certain age are embarking on new careers, looking and feeling younger, and they are dating. ...more
Yes I think there is an amount naivete about seniors who are walking into the world of dating ...more