Cosleeping? You're Not in the Boom Boom Room Anymore

Deciding to co-sleep with baby is a major decision that will affect your family as well as your bedroom. You must consider how your bedroom will metamorphose when you introduce a tiny, erratic sleeper. Not only will the look of your room change -- burp cloths here, a crib and changing table there, glider rocker in the corner -- but the room's personality and function will change. Its sex appeal will evaporate leaving a castrated version of your kinky love nest. Quicker than you can say, "Not in front of the baby, Honey," your former Boom Boom* Room, where baby was made, will be converted into a room for baby's rest and pleasure alone....more
@sassymonkey I know, right? The song was playing on the radio and I couldn't get it out of my ...more

Happy Spanksgiving Kinky Contest – Win a Neon Wand Electrosex Toy!

Happy Spanksgiving!  Though we can hardly believe it, November is back again, bringing the most thankful time of year back to us.  We here at HotMoviesForHer are seriously thankful for so many things, including getting a paycheck to write about dirty movies and testing out more dildos than we know what to do with…  I know I am especially thankful that Ginger Leigh joined the HM4Her team, and that a few times a week (at least), we go get chocolate together in the afternoon.  What?...more

Marriages & Affairs - Part 1

 Marriages that do not include “Transparency & Intimacy” are susceptible to infidelity. An affair is a sexual relationship between two people outside of marriage! An affair can also be an emotional attachment. Be it physical or emotional there is a transference that occurs. The spouse has opted to seek someone outside of the marriage to meet their physical or emotional needs!...more

Stranger-Danger Message Puts Kids at Risk of Abuse: Lessons from the Penn State Scandal

“There are perverts out there,” said an attorney in town to our local newspaper addressing the issue of an age limit policy on “toplessness” at our city’s pool. In a culture with as warped views on human sexuality as ours, I actually don’t question that there are perverts around. It’s just that in 90% of all instances of child sexual abuse, the abuser knows the child....more

(nablopomo #13) erotic writing as insurrection

Happy Sunday night to you -- it's late here, nearly bedtime (past, actually), and so this post will be short....more

Would You Let A Former Porn Star Read to Your Kids?

What our nervous sideway glances and jeers say is simple: if you let on that you have sex, you're a danger to our children, and possibly to society itself. Never mind if you're a tax-paying, law-abiding, philanthropic citizen otherwise -- the second it becomes known that you have sex or are interested in it, you're immediately labeled unfit. ...more
Ridiculous. I don't care if she's CURRENTLY a porn star; it has nothing to do with who she is as ...more

C'ouch Sex

If this doesn't scream 'love', I really don't know what does...Lady: There's nothing on TV tonight.Husband: Wanna fuck?L: Well, when you say it like that... Yeah!He starts taking off his clothes right there.  Oh, you mean down here?H: Yup. That OK?L: (giggles) I guess.I start taking off my clothes while he goes to lay down on the carpet, naked and staring at me like he's the cat that just ate the canary. I look down... full cock and barrel salute.H: I'm ready.L: I see that!...more

You Attract What You Are...

I don’t know how usual or unusual this is, but I had instant, strong chemistry with the very first man I met in person after I posted my profile on a dating website.  I couldn’t believe it.  Could it really be this easy?  I, very painfully, over the next several months, found that the answer was no, it wasn’t that easy.  But I learned volumes from the experience....more

You Make Me Brave: On Penn State and Telling My Story

It's been a long 24 hours. Yesterday I wrote a post about the Penn State sex abuse situation. I had no idea when I wrote it that so many people would respond in such an overwhelming and supportive way. All I knew is that I was (and am still) so very angry about knowing that children were being abused and that it could have been prevented. ...more
@Stacy Morrison Thank you Stacy. I don't feel proud so much of myself as I do for all of the ...more

Penn State Scandal: I Am Angry

There are eight (and probably many more) victims out there whose lives will never be the same. Had Paterno, Curley, and Schultz been doing their jobs there would be far fewer victims. Those boys (and men) deserved better. ...more
I am totally angry as well. Just blogged about it here. more