Where Was God? The Spiritual Questions of Sexually Abused Children, Part 5

Barbara, thank you for sharing these posts. I have learned very much. May God bless you, dear ...more


Sex is a wonderful thing, it, s good, beautiful awesome and what have you, but you know what....this same good thing can lead to destruction based on the way you go about it. It,s amazing that when  two people attracted to each other meet at first, ... butterflies in the stomach, wet underwears,talking on the phone for long hours, dressing to impress, body will be shaking all in the name of trying to eat that apple. Once the deed is done, everyone will now realize oh! i am naked, what have i just done, maybe i should have waited a little longer....more


breathless Brock was sitting on the edge of his bed, slouched over, concentrating on peeling the skin off an apple with a paring knife. "Ouch!" he mumbled when he nicked the tip of his thumb, causing a few droplets of blood to drip onto his lap. "Careful," his mom cautioned, as she walked into his room with a clean load of laundry, handing him a small wash cloth to press to the wound. Brock smiled, and nodded. "I'm good, Mom. No big deal," he said, adding, "So, you and Dad still going out tonight?"...more

Ten Things You Shouldn't Say In Bed

Let's face it. Some of us start to babble when we're really nervous, and being in the bedroom for the first time with a new partner, can bring out the worst case of "verbal diarrhea" ever. There isn't any reason that you have to carry on a real conversation with someone during sex. Once the activity has begun, you can let your focus be on pleasure. There isn't any reason to comment on the activities that are taking place, but if you do…you need to know that there are some things that you really shouldn't say....more
Hahaha! I think number 9 is safe to say because there is always room for improvement ;)more

Dr. Romance Video: Infidelity -- Stay or Go?

(To view the video, click here.)Discovering your partner has been unfaithful is a shock. Your first instinct may be to run, but if you have a shared history, children and finances, you may wonder – should you stay or go?Dr. Romance shows you how to decide....more

Seven Days of Falafel

Everyone knows we've been trying to have another baby and if you read my blog you know that so far we have not been successful. And if you've ever been on the unsuccessful baby making train you know it can get a little crazy tracking when you ovulate (toot, toot) and when you do the deed (woo, woo). It can be a little tiring and sort of takes the fun out everything. We already have our train tickets purchased for next week. All aboard...next stop baby town!Last month I saw a show on Lifetime about, well, let's just call it the Seven Days of Falafel....more
Laughing - There was a day when I loved a good falafel.  You might have a good point there.more

What To Do When He's Not In The Mood

It's a misconception that men are always in the mood for sex. Women need flowers, candy and romance to get revved up for sex, but men seem always willing to go. But the modern world is full of distractions and disturbances, and sometimes guys are just not that into it....more

Where Are Your Erogenous Zones?

For men it seems simple. They get turned on by getting their genitals stroked, but there are other parts of their bodies that you can caress in order to make them aroused. When was the last time you touched them? And what about women? What spot can men touch that will drive women absolutely crazy?The truth is that not all men and women are the same. You'll have to take the time to discover where your partner's erogenous zones are, but what a pleasure it will be to explore all of their body parts to find the hidden erogenous zones.Where should you begin?...more

Where was God? The Spiritual Questions of Sexually Abused Children, Part 3

 The Experience of Evil / Is God stronger than Evil?  It was my own experience that a malevolent energy was present during my ordeals that was connected to and more than the sadism of my abuser.  The real terror for me was not only that I might be spiritually lost but that I might be left alone with a terrifying power. The existence of evil has never been a question for me. I have been privileged to share recovery with brave women and men who were abused as children in satanic ritual.  Their experience of evil was palpable....more
What you say here, that many that are abused happens at the hand of those that are trusted, is ...more

Ten Hot Spots To Have Sex This Summer

Everyone looks forward to summer, when love is in the air and vacations are on the mind.  You've been looking forward to your summer vacation since Christmas vacation and you've been planning it since spring. There is nothing better than kicking back and enjoying a little time off during the heat of the summer, especially when it's just the two of you getting away to enjoy a little relaxation and romance....more