How To Get The Size Diamond Someone Like YOU Deserves!

Myself: 17% Together: 25% I gave guidelines:  11% I gave direct hints: 13% He surprised me: 34%What are these statistics for? These are the results of a survey given by The BAA (Bridal Association of America) to recently married females.  The question:  “Who picked out your engagement ring?”...more
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Parenthood: Did It Ruin You?

So I forced myself to finally finish watching the movie: Sex Tape. I must say that I absolutely loved the movie and am glad that I waited so long to see it. If you haven't seen it, you can read the brief overview below: ...more

How Good is Your Love Life Without Sensuality?

I’ve been thinking that "Love" and "Sex" need rebranding.I think that this divide is reflected all over the web. What if I want to write about something flirty or sensual? Do I categorize that as sex? What if it has no S-E-X in it—is that misrepresentation? I mean, it might not be romantic enough to be considered love.Love has gotten a bad rap. It’s practically become a four-letter word in some circles, just like that other four-letter word in other circles. I think that’s largely because of what people associate love with—the negativity....more

My Super Sensory Orgasm Inducing Feet

I like being barefoot. I always have. I love the feel of my feet on tile, slate, cold marble and polished wood. Even rough wood—just no splinters of course. I love the feel of my feet sinking in the sand as the waves wash over them. I love the feel of my feet in soft moist soil. Grass, the soft kind—I love my feet on that. I love tearing up the grass with my toes sometimes. I love how it feels when my feet try to make sense out of a shag rug, with all the fibers going every which way, my toes trying to figure out which ones to grab....more

Try Out the “Seven Stages of Foreplay”

Need a way to spice up boring sex with your partner but unsure how to ask for it? Ask him to try making the Seven Stages of Foreplay part of your lovemaking …This way you all can cover most of the bases most of the time!...more
New data... orgasm rates are higher for couples who use a wider variety of sexual play during ...more

7 Sexy Songs For Gettin' It On

   Have you ever been doin' it, or trying to set the mood, and wished you had some delightful music to bone to? ...more

Better Intimacy, Better Sex

As a counselor, I get a lot of clients who are worried about intimacy and sex. Romance books are a lovely escape from reality, and can help reduce your stress from daily frustrations. And, you can even learn a few tricks to enhance your relationship. The danger comes in if you begin to believe in the fantasy, compare your real-life partner to a fictional character, and become dissatisfied and feel unfulfilled. One of the attractive things about romance heroes is that they do all the work,...more

Dear Dr. Romance: What is the right love to last a lifetime?

Dear Dr. Romance:I am writing this letter to you because I really want to know what is the right love to last a lifetime? I am frustrated right now. How couples especially married, last love into lifetime? I am in love with someone, but I don't know if that person feels the same way too. But in some way or in somehow, I know she feels in a small amount of love for me. How to love right? God is loving right, must we follow that?Dear Reader:...more

I Dated the Man With the Smallest Penis in the World

A bunch of years ago, I dated a guy with the smallest penis in the world. It was about the size of a new born baby's thumb. I take that back- the size of my current thumb. You get the picture. It was fucking small. So small, I’m not sure he can have sex. We dated for 5 months, and never had sex. During the first few months, I was so happy to have a boyfriend (desperate) that I didn't think twice about his small penis. Again, mostly because we weren't having sex. I received the occasional clumsy finger-bang- never even a 'how-do-you-do' do the clitoris. The poor guy had no idea what he was doing. I didn't really know what to do with the whole situation, so I just pretended to have orgasms from the shitty finger-ramming he performed. ...more
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I'm More Than "Just a Stripper"

 Please find below my response to an experience that is unfortunately quite common for pole dancers like myself. The details are specific to my most recent “Regina George”, but after a number of years of being deeply in love with this sport, the mean girls all tend to blend together.Dear “Regina George”,The other day you called me out for being “just a stripper”. I was offended, but not for the reasons you think.“Just”A few questions for context, if you please:Who are you to limit me, exactly?...more
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