How Our F'd Up Sexual Culture Slowly Breaks Us Ladies And Our 'Gasms

So, as you know, the movie I made and I are both proponents of clearly understanding that the clitoris and not the vagina is responsible for ladygasms, and we're also a proponent for ladies jiggling their own junk in order to get off - either while alone or with a partner. I think a cultural mentality that took those two things into consideration could do very well for the state of female sexuality in general....more
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Lighten Up - Cures for Marital Boredom

The old folk songs say it:           Oh, love is handsome, love is fine           Love is a jewel when it is new;           But when love’s old, it waxes cold           And fades away, like morning dew. Folk wisdom says it:...more

Epic Fail


Frenchie's Theory

For those of you who have ever watched Grease, you should remember Frenchie telling Sandy that, "The only guy a girl can depend on, is her daddy". I have seen Grease over a thousand times.  It was my brother's favorite movie, and then it was my favorite movie.  I had a hard core crush on John Travolta and wished I could find my very own Danny Zucco....more

Six Signs That You Haven't Had Sex In A Long Time

1. Your vagina has closed up. Yep, it just closed up when you weren't looking....more
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Find Out What Makes Sex Amazing Instead of So-So in this New Book by Sexual Medicine Scientist, Dr. E

Part kitchen table talk with a trusted Aunt, part fascinating lecture into the newest research on creating great sex, Dr. E chronicles the stages of sexual discovery from puberty to mature adulthood. Candid and sincere, she can help readers feel at ease with themselves, as well as understand better how to find the fulfillment they deserve....more
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Mac 'N Cheese Sex: It's What's For Dinner

When I think of mac 'n cheese (spelled here in the warm, ooey gooey way intentionally), it's like picturing a steaming bowl of "made-with-love" in my hand. I mean, it is perhaps THE most comforting of all the comfort foods. And what's more comforting than a hot bowl of mac n' cheese, right?A hot bowl of mac n' cheese sex....more

An App for Sexual Consent Now Exists and it's Just Wrong

Put your panties aside and file this one under, "Wait a minute. Seriously?"Are you sitting down?OK. There's an app for sexual consent.Called "Good2Go," it's free and according the site, is a "...simple consent mobile phone app that targets college-age adults." To which I say, "Wait a minute. Seriously?"...more


I have been with my guy for just about 10 years. In the beginning things were great, sex was great. We would do it multi times per day, hell every chance we got. But we took a break, ok we broke up, for almost 2 years. He dated someone else, and I lived the single life during our time apart. When we got back together, things were different with him. He no longer could get me off, sex became a chore with him. It was no longer pleasurable unless I did what I needed then let him take over doing what he needed. I have tried speaking with him numerous times about it....more
SicilianQueen84 Before we lived in a bigger place and our kid had her own room and own bed that ...more

Fun facts about ovaries

We’ve heard about ovaries, but since they’re tucked away inside, they’re not something we spend much time thinking about. So let’s get introduced!...more