The Truth About Using Sex Toys After Pregnancy

A while back, we talked about whether or not it was safe to use sex toys during pregnancy. But even after pregnancy, toys are a great way to take care of yourself. Better yet, they can even help you get back into being intimate with your partner. Whether you're using them alone or having your partner use them on you, here's a brief guide to using sex toys after giving birth....more
Read this blog about the visual appearance of your punani and pilates.. Interesting ...more

As I Got Naked, I Could See that He Was Not Impressed

Undressing in front of someone for the first time is a vulnerable moment, indeed it can be rather scary. Especially with stretch marks and not quite so perky boobs after a couple of pregnancies, and add to that bit of extra weight gathered over the last decade.I know my husband is attracted to me, he calls my stretch marks “tiger stripes” which sounds cool and positive, although to be honest I would much rather do without them. As comfortable as I have become with my post-pregnancy body, deep down I miss my old body.  ...more
Fierce1 lily77  Safer sex is indeed a very important topic when you have several sexual ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: is it natural for a man to masturbate?

Dear Dr. Romance: I am single man, I have question for you, is it natural for a man to masturbate? I normally, do it everyday, sometimes 4 times a day. Tell me if its wrong or normal to fantasize my cousin and she is a woman? Is it that wrong thing to do? I love to masturbate and to me its fun and great feeling. Do you have any advice. I want to know if there is anything wrong with me. I need your help.Dear Reader:...more

Honey, Can I Have Sex with Other People?

It has been about three years since I popped this question to my husband; we had been together for eight. I had just stopped breastfeeding my youngest child and had finally gotten my body back post pregnancy. It was not that I was bored with the sex at home. I think it was more about the fact that I have always loved connecting intimately with people. I love exploring, trying new things, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone....more
Thanks so much for the follow-up response and for helping me to gain a clearer picture, and I ...more

Christian Grey - a Sad Role Model

My husband and I opened up our marriage three years ago. It was on my initiative, I have been the one pushing our boundaries all along, and he has had faith enough in himself, in me and in us, that he gave me all the freedom I needed. For that I am endlessly grateful....more

Are You Hung Up On Phone Sex??

Is Phone Sex your true "calling?" As a convenient service to my readers, I occasionally take online “How To” articles and expand on them so they’re more accurate.  This will enable you to better accomplish your goals, (which let’s just suppose for today is, “How To Have Better Phone Sex!”) in a more expedient manner.See, I’ve got your number.  And you’re welcome!...more

Are You There, Mom? It's Me With An Awkward Question

The book Are You There, God? It’s me, Margaret by Judy Blume, who recently celebrated her 77th birthday, is the reason behind my first “sex” talk with my mother. I don’t remember how old I was, maybe eight or nine when I read the book, but I do remember thinking that I was pretty savvy for knowing what a bra was. I guess that sounds fairly innocent now. Back then elementary school kids weren’t snapchatting pics of their privates. Anyway, I was proud of myself for understanding most of the material. ...more
Indeed she did.more

Feminists Can Be Sexually Submissive (But 50 Shades is Still Awful)

This picture of Lady Byron in a BDSM-style collar was uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by ...more
Mr. Michael Good question, and a totally different topic, to be honest with you.  It's ...more

His sexting fills an empty void

              Freshly out of a relationship your heart feels like it is in a million pieces. The void that was left I immediately wanted to fill, fill with anything that was unfamiliar. I found a man, Zach. His texts were sweet and complex; he complemented every aspect about who I am. It was obvious, he knew I needed a rebound and knew how to speed the texts along....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I feel terrible about not keeping the promises I made

Dear Dr. Romance:My story will probably sound like a thousand others you've heard, but I am in desperate need of some answers. I am in my fifties, my wife is a few years younger. My wife had a hysterectomy about 15 years ago, so menopause is not likely part of this equation. As you are probably guessing, a large part of our problem has to do with the lack of intimacy and sex. We had talks about this a few different times, and she would promise to do better. "Better" never happened, and I became frustrated....more