When you are Sleeping With the Man Across the Street...

About a year ago I began dating the man across the street. You may have heard of him, he is: Martial Arts Man (MAM), or, "really insanely hot incredible man who has healed me in countless ways."Anyway, we are both homeowners and love the houses we live in....more

Nina Ricci L'Extase, with Laetitia Casta, Wants You To Think Erotic Thoughts (2015) {New Perfume} {Fragrance Images & Ads}

Nina Ricci are launching a third feminine pillar fragrance after L'Air du Temps and Nina called L'Extase (Ecstasy, or Rapture), which will be fronted by French model and actress Laetitia Casta...Read more at http://www.mimifroufrou.com/scentedsalamander/2015/01/nina_ricci_l_extase.html#8RCkQMfJtezoyXY9.99...more

5 Fun Vagina Facts We Bet You Didn't Know

Vaginas are awesome. That's right I said they're AWESOME. Adam may have been created first, but God got it right when he made Eve and her lady bits. But even though the vagina is super awesome, for many, it's still shrouded in mystery. How much do you really know about your lady bits? For many I bet the answer is not much. So here are five fun vagina facts that show the awesomeness of your lady bits....more

Everything You Need to Know About Squirting

Hey Wendy,“How do I squirt?”I’ve been asked this question about female ejaculation at least a million times (probably more) since I started this sex education journey. Quite frankly, I am not surprised. Thanks to the overwhelming supply of free Internet porn, many have witnessed their favorite actresses’ mind-blowing ability to shoot large amounts of liquid from their vaginas onto their willing partners and/or cameras....more
I only do it when I'm not thinking about it at all. And there is my TMI for the day...more

The birds and the bees talk continues

I did blush, well internally for sure.  You see there was never any talk about our bodies and what they do when I was growing up.  My mother signed the permission slip for first, the film strip in 4th grade, and then the movie in 5th grade about puberty and all that goes along with that.  When I got home after each event, she asked if I had any questions.  Yep that was the extent of my learning about my body and what it could do as a girl and woman....more

Stop Faking It!

Those who know me well know that I have always been a “nice girl”. This means that for the majority of my life I have always put the happiness, well-being, and approval of others before myself (I am also a Pisces which means I'm hella soft but that's for another day). This niceness often made me susceptible to a lot of bullshit in terms of relationships, friendships, and sexual encounters....more

4 Sexy Resolutions for the New Year

It’s a New Year and many of us have made several resolutions and goals we intend to keep or meet in the next 12 months. You may want to drop that extra 20 pounds, build a cushy savings account, go back to school, or go on that dream vacation. But have you made any resolutions to improve your sex life and health? If not, check out these sexy resolutions to get your year off to a great start....more

Relationships & Sex with Chronic Pain

Even if you have had lifelong sexual distress, know that it is never too late to learn more about finding sexual pleasure. A recent study looked at sexual function in women with chronic widespread pain. They reported more lifelong problems with sexual pain and poor lubrication than healthy women. They also reported more current sexual dysfunction. But CWP doesn’t need to mean the end of sex......more

My 'Purity Ring' Helped Me Feel Empowered by Sex

I have a purity ring.I got it when I was nearly fifteen years old, accompanied by a lovely ceremony for which I wore a fluffy, beautiful white dress. After waltzing with my father and performing a dance as my talent, I, along with nine other girls, made a promise to not have sex until I was married.When I turned twenty, that promise was broken. I cried right after the “deed” was done, and my bewildered boyfriend had to console me. I felt like I had failed.  That feeling continued, along with the pleasure from having sex, and I felt conflicted....more
This is a very interesting perspective. I definitely understand the guilt that comes along with ...more

Men’s Cologne – A Love Story

So the young guy in my building just showered and put on nice cologne. I’m about to claw through his door to bite him.What is it about nice cologne that makes women (just me?) crazy? I know what the guy looks like, he’s not attractive. He has a girlfriend and he’s younger than my children. None of this matters.Must. Bite. Punk.Naw, he’s not a punk and he tastes like bananas. (Probably the ones his mom mushed up for his breakfast. Visit me at: http://skinnyandsingle.wordpress.com/...more
I have gone past cologne, I read Mr.x - A New York Love Story and want a Man in a fine suit. I ...more