Recently there has been more whine than wine at book club. The topic? How much of a burden my friends find their husband's sex drives. It's not that I don't understand. I have felt the urge to feign sleep when he slips into bed 15 minutes after me. I have shrunk away from his hugs wondering if he is angling for more. I've realized though that I simply can't let myself do that.If I want a friend, chef, sherpa, and cheerleader (which obviously I do) I need to put in between 2 and 20 minutes a day to build our intimacy....more
Love, love, LOVE this post. Everything you said has so much truth to it and my drive has been ...more

The new "Female Viagra Wonder Drug" is not

Have you heard? A new drug is set to hit pharmacies in mid-October, called flibanserin, marketed as Addyi, and meant to treat “female sexual dysfunction.” Reports erroneously compare the drug to Viagra. Viagra increases blood flow to the penis and helps about 100% of the men who use it. Addyi works more like an anti-depressant, when it works at all.  ...more

How Low Testosterone Affects a Woman's Sex Drive

Low sexual desire, difficulty becoming aroused and lubricating during sex, and increasing difficulty in reaching orgasm are all common complaints of women in mid-life, and all are signs of low testosterone in women. Many people don’t realize that women’s bodies need the “male” hormone testosterone (T) in their system for optimal sexual function, just as do men. But recent studies have provided insight into how testosterone supplementation can be a safe therapy to improve sexual desire, arousal and pleasure for women....more
Join a roller derby league. You will gain all the testosterone you ever need and more! ;)more

Once A Cheater? 5 Types Of Cheaters Revealed

We’ve all heard the saying, once a cheater, always a cheater… but is there truth in this rather cliché allegation?  Or are we condemning innocent men worldwide, who may have screwed up once or twice, to be bound in that big box of infidelity?  Obviously all men aren’t the same… or are they? ...more
I absolutely loved this post! U honestly hit the nail on the head. Great read \U0001f44dmore

How To Survive The Ashley Madison Hack, From Someone Who's Been There

I'll be honest, when the first reports that the group that hacked Ashley Madison did, in fact, release the user data, I was downright giddy. Having watched my own marriage fall victim to the site and it's purpose (though, honestly, it would have fallen sooner or later as obviously things were not as fixed as I believed and no website or lack thereof was going to replace the work needed from both parties) I felt slightly vindicated all these years later. ...more
"so many women's hearts and lives were being shattered to bits, the rugs pulled out from under ...more

Anal Sex Article Hub

 Butts. No matter who you are or what you’re into, everybody’s got one. Yet, many questions remain: Is anal play as sexy in real life as it is in adult films? Are special PrEP-erations needed? What are the risks involved and what can you do to stay safer? And, which condoms, sex toys and lubricants are most suited for this penetrating act?...more

Ashley Madison hacking can help your marriage

It’s all over the news. Hackers attacked the notorious “Life is short. Have an affair.” website, which enables married or otherwise attached men and women to pursue relationships outside their union. Hackers are exposing Ashley Madison customers and emails for “moral” reasons. They believe the idea behind the site was wrong and wanted to expose “cheaters.”...more

Make These 5 Simple Tweaks and Improve Your Sex Life

A healthy, strong relationship can be one of the best things to have in life. A great relationship enhances all aspects of a person’s life including his physical health, his mind or mental state and his connections with friends and peers. If your relationship is not healthy, your life can become miserable. An astonishing increase in ‘grey divorce’ (a term that refers to the rising divorce rate among older couples) is the result of neglecting relationship....more
I could wear a brown paper sack... ;)more

It’s the “BEST OF” MomCave LIVE | Don’t watch in front of the kids!

Best of MomCave LIVEIt’s difficult to believe it, but this is our 49th episode! Watch some of our favorite moments from MomCave LIVE....more

Introducing the Pleasure Box: A New Way to Shop for Pleasure Items

By now, everyone has his or her conception of what a pleasure toy is supposed to be. In a market where the competition is strong and brands have to think of creative concepts to sell their sexually charged items, a retailer must take chances on new innovative services to engage their customers. So what if we told you could receive sensual and erotic products straight to your door without ever leaving your house? Subscription services may be nothing new in different industries from beauty to fashion so why not purchase a curated pleasure box customized just for you....more