Where Do You Advertise and Promote Your Romance eBooks?

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When Should You Talk to Your Children About Pornography?

When I was eight years old, my friend Annie told me about a movie she saw at home. She described scenes of a naked woman riding a horse and a man peeing in a woman's mouth. Many (many) years later, I realized Annie had watched one of her father's porn videos. (Is this a "Sorry, Mom" moment? I don't know.) As countless comedians have pointed out, porn is so much easier to come across these days—both for adults and children. So, because of that, we need to be able to talk to our children about it....more
I started watching softcore porn in kindergarten. It's because I had a TV in my bedroom. I ...more

Reduction Methods for Yeast-Prone People

Guys, fungus just ain’t any fun for anyone. And yes, yeast is highly contagious (even if you have a penis)....more

Why Women Should Enjoy Having Orgasms As Much As Men Do

Double standards with dating are everywhere and now there's news published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that claims women don't really have orgasms but instead squirt out a little pee.  I'm here to debunk that. For women, orgasms don't come as easy as with men, but women can and should enjoy them as much as men do....more

A Godly Man vs. Christian Grey

One must realize that the 50 Shades of Grey started out as Twilight fan fiction. Since E.L. James couldn't technically publish her story (since the characters belonged to Stephenie Meyer), she created new characters, expanded on Stephenie's light sex scenes to make what her novels are today....more

The Sexiest Network Ever "The Miracle Stream"

This week, I discovered the sexiest network ever  " The Miracle Stream", where eroticism meets cinema's artistic hand.  This recently launched adult lifestyle network brings a brand-new approach on adult entertainment. ...more

Dating 101: How Long Should You Wait To Have Sex?

A Time Out Survey set out to answer the tough questions of dating. They asked their readers, “after how many dates is it appropriate to have sex?” and the answer may surprise you.1 in 10 people consider sex a reasonable request at the end of a first date, but the worldwide average answer was 3.53 dates. That means somewhere between the end of your third date and the beginning of your fourth, sex is appropriate....more
SicilianQueen84 is it weird that i find that impressive?  I think the hookup culture is ...more

We Should Let People Marry Their Cousins

Alternative title: I Don’t Think West Virginia is All That Backward, At Least, Not for That Particular Reason  ...more

The Truth About Using Sex Toys After Pregnancy

A while back, we talked about whether or not it was safe to use sex toys during pregnancy. But even after pregnancy, toys are a great way to take care of yourself. Better yet, they can even help you get back into being intimate with your partner. Whether you're using them alone or having your partner use them on you, here's a brief guide to using sex toys after giving birth....more
Read this blog about the visual appearance of your punani and pilates.. Interesting ...more

As I Got Naked, I Could See that He Was Not Impressed

Undressing in front of someone for the first time is a vulnerable moment, indeed it can be rather scary. Especially with stretch marks and not quite so perky boobs after a couple of pregnancies, and add to that bit of extra weight gathered over the last decade.I know my husband is attracted to me, he calls my stretch marks “tiger stripes” which sounds cool and positive, although to be honest I would much rather do without them. As comfortable as I have become with my post-pregnancy body, deep down I miss my old body.  ...more
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