Top 5 female fantasies.

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How Women’s Arousal and Orgasm Really Work

Everyone needs to see the new movie Sex Science and the Ladies (Special Viewing access code in this post). This movie teaches everything you have never learned before. True anatomy of the clitoris – check. An explanation of the false and confusing language of vaginal orgasm, clitoral orgasm, G-spot orgasm – check. Discussion of what kind of touch really arouses women and why – check....more
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Size DOES Matter... Especially When You're Skinny

I remember that conversation like yesterday. I was a sophomore in college, sitting on my poorly made twin bed with my best friend at the time when she asked me, “Do you even like sex?”...more
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The Dreaded "Talk": Why Talking to Your Kids About S-E-X Inspires Sweaty Armpits and Hives

Would you rather your kid blurted out A) FUCK or B) CLITORIS in the crowded checkout line at Target?  If you answered A, you more than likely have a common condition known as ‘Correct Body-Word Phobia’.  There is a cure so fear not.  Whether they’re 3, 15 or 25, why does talking to kids about sexual health give us fear, anxiety and sweaty armpits? ...more
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Sex for Women in Mid-Life, Some Want New Adventures, Some Just Need it to Not Hurt

Last night at a campaign party a group of women in their 50s to 60s, who I had never met, were gathered around sharing small talk. As always happens when I am somewhere, people ask what I do, and the conversation quickly turned to sex....more

Sexual Assault Isn't Funny, But Social Media Seems To Think So

In 2009 I joined the wonderful world of Twitter. At first, Twitter was hilarious to me. Everyone I followed was from somewhere in the Virgin Islands and we all literally spent our days talking immense amounts of crap to each other for the sake of having something to laugh at. Jokes were always silly, and yes sometimes we went in on each other at the drop of a dime. Still, it's almost as if even though we were inappropriate with our humor there was always a line everyone refused to cross. Fast forward to five years later and Twitter has taken a completely new face....more

Bad Sex: How to Turn it into Great

I’ve heard that guys compare sex to a cake – sometimes it can be awesome and really "tasty", sometimes neuter, but never actually bad. However, for us, girls, the situation is completely different: it can be superhot, but sometimes you just can’t handle it and want to forget it as if it never happened....more

6 Ways To Enjoy More Intimate Relationships

I Was NOT Prepared for Dating in 2014

Dating in 2014 is far different than it was over a decade ago when I was last single. Overt sexuality in the media and a high ratio of women compared to men - especially here in the South, I believe, has changed the dating landscape. In my dating life over the past couple of years, the majority of men I encounter have an expectation that after three dates it is time to “put out” or get out. Three dates?...more
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Law & Order SVU: Pornstar's Requiem - People who work in adult entertainment are STILL people, just like anyone else

Last night I watched Law and Order SVU: Pornstar's Requiem, this episode was (like all the others) ripped from the headlines. This time it was about Miriam Weeks, who has been dubbed the "Duke" pornstar Belle Knox. This post isn't about the show or the rape, it has to do with one line that stood out to me....more