The Social Castration of Black Men

I cannot tell you how tired I am of seeing videos, memes and pictures of black men dressed as or imitating black women. I don’t want to see another brother giving a makeup tutorial; I don’t care how good he contours.  And I don’t want to see another black man carrying a purse or twerking with 4 bundles of 24" brazilian hair draping down his back. It aint cute. But it is embarrassing and it hurts. You won’t catch me liking, sharing or even commenting on anything that displays black men imitating black women. I’m not about that life....more
I do too! I love the fact that he understood and protected his masculinity.more

It's my fault he cheated

 I knew my husband was cheating for 6 months with his married boss before we finally had the open and out conversation about it. That conversation took 5 straight days of intense talking, questioning, crying, screaming, and him being stupid enough to give me details about their sexual encounters because I was stupid enough to demand it telling him I needed the details to understand and heal. ...more

Waging WAR Against the "Other Woman"

When so many movies, tv shows and celebrities are glorifying the "other woman" role and cheating it felt good to fight back, to say enough is enough, that this is wrong, and there is nothing to be admired by the woman who chooses to destroy a family, who chooses to destroy innocent children. ...more
My ex was having multiple affairs and our daughter (16) had cancer!  And was going through ...more

Lots Of Men And Some Women Don't Think Rape Is Rape

NHL star Patrick Kane shows how much we get wrong about rape. ...more

I Survived A 12-Step Program for Sex Addiction

My guy, B, is a sexual key master. He has the key to every one of my orgasmic buttons. He possesses the Konami Code for the clit. I get to be myself, get a little kinky, get a lot excited, and experience both clitoral and g-spot orgasms any time I want them.My ability to squirt has been awakened (yes, it’s a real thing). If I don't ask for sex, he says, "It’s been a couple days aren't you due for an orgasm?" So, why am I gushing, so to speak, about this sexual marvel? I used to be sex shamed by an ex for wanting sex too much, taking too long to orgasm, and being a “sex addict”....more
Whohoo!!!!  Bravissima!!  It is good to know that there are women out there that enjoy sex ...more

Hey BBC - The Female Orgasm is Actually Not A Mystery

Those of you that have been reading my blog or have seen our movie, Science, Sex and the Ladies, could probably guess where my gripes with the BBC article, "The Mystery of th...more

Book Review: The Hysterics by Kristen Hope Mazzola

I had never read a series based on music or musicians prior to reading this book. I’m kicking myself in the ass for it now. I thoroughly enjoyed this book beginning to end. My only complaint is that it was too short, I wanted to keep reading and reading about Fallon and Dane forever!...more

My Sex Drive Hitched A Ride With My Uterus


Dear Dr. Romance: Should I give up on her?

Dear Dr. RomanceA question for you: I have a female friend that I dated for 7 months - she dumped me - and is, I think, dating some other guy.The question is: I have tried to ask her for 5 or 6 different events - and have gotten turned down for each one - with some excuse - the excuse sounds good - but I think its just that an excuse. So, the other day Ipoint blank asked her -  do you want me to stop asking you out - and be honest" . Her reply was "NO"....more