Dear Dr. Romance: I can't decide if she's as in to me as I am her

Dear Dr. Romance:My situation is different that some. See I have only been in 2 relationships, but they were really long term. My first I was 16 till I was 21. Second from 22 till  26 years old. Both of those relationships were an on off kind of relationship. So inbetween the ons and off, let's say I was a bit promiscuous. I never had a problem getting a girl, but I never really liked a girl, I thought they were cute, and just wanted to have sex. So that's a basic sum of my past, thought it might help....more

Dear Dr. Romance: It's as if something turned out bad

Dear Dr. Romance:...more

No, thanks. I'll just lick it myself.

Even flowers sleep until they are awakened....

…..20 years later....more

Just let me fuck your boyfriend already!

Also titled: "The unfortunate nature of being polyamorous. Or I fucking hate monogamous people with their petty insecurities. Or the transitory nature of human relations. Or why the hell do I subject myself to this shit?"...more
Thanks for your comment SnarkySass, and I agree that everyone has to be happy about the ...more

Yes, Your Vagina Can Look Like Barbie's

I didn't think Barbie had lady bits.But she must, since many plastic surgery clinics offer the "Barbie procedure" to make your labia look just like Barbie's.  Cosmetic surgery for female genitalia is a hot topic. More and more woman are opting to change the appearance of their labia, or "tighten" their vaginas... yet many doctors are speaking out against such procedures. ...more

The seed of a secret......

Sixteen.  I had just turned sixteen the month I “lost” my virginity.  I look back now and cringe at how young I was.  How naïve I was.  What was I thinking?...more

That's not exactly what I meant by a boob job, honey

I was reading Dan Savage's advice column the other day. Savage, if you haven't heard of him, gives advice on all things sexual, and even lots of things I wouldn't consider sexy, but somebody does. It's not for the naive. Or maybe it is if you need to get up to speed....more
Dolores Derrian It's certainly a complex issue. What I gleaned from the letter is that he's more ...more

My Mom Used Pancakes to Teach Me About Sex

When I was nine, my Mother showed me a video in which a mother created a uterus and ovaries out of pancake batter to show her friend's daughter how menstruation worked. Some of you may be weirded out by this, others of you will have a vague memory of the video and rest of you will be shocked at how many hits come back when you Google "pancake batter menstruation video." (Evidently, lots of people have fond memories of that video.)...more
hlpleasurecoach BlogHer My Mom used pancakes & food to hide, deny, & obliterate the very ...more

The Lab

 (Contains affiliate links)Let's talk about my current baby, The Lab. ...more