My Mom Used Pancakes to Teach Me About Sex

When I was nine, my Mother showed me a video in which a mother created a uterus and ovaries out of pancake batter to show her friend's daughter how menstruation worked. Some of you may be weirded out by this, others of you will have a vague memory of the video and rest of you will be shocked at how many hits come back when you Google "pancake batter menstruation video." (Evidently, lots of people have fond memories of that video.)...more
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The Lab

 (Contains affiliate links)Let's talk about my current baby, The Lab. ...more

Is BDSM crazy?

In mainstream society BDSM has an air of craziness to it, it appears extreme in many ways and people who do not know anything about it assume that it is all about whips, chains, leather, latex and dark dungeons – and it certainly can be about that, but as I have come to discover over the last couple of years, there is so much more to it. It is an incredibly varied and interesting world that lets you free yourself from unnecessary and maybe even unhealthy thought patterns that have been instilled into you from the day you were born....more

Citizens ‘Caine: The Truth about Delay Creams

Benzocaine and lidocaine are both topical anesthetics used by dentists (just like dental dams!) to numb the mouth during procedures. But they also have found a place in the sex industry as a way to numb certain parts of the body. But are they safe to use? Come on in and read The Spicy Gear Blog’s take on it....more

I Am French But I Am Not A Libertine

It is sometimes said that the French invented libertinage. But have they really? The subtle, but powerful effects of cultural stereotypes and prejudices of people based on their race, ethnicity, nationality or religion are being now very appropriately recognised and highlighted in our society. In spite of this, such stereotypes remain a powerful source of phantasm. And yes, most people believe that not only we French have invented libertinage, but also that all of French society indulges in such a practice. Nothing could be further from the truth. So imagine my surprise when, in London and after a pint or two down the pub, I keep being asked about extra-marital affairs and managing to separate sex and love. What is going on? I am just a wife, mother and colleague who happen to have crossed the Channel to keep the family together. But nobody wants to hear it. Of course not: it is much funnier to imagine that all French women are sex goddesses turning a blind eye on their husbands’ indiscretions. It used to make me laugh. Now I am not so sure. I just nod and smile. I know that some battles can’t be won. ...more

Five Ways You Know You’ve Been Alone For Too Long

1. You can carry a freezer up the stairs by yourself, because you have to.2. You can climb on the roof and adjust the satellite, repair some shingles and, why not fix the bricks on the chimney?3. You have sweatpants for every day of the week and sexy tights for Saturdays.4. You stop flirting, start making true friends and real connections. Some with other women and their spouses, people bake stuff for you!!!5. You walk into your own home and think “This place is so pretty, it’s exactly perfect for me.”That’s when you know, you have truly evolved....more
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Rape Fantasies After a Sexual Assault?!

I was 17. It was summer -  I remember the sound of the cicadas. I remember a feeling of desperate panic, and a very sudden realization that there was absolutely nothing I could do.His penis didn't enter my vagina, so it wasn't called rape.  It was called an "unfortunate situation", and a few people whispered about underage drinking and its unintended consequences....more
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My First Time

| by K. N. |I knew I wanted to have sex with Charles before I even met him. I didn’t know how old he was, what he looked like, if he would ever make me laugh.I just knew, as only a passionately political 22-year old could, that I wanted to know this man, to be part of his story, to be more connected with him than I ever had anyone else....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I am very confused and disillusioned

Dear Dr. Romance:I am a youthful and attractive woman, mid-fifties, who is so confused about online and ads for meeting men. i have been wounded by these men who, after some meetings with them and being promised by THEM that they want to take me for dinner within a few days,they set the time etc. and then BOOM, never do i hear from them again. also, even before meeting them, just via the phone, they ask me how thin i am, what my pension is, if i will have one and the like....more

I Fell in Love Outside of My Marriage... So What?

So my husband and I opened up our marriage (please see previous posts for more detail), and I was out exploring my sexual self with different partners. Many people do not understand why you would open up your marriage, because it involves the risk of meeting someone you fall in love with, and then your marriage is ruined.Or is it?...more
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