Amorino Vibrator by Fun Factory ~ Sex Toy Review

 Holy Snow Days, Batman!I don't know where in the country you are but in my neck of the woods we have been stuck inside because of snow more days than not which also means the kids have had snow days more often than they have been in school.At this point, I'm pretty sure they will be in school until July to make up the days....more

All good things must

There are many toys in my bags and there are bags for my toys.  Over the years I have destroyed a few of my toys by not using some type of protection.Do you have the book?Have you tried it out yet?You should?Here is a good hint- it is nice to try to do some of the things see in porn movies, but if you can’t -Just try to keep it up that is the fun part.See what happened was…....more

I'm Sexy and No One Knows It: Thoughts From a 29-year old Virgin.

What a topic.  My friend Darcie over at Darcie The Kindred Spirit is doing her blog on a theme called “The Sessions on Sex” for the month of February.She’s asked me to guest post for her on singleness and celibacy....more


I don't know if I could sacrifice the pleasure of giving or receiving oral sex. It is extremely ...more

Sex, HIV, and 'Being Mary Jane'

On this National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, I want to talk television. Specifically, Being Mary Jane. Odd? Yes, but BET’s new primetime drama Being Mary Jane is making waves in the television world. ...more
Well you definitely grabbed my attention. :)more

How To Keep Your Dirty Stuff Clean

We talked last week about how your vibrator can improve your health. Now let’s chat about how you can improve the health of your vibrator or other sex toy. ...more

Sex Tips For Lovers

One of the most important things, at least from our perspective, for a happy and successful relationship is having a good sex life. But one doesn't come without the other.You can have great sex without a relationship. You can have a great relationship without sex. But neither of these are the ideal, lifelong partnership we want to build when we start out on the road to committed monogamy.If you choose to enter into a monogamous lifestyle, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the most out of it....more

40 Days of Singleness: There's Always That One Guy

There’s always that one guy who calls himself your friend, but never talks to you unless you initiate it.There’s always that one guy who says he likes you but he doesn’t talk to you unless he’s trying to screwThere’s always that one guy who says he loves you but he has a girlfriendThere’s always that one guy who treats you right, but doesn’t love you the way you need.There’s always that one guy whom you love, but you know you just aren’t readyThere’s always that one guy to whom you’re attracted, but you know he’s trouble....more

The Fine Art of “Squirrel Hunting”

The most frequent problem I hear from single clients is that of how and where to search for a partner. Many of them have been searching for a long time, without success; others have been afraid to go out and search at all. Most of the horror stories you have heard about dating occur when daters rush the process. Getting intimately involved with someone you don’t know, allowing strangers into your home, or being all alone with someone you just met is just asking for trouble. ...more

Day 8: Telling Mom..

Break ups suck. Informing my mother of breakups sucks more. *Backstory*...more